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Submitted by black0o 856d ago | video

This Is What Trophies Look Like on PlayStation 4

Not every PlayStation gamer cares about Trophies, but those that do are quite into them (I can relate). With Trophies now available on three PlayStation platforms – PS3, PS Vita, and PS4 – ardent, Trophy-hungry PlayStation fans have been curious about what Trophies look like on PlayStation 4 in particular. Today, we have an answer. (PS3, PS4)

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Abash  +   856d ago
Looks very sleek
GraveLord  +   856d ago
and sexy.
Magnus  +   856d ago
Still love that chime every time a trophy pops up even have that chime as a text notice on my phone.
dcj0524  +   856d ago
Mines is the killzone kill sound.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   856d ago
How you got that?
mxrider2199  +   856d ago
-wub-  +   855d ago
I have the Uncharted 2 kill sound :D
FullmetalAlchemist  +   855d ago
Kim Possible phone chime
jukins  +   856d ago
I used the zedge app on my phone to get the killzone sound as a notification. Its funny how such a simple sound can be so gratifying ingame lol.
soniqstylz  +   855d ago
I do too :)
colonel179  +   856d ago
Shouldn't there be a picture of the trophy earned by its name? Is it going to be like that or is that just a placeholder?
KrisButtar  +   856d ago
I'm sure the white trophy icon is just a placeholder. Seeing as how the PS3 and Vita both show icons/pics

Edit: Still a guess though, but using a bit of logic
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guitarded77  +   856d ago
The article says that the trophy images aren't in the vesion of Knack they were playing. The trophy icons are just placeholders.
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Skate-AK  +   856d ago
Yeah there will be a picture. That is just a place holder. I don't think they have even released the trophy list to AC4 yet.
Zeniix  +   856d ago
Can't lie that it does look better ^^
Jaqen_Hghar  +   856d ago
No different colors for different trophies? A man still likes the new look apart from that.
kratos_TheGoat  +   856d ago
look great
porkChop  +   856d ago
Looks elegant. I like it.
Einhert  +   856d ago
Shiny! seriously tempted buy this console just to unpack it and play with the interface even if I'm not that keen on the launch titles
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Sarobi  +   856d ago
Can't wait to start gettin' them trophies
It looks worse and appears, opposite side, & takes up more space.
LOL_WUT  +   856d ago
I like it. This way if a friend goes online or if you receive a message it won't block it or whatever. ;)
nosferatuzodd  +   855d ago
and you should go back to cave troll
wls1012  +   856d ago
l love that sound

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