Xbox 360 to be the top-selling console this fall

Newzoo's Peter Warman estimates that promo deals for the Xbox 360 and new content will make it the top seller this fall, even with the new console introductions.

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Kingthrash3601806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

lol flame article.

ok i see what they are say ps3 will win simply because of ps+ and being cheaper w bundles with games likt tlou, beyond2souls, and multiplats like cod bf.
funny how estimates compare things that happend in the past but not take the now into consideration.

deantak1806d ago

Doesn't look like you read the story. It's not purely a flame article if a neutral third-party market analyst has drawn this conclusion.

Kingthrash3601806d ago

i should have said flame title. ive read the article btw.
title should read:
" xbox360 ESTIMATED to be the top selling console this fall"

1806d ago
aceitman1806d ago

what helped he 360 sell more than ps3 was a lower price so I can see the ps4 taking the lead this fall

noctis_lumia1806d ago

you forgot the year and a half headstart
and the rrod=boost sales even more

black0o1806d ago

x360 is truly the king of the hill when it comes to NA .. but Worldwide we all KNOW that PS3 is THE true King

P.S: Wii says hi

3-4-51806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

I love my 360 for FPS & sports games. Best system ever created for both of those.

That is where it ends though.

There are a few good games here and there but this gen for xbox has been disappointing after the original and good games we got with the first xbox, everything this gen just seems empty, hollow and lifeless.

5eriously1806d ago

Just remember for the atypical American the whole of the world is just America. That's all most have seen, experienced and know.

Sadie21001806d ago

Makes sense. Just like the PS2 continued to sell well for years.

SlyFamous021806d ago

Blasphemy comparing the 360 to the King of consoles, besides, even with MS claiming they will continue to support the 360, it will be dead in the water this time next year.

B_Real1806d ago

I doubt that. Microsoft stated they have 100 games coming to the 360 (almost entirely third-party, but still). Plus game companies are going to make more cross-generation titles because of higher costs this gen. Also, they are making a ton of money on the system and each sale introduces people to the Xbox brand. Besides they have supported the console for 8 years: what else do you want? If your just now picking up a console you have several hundred amazing to good third and first party games to pick up. I think Microsoft might support the Xbox 360 longer than Sony does the PS3 just because it is super profitable for them.

TechMech21806d ago

PS3 launched a year after Xbox 360, and I don't expect many ps3 Sony exclusives launched this time next year,..

serratos271806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

*high five* for defending the PS2's honor!

GodGinrai1806d ago

Ill just go grab some popcorn...

Kingthrash3601806d ago

extra butter this time....last time the popcorn was bland....and a pepsi...NOT COKE...if you come back with a mf coke again so help me GOD.......

GodGinrai1806d ago

Sorry will have to make do with pepsi max..and stay away from my orange tango! *passes extra butter pop corn*

Kingthrash3601806d ago

pepsi max? FFFFFUUUUUUU...still.... better than coke..** looks at comments below ** yeah this is getting entertaining...imma go get some nachos brb

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The story is too old to be commented.