Xbox One will be ‘best experienced’ with IPv6: How do you get IPv6 at home, though?

According to Microsoft, if you want to enjoy the best possible Xbox One gaming experience, you should use IPv6

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Tooly1889d ago

thats how people get doxed and booted better not make any modders mad.

1889d ago
The_Con-Sept1889d ago

o much for "all in one input one." In order to get ipv6 you need either a modem, or both the right modem and a router, that supports it. Guess how much a router with ipv6 costs?

Seriously take a guess cause I own the router but not the modem.

Kushan1889d ago

Not that much? There's routers that support IPv6 for £50. I bought an N66-U for £90 and it supports IPv6, even via tunnelling so I don't need the modem to support it.

The Xbone was never going to replace your modem, where on earth did you get that from?

P0werVR1889d ago


He has the Sony fanboy syndrome.

n4rc1889d ago

My Asus router supports it.. Not sure about the modem although it Is a brand new Cisco..

ShinMaster1889d ago

Even though IPv6 routers are around, well over 90% of web traffic is still using IPv4.

Gekko361889d ago

@The_Con-Sept STFU!!!!! You NEED an IPS that supports IPv6, it doesn't matter what your kit is. Your ISP will assign you an IPv4 address from their DHCP regardless of your kit unless your ISP supports IPv6

They are few and far between at the moment. IPv6 have been round for years but not many companies use it because of the investment on architecture.

All network cards support it and most routers and Firewalls use it too.

LostDjinn1889d ago


Dual stacking is common practice when it comes to IPv4 and IPv6. It's crap that we're still transitioning. The hardware's cheap, it's the infrastructure that's absent/lacking.

Anyway, point is it's going to be a while before IPv6 makes a difference to many people in the world. It sucks but that's the way it is.

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BoriboyShoGUN1889d ago

But how does that work if your on a IPv6 connection and your buddies are not?? Are you going to have like restricted NAT messages etc cant join partys all that garbage. But i think both consoles could add this in an update anyways.

*But more options are always good Im going to read a lil more about this IPv6.

malokevi1889d ago

Hmm. I wonder how important this is. I'll definitely look into it... but can't imagine its a deal breaker.

redwin1889d ago

Really? Do you remember when Sony said the most you ever gonna need is DSL? Mmmmm. Would you be ok today with a system that the best it can support is DSL?

malokevi1889d ago


The article says:

"According to Microsoft, if you want to enjoy the best possible Xbox One gaming experience, you should use IPv6."

and it also says that IPv6 isn't widely available.

So, considering that, it's only logical to assume that a T3+ connection will be sufficient. Just because you don't have an optimal setup doesn't mean its a deal breaker.

I would love nothing more than to have the fastest possible connection. But at this point, I'm not even sure if that's a possibility.

I really wasn't looking for an argument. I'm going to look into it, I'm probably going to test the waters... and then I'll upgrade if I think it's necessary. That's all there is to it.

redwin1889d ago

I agree with you, and I understand. All I'm saying is better connection is always better. Your r correct about if you have a slow connection you shouldn't look for ipv6 comparability. Just don't ever say its good enough because now you are playing and chatting and next year you'll want to play and skype. That's all I'm saying, I'm not attacking you.

jmc88881889d ago

You do realize that some DSL is faster then some cable internet right? So DSL as a technology isn't just stuck as 256k or thereabouts.

Also if I want to use the internet, the first thing I'm going to do is switch the input from my console....ANY console to my PC. Much much faster to do anything on the internet using your PC.

I don't see this as a deal breaker one way or the other.

If it has an advantage then great for Xbox One owners.

Well according to the semi-authority Wiki 98 percent of web traffic is still IPv4.

Maybe IPv6 might help with apps or more likely maybe some internet enabled device hooked up through an Xbox One.

But I don't see many uses as a lay person to how this would make games better or pings faster for multiplayer games.

This is one of those few times malokevi and I agree or sort of agree on something.

Eonjay1889d ago

IPv6 isn't a connection, its a method of addressing. The problem with IPv4 is that with all the addresses will probably be used up soon. Most computers can be updated or configured to use IPv6 out of the box but it doesn't matter if your ISP isn't issuing IPV6 addresses.

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redwin1889d ago

I guess you could be right, but I always though that cable can be very slow not that DSL can be very fast. Perhaps I should read more about it. Or just remain ignorant on that and just wait for the google faster, reliable and cheaper service.

Kushan1889d ago

DSL has many forms:


VDSL is sometimes called Fibre-to-the-cab, with the right equipment it's capable of speeds well above 100Mbit, sometimes as high as 160Mbit. Upload speeds are good, too, 20Mbit in most cases.

Cable can be just as fast, it uses completely different technology but technology that scales really well. In the UK, our cable provider offers a 120Mbit down service, though the upload is somewhat hampered to just 12Mbit. In future this can scale to beyond gigabit speeds (already in trials).

escott0131889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

I used to be on DSL before I moved to where I live now, and a problem I had with DSL (AT&T), was the contention ratios in my area. AT&T DSL was the more popular isp in my neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods. The more bandwidth that users near me used, the less bandwidth there was that I could use. It was a sweet and sour experience because the internet was particularly faster at night. :P

Edit: typos

GraveLord1889d ago

Of course the PS4 will support IPV6 as well. If you have an IPV6 connection you'll get less latency than on an IPV4 connection. Pretty much all new products support IPV6 these days.

kennyg37391889d ago

What products support it?

Undeadwolfy1889d ago

Pretty much all new products support IPV6 these days.

Bgibbs1889d ago

I don't think you know what IPv6 is or how it works.

MyFeetHurt1889d ago

gonna have to call you out on that. actually IPv6 increases latency a little, from having to process the larger headers.

IPv6 will only be faster when it is fully implemented >10 years most likely :/ because the routing tables will finally get smaller, the biggest issue engineers have with IPv4

jmc88881889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

Ok so routing tables.

But for it to work, all the routing tables in routers between the two parties would no doubt need to be IPv6.

So until that is the case it won't happen. When it does happen it won't be all at once, and something will have it and something won't.

Kushan1889d ago

Actually most of the main infrastructure of the internet is set up for IPv6 right now. IPv6 runs along side IPv4 (though tunnelling is a thing). The main thing holding it back is the last mile, all the customer equipment that doesn't handle it.

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fattyuk1889d ago

wtf is IPv6!!!

Is it an overpriced accessory?

DonFreezer1889d ago

Like most of the sony camp you are clueless about technology but you'll be the first to jump on the hate wagon and tut the gpu specs of the PS4.

TheUndertaker851889d ago


I only own Sony. I use Comcast. I'm already using IPv6.

OrangePowerz1889d ago

IPv6 isn`t used very much so clearly there will be people that are not familiar with it.

Not sure why you have to bring up Sony and the PS4 but whatever floats your boat. I don`t even want to go into detail with what funny things people from the Xbox camp come up with like dual GPU and other imaginary things.

fattyuk1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )


A) What's Sony and the playstation brand have to do with anything?

B) I never mentioned Sony or playstation (until now)

C) Why you be trolling?

thekhurg1889d ago

I can see why you have one bubble.

KwietStorm1889d ago

What is it you were attempting to prove?

Pogmathoin1889d ago

And nobody has answered your question either! Somebody please tell Fatty what IPv6 is, how its better and what are our benefits! I need to know too, thanks.... Layman terms much appreciated.

OrangePowerz1889d ago


It adds more IP`s because the normal IPv4 will be running out of IP addresses because it`s using the 4 blocks of numbers from 0-255 while IPv6 uses a more complex IP that allows for more unique IP addresses.

jukins1889d ago

lol when fanboys call out fanboys @DonFreezer

Pogmathoin1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

Ok, it allows more IP addresses, but is it faster, more streamlined? Is it worth contacting my IP and asking about this?

Thanks too, Orangepowerz..

blackmanone1889d ago

Don, there's a reason you only have one bubble, and it has nothing to do with the technical prowess you possess. I notice you didn't answer him, either. Could it be you don't know, either?

OrangePowerz1889d ago

In theory it would be faster for moving data, but most networks are still going through IPv4 so even if you have an IPv6 yourself it would route through networks that use IPv4. To have the full effect everything should use IPv6.

It`s supposedly also more secure.

The main reason as mentioned is more IP addresses.

SCW19821889d ago

Wow dude why the hate? He just asked a simple question.

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Thehyph1889d ago

A newer version of internet protocol.

Standard ipv4 you would know as addresses like or, etc.

IPv6 uses hexadecimal instead of decimal to do the same thing. ("0" to "9" and "a" to "f")

The primary reason for its existence is that the ipv4 decimal format would eventually run out of addresses I believe.

johnnywit1889d ago

Ipv6 increases the amount of ip addresses. We are running out of ipv4 addresses so the move to ipv6 will fix that. NAT has help ipv4. Continue going on but people expect so many Internet users from other countries to sign up that it won't last. I can't remember how ip addresses ipv6 adds but it's a ridiculous amount.

fattyuk1889d ago

It was a genuine question with a tongue in cheek remark.

kingPoS1889d ago

TCP/IP - the backbone of the internet.

redwin1889d ago

No, I believe Google is offering it and its cheaper than cable and Verizon. It's an internet connection.

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gedden71889d ago

Yeah, ooookaaaay... Sure I will buy a xbone now...