EG Expo 2013: TitanFall hands-on impressions - Save/Continue

Save/Continue writes:

"In the weeks and months since its initial unveiling, the words TitanFall and Game of [insert show here], have hardly been estranged bedfellows.

So keen was I to see if there was more to Respawn‘s debut effort than merely hyperbole flavoured bollocks, I queued up for something approaching two, nearly bowel compromising hours. Thankfully, the wait was more than worth it and made something abundantly clear in my mind; it won’t be Battlefield that will steal away the Call of Duty crowd, it’ll be TitanFall. With ease."

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Sidology1891d ago

The more I see about this game, the less I'm worried about it.

Bitsnark1891d ago

Same as me pretty much!

1891d ago
serratos271891d ago

This game looks beastly. Too bad I won't have the chance to play it. :(

Ohlmay1891d ago

I haven't read 1 negative preview on this game yet, everyone says it's incredible, I can't wait!

Funantic11890d ago

This the type of game that sells consoles.