Making Bad - Worker Abuses in the Video Game Industry

Mike writes, "While the inevitability of the Sony fans saying others are worse is as likely as others piling on and acting as though this company is the only offender, let’s get something clear. This kind of practice; exploiting workers and cutting corners, is not unique to this industry and it’s sure as hell not unique to Sony. Foxconn makes products for Sony, Nintendo, Apple, Microsoft, and a number of other corporations. None of them seem to have much of a problem with the fact that Foxconn’s employees have threatened to commit mass suicide in protest over working conditions, with over a dozen actually following through on it in 2010."

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1888d ago
Ashlen1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Ya know the truth is making Chinese businesses look bad is more of a political agenda in the west than it is reality.

The vast majority of Foxconn workers are happy. The reality is a lot of Chinese people want to work there, more than are unhappy about it. At least they have jobs which is more than a lot of Americans and people from various parts of Europe and Asia can say.

And I know there are lots of non Chinese people who would be happy to have a guaranteed job for 6 months to a year or more with there room and board paid plus food and a pretty decent salary in comparison to other jobs in the same country.

It's not that different than military life which many people are happy with and no one has anything bad to say about.

manasteel881888d ago

Foxconn is running short on workers as most are leaving to go to factories in their home province, or are looking for cushier jobs in better industries. Now Foxconn are running a system with a college where they take people that went to a school so they wouldn't have to work the factory life and force them to choose to sacrifice credits in their major or be forced to go to Foxconn. Its a scam and it demeans people that wanted to better their life by attending a college by forcing them to tape up PS4's for launch.

Ashlen1888d ago

They weren't forced. As part of there degree they agreed to take jobs. Some of them are unhappy with the job they were assigned to.

Though none of them has said that, that was a journalistic take on the situation as far as I can tell.

And you can ask interns in America if they got there dream assignment in there internship and I doubt many of them did. Especially if it was unpaid.

All I'm saying is plenty of people are happy with there jobs at Foxconn. And that people should be be aware in the west this type of article is often over sensationalized.

SilentNegotiator1888d ago

Right. That's why there have been so many suicides and internal Chinese reports have called foxconn factories "labor camps" Political agendas.

"At least they have jobs which is more than a lot of Americans and people from various parts of Europe and Asia can say"

Right, they should be so lucky as to be living under such barbaric conditions, just because some other people don't have jobs at all.

Do you even know what you're typing?

Ashlen1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

They are labor camps, people live there and work there. It doesn't mean it's bad. Foxconn doesn't force anyone to work there people apply for jobs like any place.

If you were unemployed with little hope for finding a job due to various reason such as living in a rural area you'd be surprised.

And FAR less suicides than the American military has per year.

"Service members committed suicide during 2012 at a record pace: more than 349 took their own lives across the four branches, or one every 25 hours, a Department of Defense spokesperson confirmed Monday."

And yes, yes I do.

SilentNegotiator1888d ago

Better isn't good. The American Military complex sucks, too, but let's stay on topic.

Ashlen1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

"The American Military complex sucks."

No it doesn't, it provides employment and education for millions of Americans.

And secondly you brought up suicide rates.

I would have chosen a major company like Ford or something but they don't have to report suicide rates. But I can pretty much guarantee any company that has as many employees as Foxconn has it's share of suicides.

SilentNegotiator1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

"it provides employment and education for millions of Americans"

Fueled by a need for soldiers for unnecessary wars and occupations.

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fattyuk1888d ago

Worker abuses -

All those people trying to make the wii u a success is who I feel sorry for

(lame joke, I don't agree with any human abuse)

B_Real1888d ago

To be fair, Microsoft is using the same company for their manufacturing process as well:

MikeEaton1888d ago

I do say pretty explicitly in the article (it's even in the synopsis) that this issue is bigger than Sony.

TemplarDante1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Its sad, right? But its also reality. Think twice before you buy a DELL pc or Apple Iphone, Ipad etc.
Oh Yeah..
You wont.
I feel for these guys but I saw the MS Fanboys take a sad situation like this to use as PR mudslinging projectiles. While MS isnt exactly a whitenight in the world.
Afterall, Richest man in the world Bill Gates, the great philantropis owns shares in one of the worlds most evil companies, Monsanto. Google their work or check their wikipedia. -dodges-questions-owns-500000-s hares-of-monsanto/

miyamoto1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

This is why i refuse to buy any MS product.
I know the MS empire is so wide spread. But now I can finally have choices outside the "windows".

Imagine every penny you give MS goes to killing thousands of people on Gate's depopulation agenda. Chemical trails, GMO corn, GMO mosquitoes, etc etc.

How can anyone with a right mind or a conscience buy an Xbone facing this crime on humanity?

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