Techland on Making Sure the Issues that Plagued Dead Island Don't Appear in Dying Light

Techland's Tymon Smektala answers some questions regarding the issues found in Dead Island and how they hope to make Dying Light a much more polished experience.

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0pie1888d ago

Say hello to the p.r bullshit

CrossingEden1888d ago

Starting to think that there's this mentality that no news is good and that everything except news from sony is pr bull. -_-

1888d ago
0pie1888d ago

most of the people from studios who give interview are "most of the time" trained by p.r before every interview.

dumahim1888d ago

That really looks and feels like a next gen sequel to Dead Island, with Mirror's Edge style free-running. Some of the same animations, weapon types, dialogue, environments.

Eldyraen1888d ago

That is pretty much exactly why I'm looking forward to it ;)

Dead Island has a lot of potential but its sequel (expansion basically) didn't really improve all that much. Dying Light though looks to be more along what it should had become.

I'm happy with pretty much everything I've seen from it while still very DI-ish (not a bad thing as most of the core mechanics were nice--open world, weapon upgrading/crafting, etc). If Dying Light plays how it appears to it can keep my zombie/exploration fix happy for a while at the very least.

Einhert1888d ago

That remains to be seen

gamernova1888d ago

I love dead island and riptide. Screw you guys!!! I'm going home. *cartman voice*

0pie1888d ago

dead island was a terrible game, even right now, i cant play online with the game cause everytime im trying my game crash.

Techland should stick to the 9.99/15$ games and stop trying to do 60$ games cause they are a terrible developper and they suck at making good games.

monkeyfox1888d ago

YOU suck at making good games!

Nah.. but seriously i thought dead island was pretty good. Cant wait for Dying light!

0pie1887d ago

well, maybe on console but on pc, it was a pathetic disaster.

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