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Submitted by agentxk 850d ago | opinion piece

Fanboys Make The Gaming Community Look Like Scum on Toys ‘R’ Us Xbox One Video

FRONTBURNR: It’s a sad day for the video game community. Toys ‘R’ Us unveiled their “Fabulous 15″ list that goes over the hottest items of the upcoming holiday season. In order to help describe each product, there are YouTube videos that help explain each item and why they are going to be sought after. Unfortunately, incredibly toxic and immature members of the gaming community happened across the video and proceeded to mash the ‘thumbs down’ button and leave vile and racist comments on it. (PS4, Xbox One)

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-Foxtrot  +   850d ago | Well said
Playstation fanboys....oh yes because anything negative pointed at Microsoft with the Xbox One is just Playstation fanboys.

I'll think you'll find other gamers, me included have perfectly legit reasons why we would hate them and we aren't fanboys.
agentxk  +   850d ago | Well said
Does that make it ok to go to on a retailer's video and post racist comments?

Edit: There are better ways to make a point about your preferred console. It's embarrassing for anyone that considers themselves a gamer that this happened.
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-Foxtrot  +   850d ago | Well said
No but I'm not them am I besides your trying to make it look like I said something like that or tried to imply it with my comment above when that simply isn't true

The point of this is that you shouldn't group together a bunch of people who hate something and call them all fanboys. If people say racist, homophobic, sexist stuff then thats them, they are immature arseholes but every single person isn't like that

It's the internet, immature and harsh comments are not uncommon no matter what the subject in question is.
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dboyc310  +   850d ago | Well said
It's the Internet! Every video has comments that are racist and offensive. But no it's the PSFanboys smh
GraveLord  +   850d ago
This goes for both sides. There were racists, trolls and homophobes from both camps.

This is how it is on all Youtube videos. This isn't even news worthy. No one forces you to read comments, no one takes comments seriously....taking down this video only brought more attention to whatever it is they're trying to cover up.(My best guess, anti-Xbox mentality)
black0o  +   850d ago
MS did this they let a lot of ppl down and tried to F@#$ up everyone else by their old plans ''DRM..etc''

the youtube isnt sony's fanbase play ground so stop pointing at sony's fans every time MS/xbone gets thumbs down

just take a look at xbox videos on xbox channel u'll see most vid's has no comments section

and as for the @#$% comments that's youtube for u
JokesOnYou  +   850d ago | Well said
As usual keep defending that type of crap, its good to be critical and its fine if you hate a particular companies policy or product but it says alot more about you when you act immaturely spewing disgusting negativity over and over again when the rational and most obvious course of action is for you to not buy the product AND more importantly buy the product you feel demonstrates what you value or want.

Yes this is without a doubt the extreme ps fans, a blind man can see that. Of course there are some extreme xbox fans but there has never been a large segment on this site who follow and attack ps, hell all those referencing back when thr ps3 launched conveniently forget at the overwhelming "that game sucks wait until ps3 launches it will cook you breakfast", lol in general there has always been light-hearted and even some annoying negativity on both sides but for what ever reason its a rabid and very hostile trend from ps fans on alot of sites comment section. Which is why like it or not they have built a reputation long before X1 as being the loudest most hateful group, sure their are plenty of very rational and mature ps fans unfortunately as has been witnessed all too often there is a significant portion of the ps community that have a hivemind mentality that strangely seems to enjoy attacking even more so than their support or enjoyment of their preferred brand.
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monkey602  +   850d ago
Jokesonyou. This behaviour is childish and stupid no doubt about it but to believe playstation gamers have a rep? Ah now. As one of the longer members of n4g i figure youll remember a time when the ps3 was realeasing that this site was a hateful place in the comments section for anything playstation. I used this site over a year before i even signed up because the comments section were ugly. I dont even think its a certain group of fans its just a select group of morons now that are patriotic to a brand. Not some legion of sony empire
black0o  +   850d ago
@joke take a look at comments here u'll find a lot of xbonefans

and here u'll see a lot of PSfans

it goes both ways but MS has made a lot of ppl angry ''x360 fans included''

BTW did u notice the views on both links that's the difference between the ps4 hype and x1
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theBAWSE  +   850d ago
@jokesonyou the holier than thou

shut the hell up

anyone on n4g from 2007 remembers this site flooded with more 360 fan boys than ever.. it was overun.. atleast the originals didn't try to hide it like you.. i remember gec ,pog , the mart, zhuk etc the true originals

as for the racist comments on toys r us website that is uncalled for in the grand scheme of things it's an electronic device calm down people we have banter but don't go to far

edit-if blu-ray wasn't better for gaming why has xbone now adopted it? jokesonyou your a blinded Fanboy who rarely talks sense
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JokesOnYou  +   850d ago
monkey602 have had this discussion quite a few times now Ive even challenge this myth with many many links so I can tell you for every negative ps thread headline there was just as many or more for 360 one this includes comments. btw If you remember correctly 360 was slammed alot at launch because the ps3 cell and bluray etc was thought to be so much better for gaming.

theBawse say whatever you like but just because we you hate hearing the truth doesnt mean I'll shut you aint my Bawse.
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Dee_91  +   849d ago
JokesOnYou don't know the difference between shifting blame and defending...

I just want to point this out to the people that actually listen to this guy
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SilentNegotiator  +   849d ago
Foxtrot didn't even remotely say that.

Does the marketing staff at Toys R Us REEEEEALLY not know how to disable comments? Really? They had to remove the entire video?
Wh15ky  +   849d ago

I'm sure you can cherry pick all the links you want but I regularly visited this site back then and all I can say is you have a very distorted memory.
ShinMaster  +   849d ago
Have none of you ever been on YouTube before?

There is some insane stuff coming out of Xbox fanboy's mouths no better than what PS fanboys say.
Majin-vegeta  +   849d ago
I'm sorry but can you prove it was a Sony fanboy?*Gasp*Oh exactly you can't so STFU amd stop trying to blame this on the Sony camp for hell all we know it could have been a nintendo,PC,fanboy or disgruntled xbox 360 owner or just someone who trolls for the hell of it.

4Sh0w  +   849d ago | Well said
Anyone who says sonyfanboys are not the most notorius haters on the internet in the gaming community is delusional. Yeah ALL fanboys are bad but I never been a member of any other game site I thought I was pretty open minded about both sides at first and this site has proven to me that the the sonfanboys are the worst I almost want to distance myself from ps fans, sometimes I got to remind myself its not sonys fault either because not only are sonyfanboys the most hypocritical of them all but they actually hate more on microsoft than they do supporting what they actually like about ps4. Look around more often than not there will be fresh positive ps4 news but yet there are triple the comments on a negative headlined X1 news.

Majin veta just like most fanboys you and your entire comment history proves you dont know the difference between valid criticism vs talking pure fanboy garbage. Everybody even normal sony fans know it's sonybfanboys acting ridiculous in this case.
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webeblazing  +   849d ago
Back then this site was flood wit Xbox fanboys they acted like how PS fanboys act today it more fun n lite hearted because of the open zone I miss that. I think a lot of people because there is no open zone now everyone trash the console they not loyal 4 everyone to see. Site definitely went downhill
BallsEye  +   849d ago

no not the internet, it's about america. I visit plenty of forums in different languages from different parts of the world. People can actually discuss there about consoles and other things without offending each other. On most gaming forums where majority of users are americans it's always "my sh!t is better than yours if you don't agree then gtfo". Not to mention how easily americans are fooled by PR talk or anything their gov throws at them. Now I hate generalizing, I got some american friends that I just love, but you gotta admit yourself, too many of you can't fkin live together and don't respect each other at all.
The_Con-Sept  +   849d ago
You won't find my screen name on the comment page of that video at all. And I am all about PlayStation. We are now the most infamous fan base to all. It just means Xbox fans have finally caved in. I keep the flamebait on the right vids. Not those vids.

So who did it? Not just other PlayStation fans BUT EVERYONE.
nukeitall  +   849d ago
jokesonyou is completely right, it speaks volume of a person when you spew racist comments and crap down a console because you don't like it.

If you don't like it, don't buy it and explain your reason.

Don't spew racist and offensive comments!

That is being immature, and anyone that defends that are simply idiots!
SegaSaturn669  +   849d ago
They took the video down! How fair is that?

I didnt even get the chance to post a racist comment! I need to choose a race to degrade next time so I can manage to comment in time.
P0werVR  +   849d ago
Hey! It's simple, Sony "fanboys" are the WORST gamers ALIVE.

I mean just read these posts alone, and you'll see the disgusting a volatile nature ooze as they try so hard to defend their likeness.

Of course Xbox faboys are bad, but at least they act like kids. Sony fanboys are...I don't know what the hell they are, but they act like a bunch of creeps. Like it's their mission to destroy anything Xbox. Very insecure.
dale_denton  +   849d ago
welcome to the real world.
dantesparda  +   849d ago
Blah, blah, blah, Sony fanboys are so bad,... Sony fanboys are the worst, waah waahh, waaahhh, we MS fanboys are so much better than that. We are so much more mature than the Sony fanboys, blah, blah, blah.

MS fanboys are even more delusional than Sony fanboys, congratulations guys, that's a great (pun intended) achievement.

Now continue now being hypocrits guys and proving my point. Too-da-loo!
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rainslacker  +   849d ago
I think what Fox is trying to get at is that if you just lump everyone into the category of fan boy, it does dismiss the valid arguments that people are trying to make. In the other article that reported the Toy's R' Us video being taken down, it's like no one that likes the X1 can admit that there are people pissed off at MS unless they are a Sony fan boy. That isn't the case, and no one seems to be able to make a logical argument to address the valid criticisms that have come up and still linger.

The whole hypocrisy card is long since played out. I personally find all these instant fan boy accusations to only show that people can't really make any kind of sound argument for their side. I won't say that it means they lack intelligence, it just means they aren't going out of their way to express any intelligent discourse.

They may claim it's not worth it, but I would argue it is. I can be swayed with the right argument if presented correctly, and I'm sure others could as well. Not everyone who reads these comments will comment themselves. The lurkers far outnumber us. So perhaps it'd be better if people actually stopped acting like children on the playground.
Pogmathoin  +   849d ago
I understand what happened when PS3 launched, the BS, but you people keep bringing that up, kharma this, kharma that, but then when you have a chance to take the high road, you become what you call jokesonyou, a fanboy.... Is the X1 hate going to consume you? 2 wrongs do not make a right, but right now , Sony fanboys are taking this to a new low level, somewhere between the gutter and the sewer....
P_Bomb  +   849d ago
[QUOTE]Of course there are some extreme xbox fans but there has never been a large segment on this site who follow and attack ps, hell all those referencing back when thr ps3 launched conveniently forget at the overwhelming "that game sucks wait until ps3 launches it will cook you breakfast"[/QUOTE]

Actually there have been a lot. I presume the ban hammer fell on em or they lasted long enough to have their bubbles reset to 5. Years of "PS3 haz no gaemz, Bluray Sux, PS3rd, day 1 sales rants, PSN Sux, multiplats are better on xbox, woe is Linux." Lotsa Don Reisinger articles, it was a different scene round here.

Even the suits got into it. Aaron Greenberg constantly making headlines about how web browsing on a console sux (years before the 360 got a browser and it suddenly became ok), about US sales > the world, PS3 is hemorrhaging at retail, calling PSN a knockoff and shredding Home before xbox adopted their OWN avatars and Gameroom hub suddenly making 'em ok. He even re-tweeted a Destructoid "PS3 fanboys are the worst" article.

Constant assault. I remember. You can't sweep it under the rug Jokesonyou. I was here.

[QUOTE]there is a significant portion of the ps community that have a hivemind mentality that strangely seems to enjoy attacking even more so than their support or enjoyment of their preferred brand.[/QUOTE]

And XBox had their own on payroll. Greenberg used to rile the communities up with quotes like:
"...we will have shipped Gears of War and Gears of War 2 before they can even get Killzone out the door. Think back to GDC 2007 when Sony promised to leap ahead in online with the Sony Home unveil. Here we are two years later and multiple delays for a product that has appears to have little to no buzz. Where are the achievements? The friends list integration across all games? Where is the long-promised video store? Where are all the other products using and networking with their CELL chip? How come Blu-ray did not result in better games? What happened with Sixaxis and rumble? Where is the complete 1080p game library we were promised? If Blu-ray as they said would be such a catalyst to PS3 console sales, then why have PS3 sales over the past couple months not seen any lift since the format victory?"

Lest we forget
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warczar  +   849d ago
please don't call these people playstation fanboys, there more like microsoft haters and yes there's a difference. I know plenty of people who are just tired of dealing with microsoft in any capacity. micro could give the xone away for free and some people wouldn't wipe there asses with it. hate like that only comes from years of being screwed.
scott182  +   849d ago
Microsoft fans are so picked on... Microsoft isn't dominating America anymore... The worlds not fair. Poor Microsoft fanboys. Sony fans are so mean to you and Sony is so mean to Microsoft.

racist comments, can anyone explain to me why a lot of Microsoft fanboys have to say racist comments about the Japanese just because they don't like Sony? Talk about ignorant tools.
P.s. if you don't like offensive and racist comments you may want to stay away from Xbox live.
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vegnadragon  +   849d ago
This is my list with what is wrong with everything.

1. People are blowing this out of proportion. Not due events that happened, but people are reacting like this never happen before in the internet, or youtube or any other social media.

2. The actors did a nice job in the video.

3. People that commented in that video are likely PS fanboys, and stop trying to tell yourself otherwise. Of course they will be other ms haters out there that aren't PS fanboy, maybe apple or nintendo fans. But i am talking about the majority. Specially in a new console war.

4. Not once were the words TV or Sport used in the video.

5. People need to stop trying to bring sony fanboys or X fanboys are the worse. You are trying to create hate out of hate. Comments like those are borderline to comments in that xbox video, i hope that you can see this.

6. HDMI out of the box for xbox 1.

7. Stop generalizing people due to their preferences. I never once in life stop being a friend to a person because they like xbox or ps. I doubt that you would too, so stop doing in here.

8. Repeat 1 to 7.
overrated44  +   849d ago
This point exactly, it's the gaming "community" putting it's worst foot forward. It may be a very vocal minority, but it's that minority that is making the news. Not the guys out here just enjoying games and acting like normal human beings.
lastdual  +   849d ago
If you don't like the XB1, the proper emotional response of a healthy, non-obsessive person is *disinterest*.

If you're not merely disinterested, but literally *hate* MS and the "Xbone", then yes, you're a fanboy.
brave27heart  +   849d ago
Sony fanboys...MS fanboys...the reality is its GAMERS that are making these comments, making the rest of us gamers look bad.

Instead of trying to push blame to one camp or another we should all, regardless of our platform of choice, be uniting together to condemn these idiots for giving gaming a bad reputation. Im a Sony fan, but if I heard another Sony fan being rascist or offensive Id tear them a new one.
insomnium2  +   849d ago
@P bomb

Great comment! I remember everything crystal clear how it was back then. That is the sole reason I'm more than willing to tear MS apart when they eff up. They were the first one to laugh and spew Hate against Sony at every turn.

The only difference is that the hate against PS3 wasn't justified at all. It was attacked mostly with double standards activated. MS on the other hand has made their bed this gen and everything and anything thrown at them because of those very things IS justified. For the love of god think if it was the other way around and Sony was the one who wanted DRM etc....... It would be a Sony-hate-meltdown once again.

I think there are too many kids on this site who simply don't know how things started with all the unjustified BS from the MS camp. All they see is the present situation and they judge accordingly which to me is kinda ignorant to say the least.

The hate on PS3, BD and CELL were overwhelming on each and every gaming related site I ever went to in 2005-2008.
MiHX2  +   849d ago
ToysRUs now won't accept gamers in their store,Because they know that it won't turn out good.
solar  +   849d ago
"anyone on n4g from 2007 remembers this site flooded with more 360 fan boys than ever.. it was overun.. atleast the originals didn't try to hide it like you.. i remember gec ,pog , the mart, zhuk etc the true originals"

awh i remember those days. they were pretty fun. Zhuk always made me chuckle.
ChrisW  +   849d ago

Too bad very few will actually read the article you posted. And of those who actually read it, extremely few will agree with it.

You have my most sincere and solemn apology for them...
ChrisW  +   849d ago
BTW, everyone here... and I do mean EVERYONE!!!

We are only 0.00001% of the gaming community.

I'm not being absurd or exaggerating with my numbers here, I am being outright realistic. How? Figure real quick how many consoles (all brands) there are in the world out there and then directly compare it with the number of users on this site.

malokevi  +   850d ago
If they aren't Playstation fanboys... who are they? Xbox detractors? Wii fanboys? Bored 12 year olds? What's the difference? They are pathetic trolls.
jmc8888  +   850d ago
They could be anyone who notices that the Xbox One isn't the hottest console..which makes the whole hot 15 nothing but a lying farce.

They could be anyone who just wants to destroy something...pure anarchists.

So there you said it...they're trolls...yet you claim you know who all those trolls are.

And who are you to judge Malokevi? You have been one of those Xbox fanboys who has vigorously defended Microsoft every step of the way.

Kinect2 will be spying on you...and you might want to read this.

So seeing how you are one of the ones who stirs up this debate by defending absolute horsecrap, on multiple websites and forums mind you, I'm sure the innocence you are trying to rain down from 'teh cloudz' above are pure and unadulterated.

Or it could be me, knowing how you post, and realizing you are just trying to get some cheap points in, by assuming, via your conspiracy theory, that it's all Sony fanboys. Aren't you the one who says conspiracy theories don't exist? Yet here you are promoting a truly pointless one.
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GTgamer  +   850d ago
Go play GTA4. Online on xbox live if you wanna hear real racism what that guy said wasn't shit compared to what i heard online and you know its the truth you guys are making this seem like a big deal.
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malokevi  +   850d ago
"yet you claim you know who all those trolls are."

I do? Jeez, I didn't realize!

"Kinect2 will be spying on you...and you might want to read this. "

lol... really? This? More paranoid BS from my favorite conspiracy theorist? Let me remind you, as I have here, there, and on other sites... I DONT CARE! OK? ok.

"Or it could be me, knowing how you post, and realizing you are just trying to get some cheap points in, by assuming, via your conspiracy theory, that it's all Sony fanboys. Aren't you the one who says conspiracy theories don't exist? Yet here you are promoting a truly pointless one. "

lol. I don't know if your aware, but I neither posted nor wrote the article in question. Promoting? Man, that was easy!

If all you've got is personal attacks and "the government is out to get me"... well... that confirms my suspicions and validates my beliefs!

"So seeing how you are one of the ones who stirs up this debate by defending absolute horsecrap, on multiple websites and forums mind you, I'm sure the innocence you are trying to rain down from 'teh cloudz' above are pure and unadulterated. "

I know what I like and I like what I see. Not my fault you don't agree with me... nor do I care.

You sure are an angry feller. Take your finger off the trigger, take a deep breath, and go ride the ferris wheel. Life isn't so bad. The Illuminutty are still years away from their inevitable endgame, so you've got time to finish your bunker.

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jgrigs09  +   850d ago
That zerohedge website is complete bullshit. Yes they have good point of views on some subjects. But that site is heavily biased and not professional. I'm not saying they're wrong all the time, but you also can't trust them. They are anti-everything, they never post a positive article. Which they should from time to time. Also, this article is completely avoiding the new surveillance reform bill. Which will wipe out the NSA on data collection and so on. People I understand you get scared of this kinect thinking it spies on you. But some websites you just can't trust honestly, specially Zerohedge, it isn't professional.
jmc8888  +   849d ago
See my PM about Zerohedge jgrigs09. That is a really, really, foolish position.


Not angry at all man. Just pointing out your constant inconsistencies. Which tend to pop up whenever you post, wherever you post.

You do seem to care, otherwise you wouldn't be don't give me that crap.

Again here's your quote "If they aren't Playstation fanboys... who are they?"

That sir, is a conspiracy theory. You rail against them so much, you should know that. By stating it, you're promoting it. Thus it's your conspiracy creation. Which you could only come up with, if you cared enough to do so.

Funny how you think facts are BS. Again, this is the guy who is claiming Sony fanboys are the worst. The one who thinks facts are bs.

Those are facts. You are just unwilling to read them for some reason. That's your problem, not mine. The fact you dismissed that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that you aren't trying to find the facts about anything. A person who isn't as I say, wouldn't of thrown the sheet of facts back at me.

You make wild, outlandish claims, with no proof, yet you hate conspiracy theorists. Boy I think you have a problem that you hate something you do and don't even know it.

So you know what you like, and that includes all the stuff that apparently you are the only one left who likes after Microsoft did the 180's.

I don't care if you care or not. But your meme, isn't reality.

Your ignorance and twisting of the issues is very reminiscent of a sociopath. Hopefully that's just your online persona.

Why would I bring up illuminati? We all know Wall Street controls the world, our president, his opponents, both sides of congress, so on and so forth. But hey what do I know, I only called the tech bubble, housing crash, and knew in 1995 what would cause the next great depression. Was it conspiracy? Nope. I listened to FACTS.

It was called the understanding of the protections of the Glass-Steagall act and what would happen when it was repealed.

Personally I don't care if you want to be ignorant. I care more about the people who might mistakenly follow you. The ones who like you, denied reality and created the impetus for many of the fanboy battles.

You see, again, I am a potential buyer of any console from any maker as well as a builder of my own PC. I've bought from many manufacturers and enjoyed systems since there was an Apple II bought 6 months before I was born. There's facts, and then there's fanboyism.

I'll rip Sony a new one on anything they did if its warranted. You're talking to a democrat, who has disowned Obama since he named Tim Geithner and Larry Summers as his transitional team and Ben Bernanke would stay on as Fed Reserve chief in November 2008. In other words, I've been against my party's president, based on facts, since before he was even sworn in.

I based my judgements on facts. I don't care what party, what corporation, or what meme gets hurt.

You on the other seem to deny reality, claim other people aren't in it because they know the facts, and why? Because you like the Xbox One. Well just because you like something, doesn't mean you should shill for it.
flunkers  +   849d ago
Love the response. :)
malokevi  +   849d ago
"Again here's your quote "If they aren't Playstation fanboys... who are they?"

That sir, is a conspiracy theory."

Sounds more like a question to me, but ok... continue...

"You rail against them so much, you should know that. By stating it, you're promoting it. Thus it's your conspiracy creation. Which you could only come up with, if you cared enough to do so."

WHAT?!?! Not even going to pretend to understand what your on about, there.

"Funny how you think facts are BS.

Those are facts. You are just unwilling to read them for some reason."

lol... uhhh... I never said they are untrue, and I've read it all before. You expect me to read that regurgitated crap?

Allow me to repeat myself: I DONT CARE! there's a difference between disbelief and indifference. Not sure you understand that. I DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT AND WHAT THEY GET UP TO. NOT ONLY AM I CANADIAN, BUT I. DO. NOT. CARE. VIDEOGAMES!!!! :D

"You make wild, outlandish claims, with no proof, yet you hate conspiracy theorists. Boy I think you have a problem that you hate something you do and don't even know it."

errr...... again, I didn't write the article. Care to back yourself up with a shred of evidence as to what these "wild and outlandish claims" are? or should I point down to your conspiratorial ramblings as proof of your unbelievable and unchecked hypocrisy?

"So you know what you like, and that includes all the stuff that apparently you are the only one left who likes after Microsoft did the 180's."

Ummm... pardon me? meme? What are you going on about? You sure love to ramble about nothing. I think it really truly upsets you that I have genuine interest in the Xbox. Dont b mad, now, budday!

"Your ignorance and twisting of the issues is very reminiscent of a sociopath. Hopefully that's just your online persona.

Why would I bring up illuminati? We all know Wall Street controls the world, our president, his opponents, both sides of congress, so on and so forth. But hey what do I know,"



"I only called the tech bubble, housing crash, and knew in 1995 what would cause the next great depression. Was it conspiracy? Nope. I listened to FACTS."


AHAHAHAHAHA. YOU ARE SO WISE! REMIND ME TO.... wait a minute... I don't care. You sure seem full of yourself. You sure you wanna throw around the word "sociopath"? I've got one for you: self-aggrandized.

holy crap.
malokevi  +   849d ago
Part 2:

"You do seem to care, otherwise you wouldn't be don't give me that crap. "

Me posting = I care that you agree with me? hmmm... Alrighty. If you say so!

"Personally I don't care if you want to be ignorant. I care more about the people who might mistakenly follow you. The ones who like you, denied reality and created the impetus for many of the fanboy battles."

So... let me get this straight... you hate Xbox, and the thought of anyone else getting enjoyment out of it is too much for you to bear? lol... pathetic. Well then.... YAY XBOX! :P


"You see, again, I am a potential buyer...

...blah blah blah...

I based my judgements on facts. I don't care what party, what corporation, or what meme gets hurt."


"You on the other seem to deny reality, claim other people aren't in it because they know the facts, and why? Because you like the Xbox One. Well just because you like something, doesn't mean you should shill for it."

Did you just use the word reality?

lol. I dont even know how to react to that rant. I barely uttered a phrase in my original comment, and look at the meaningless paragraphs you have produced.

You're off your rocker, bud. Over the deep end. Time to grab a snorkel and a life preserver.

Oh, and by the way, NOV 22ND CANT WAIT WOOOOOO!

=P =P =P
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Gozer  +   849d ago
We all know it was sony fanboys, so you can blame whoever you like, but the truth stands.Just like its sony fanboys attacking MS exclusives on Metacritics user reviews. How stupid do you think people really are. And yes, sony fanboys have a reputation, and its not a good one.
dantesparda  +   849d ago
And we all know that MS fanboys are exactly the same way (Live anyone?). But lets act like its only Sony fanboys that act this way. Fanboys are fanboys, period!
rainslacker  +   849d ago
Edit: Sorry meant to reply to mystogan below.:(
#1.2.11 (Edited 849d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
Mystogan  +   850d ago
Make no mistake 90% of negativity pointed at Xbox come from PlayStation fanboys.
Silly gameAr  +   850d ago
Well, that's what the xbox fanboys think so I guess it must be true.
karl  +   850d ago
... its almost as if some ppl believe ps fanboys grow up in a different country than xbox fanboys.. they are the same kind of ppl...

If by chance one group has more ammo than the other.. then thats the only reason one group may look any worse but xbone fanboys are just as bad and there is not one thing that one group would do that the other wouldnt
GrandTheftZamboni  +   850d ago
I wouldn't trust that number (90%) as studies show that 95% of all statistics are BS.
Dee_91  +   849d ago
99% of the hate towards PlayStation is from xbox fanboys
Welcome to 2007
Ch1d0r1  +   849d ago
They deserve it for the shit they tried to pull. And it may be 90%, but i personally hope its because the commentators are informed and trying to convince others not to purchase the xbone.
ziggurcat  +   849d ago
Make no mistake 90% of negativity pointed at Playstation come from Xbox fanboys.

debunked. see how easy it is generalize?
boneso82  +   849d ago
Some of them are playstation fanboys who used to be Xbox fanboys until they preordered a PS4 instead of an Xbox One, thus jumping fanboy ship from 360 to PS4! Ex-Xbox fanboys if you will.

Funnily enough though I don't see or hear of any ex-playstation fanboys who are jumping ship from PS3 to Xbox One, funny that, I wonder why...
#1.3.7 (Edited 849d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(5) | Report
rainslacker  +   849d ago
Alright. All the racist and uncalled comments aside, perhaps you can address the reasons people(or Sony fan boys if you prefer) are not happy with MS right now. I'll lay them out in an easy to answer list.

1. MS tried to take control of the distribution medium and make people use an all digital future to use their platform, even if they preferred physical.

2. MS tried to take control of the 2nd hand market, and make it so the software that people buy is no longer their own. They did this so they could profit off it.

3. MS tried to require an always on(or once a day) connection for the purposes of DRM.

4. MS is bundling a camera with the system that most people don't want...even though it's no longer required. And yes, when I say most people, I do mean most people, not just Sony fan boys. Tell me before the reveal where any 360 owner...other than Edonus...gave a single rats ass about Kinect.

5. There are doubts on if MS really does have the end users privacy in mind.

6. There are doubts on if MS will keep the current course or just revert back to some or all of the above things in the future, whenever they deem fit.

7. MS has every intention to target ads to it's users. It is a core feature of the system. They aren't even ashamed of it.

8. There are others, I'm sure you know what they all are. I'm too tired to think of all of them. The fact there are so many is telling enough.

So go ahead and address the reasons people hate the X1 now. I'll also say it's not enough to just say, "well they aren't doing most of that stuff now". That only shows that you know they're issues, and shows you know why people are pissed at them.

No trolling intended. I open up the floor to you to address the issues that people bring forth. Show that you have some intelligence beyond, "OMG fan boy....disregard and diminish at all cost". I challenge you...particularly since you are there in every article calling out fan boys like it's some righteous crusade.
Sarick  +   849d ago
Ah, but here is something to think about.

If a person hates Microsoft does that mean they're a Sony fanboy?

What if that same person hates Sony does that make them a Nintendo fanboy?

What if that Same person hates Nintendo?

You just can't simply classify everyone who is an extremist as a fanboy. They could just be extremist who take advantage of opportunities using the other sides arguments.

This doesn't ALWAYS mean they're fanboys. They could simply be trolling for lulz. This could be at the expense of one or more parties simply to escalate an argument.

Yes, there're really people out there with no real sides that play each other for the fun of it. Just because they're supportive of one faction or product doesn't mean they're a fan of another even if they have one sided views.

Is it fact or fiction? Go check out 4chan forums. I bet others will understand the psychology behind some statements once they recognize the nature of mongering.

Sometimes: "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."
or in another way from the lulz perspective "The sun rose like a stripper, keeping its glory well covered by cloud till it seemed there'd be no show at all.”
#1.3.9 (Edited 849d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report
gaelic_laoch  +   850d ago
Well Said

Bubbles Galore!!!!!
DOMination-  +   850d ago
Typical PS fanboys making all of us look bad. N4G is almost as bad, it's getting quite pathetic.
sobotz  +   849d ago
Go to the PS4 subreddit. People in there are way more mature than in here. Even I'm more an Xbox guy, I'm comfortable in there, and really considering to buy PS4 at launch also.

It's totally different in here, people in here are only gonna beat the Xbox One to death in all articles. Same can be applied to some childish Xbox fanboys in here, but they're not the majority of this site.
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   850d ago
It was a mistake by toys r us to leave Ps4 out of hot 15 when clearly PS4 is gonna be more sought after.. leaving it out because of a payment by ms is no excuse, i dont condone the comments but toys r us made themselves look like fools not havinjg "The actual hottest product" not on their list.
buynit  +   849d ago
You ppl are ridiculous! wth you mean paying for advertisement is no Excuse?! I swear you have to be a bunch of 10 yr olds. The only fools are fanatics like you and your crazy "playstation rules the world" friends..
rainslacker  +   849d ago
The truth is that the seasons hottest toys are usually the ones with the most money thrown behind them in terms of marketing. It makes sense since it's the way most people learn about stuff anyways.

Now, we could argue that Toy's R' US should have some sort of ethics to actually make a list that truly reflects the seasons hottest must haves in an unbiased manner, but they are a business and business will sell whatever they can in most cases.

It truly is a sad state when people, particularly our children, are so influenced by a good show of money to get the limelight. Not saying people shouldn't buy an X1, but anyone buying anything for their children should research what it is they're buying. Overall I doubt the X1 is a terrible gift for a kid. I personally wouldn't want my children to have any kind of computing device with a camera attached to it that could hook up to the internet. I'd probably not recommend it to parents for their kids if the Kinect was still mandatory, and even now I would tell them to be weary of it because of that reason alone.
Misaka_x_Touma  +   850d ago
it doesn't matter if PS fanboys take up more than half.
maniacmayhem  +   850d ago
"I'll think you'll find other gamers, me included have perfectly legit reasons why we would hate them and we aren't fanboys."

And this makes it okay for the comments posted on that channel?

I find it hilarious that the word "hate" is even used for a video game console. It's exactly that sort of mentality that this article is about.

Is it really hard to understand that the comments on that page were from Sony fanboys? It's seems pretty obvious especially if you take examples from this very site.

Time to let that hate go, it only leads to the dark side of the force.
-Foxtrot  +   849d ago
"I find it hilarious that the word "hate" is even used for a video game console. It's exactly that sort of mentality that this article is about."

I never said the console I said Microsoft.

"why we would hate them"

Keyword - "THEM"

You don't have to twist peoples words to make a counter argument you know.
Majin-vegeta  +   849d ago
I've asked again and again yet no one can do what i ask them.

Narutone66  +   849d ago
I would suspect, those comments came from former fans of the xbox360 who felt betrayed by MS. If I remember right, N4G used to be overrun by over zealous xbox 360 fans. Bashing the PS3 every time any news regarding the PS3 comes out. Now those fans are probably supporting the PS4 and bashing the Xbox One. So it was assumed that all PS4 fans are like that. If you compare the XBLive to PS Plus, you'll know how different they are in terms of maturity in the environment.
Just my honest opinion.
come_bom  +   850d ago
There are stupid fanboys in all camps: Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, PC, Apple, Android, etc... but the worst fanboys i have encountered until now are Sony fanboys. Some die hard Sony fanboys are some of the worst that exist. Thank God I'm no fanboy... i buy Sony, Microsoft, PC, Android products with no problem what so ever.

I still remember what happened a few weeks back at a conference when a developer wanted to show their X1 game, Killer Instinct... shameful.
#1.9 (Edited 850d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(17) | Report | Reply
jmc8888  +   850d ago
I have to disagree. I've seen fanboys of all those camps too.

I say the fanboys of each are equal in stupidity.

This year we've mostly seen the stupidity of Xbox One fans and the overreaction to that stupidity by PS4 fans.

But as a long term multiconsole and PC person who has watched trends his whole life, I see nothing different between the camps overall in fanboyism.

What I have seen though this year is a blind devotion to defend asinine policies and outright shilling and pretending facts are not facts coming from the Xbox One camp.

Just like how Sony fans were fooling themselves last gen with 3rd party games.

I could spout off a ton of stuff where various fanboys will defend crap through the years. Instead I'll just say it ebbs and flows, and right now the mark is Xbox One fans.

...and Sony fanboys aren't any worse then Xbox fanboys who were slamming the idiots wrongfully defending the PS3 last gen.

Generally speaking again, the side who are being moron about something, by denying reality, those are the ones in the wrong. Their idiocy creates tension, and that tension creates the 'bad' side of fanboyism by the group on top.

So instead of just breaking it down to the level of 'fanboy' we should focus on both sides of the equation. That some people shouldn't deny reality. Others should be a little nicer to those that don't.
-EvoAnubis-  +   850d ago
All fanboys suck. Period. End of story.
Crystallis  +   849d ago
@ Come_Bom

You were on the right track with your post until you mention "Sony Fanboys are some of the worst you encountered" then you lost all creditability.

Fanboys from all sides are equally bad. Just bc you hear more from one side then the other doesn't make that side worst then the others.
Kaneda  +   850d ago
Every new generation is getting more intense for fanboys war. Probably next generation, they will use guns and kill each other and casual gamers will rule the gaming world!
#1.10 (Edited 850d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Crazay  +   850d ago
The war of words gets that way because the children who had a small voice last generation are now growing up with little to no respect for other people(you can thank their parents for that) and they make everything into hate filled insults.
#1.10.1 (Edited 850d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report
admiralvic  +   850d ago
It doesn't honestly matter WHAT you call them, since they're a problem regardless. There are good ways to go about things and bad ways to go about things.

Good way?

Don't buy it. You can whine as much as you want on the internet and it's impossible to tell if it makes any sort of difference. The main reason why M$ cares right now, is the fact that the PS4 is outselling it and probably to a lesser degree all the negative articles. However, I doubt they would care that much or at all if they were killing it in preorders.

Bad Way?

Spouting hate in a vain attempt to inform the world of what wrongs you believe M$ perpetrated. A lot of people seem to forget that a "perfectly legit reason" might be very minor or specialized and in some cases might be something most people don't care about. Perfect example, look at the Nintendo copyright claims.

When it came out that Nintendo would be cashing in on YT videos of their games, a lot of lets players and YT uploaders protested it. This is a perfectly legit reason (in theory anyway), but not one people particularly care about.

The same goes for the Xbox One. Some people are for the Kinect, some people were for the online DRM, some people accept it can't do X or Y, others care about the "drop" in quality for games like Ryse, since it still looks great and plenty of other things.

Bottom line, you can hate the Xbox for whatever reason you want, just like you can hate the PlayStation 4, Wii U, Vita, 3DS, Sega Genesis or whatever, but don't use it as an excuse to enforce your beliefs on others. This is the problem and it really should go away.
DonFreezer  +   850d ago
Shut your mouth.It's sony fanboys get over it. There are people on youtube who get thousands of dislikes only on their Xbox One videos. And just stop with all the bullshit about 2006 because the amount of sony fanboys on this site now is extremely larger than the amount of Microsoft ones in that era. Is it so hard for once in your life to agree that it was sony fantrolls who made those thumbs downs as they are doing in all the X1 videos on youtube?
ShinMaster  +   849d ago
You are the prime example of a deluded hypocritical raging Xbox fanboy.

Could Sony fanboys have downvoted that video? Sure.
But then again, every single video on YouTube has downvotes as well. Are those downvotes also from other evil fanboys?
Listen buddy, I've been here for years. I've seen legions of Xbox fanboys praying on every bit of bad news regarding the PS3 since the beginning. You gotta admit. Current reaction from PS fans was brought on by Xbox fans. It's a backlash you didn't expect. Now that things are turning around, many Xbox fans have gone quiet, but they're still around... waiting.

You're angry and frustrated and we all know why. Recent events have put the PS4 in a better light than the XB1 in the media and general public. Things are not going quite as you expected and this puts you on edge.
But quit victimizing yourself. You're NOT some neutral non-biased party. Your behaviour and words say quite the opposite. You're no better than the Sony fanboys you rage against. And the fact that you can't see that, means you're party of the problem.
#1.12.1 (Edited 849d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report
karl  +   849d ago
A great example during E3 i was watching a live stream and u could not see not one psfanboy MS had just announced plenty of exclusives and their presentation was a success... in the chat room of the stream hundred of xboxfqnboys were insulting us and ps fanboys were quiet. When destiny and ac4 freezze on stage things got worse... this kids were out of control... that was till sony announced no drm no online check in and the 399 price.. at that point everything turned and now ps fanbots were all out in anger and msfanboys just didnt said a word anymore....

This kids me included... we all grew up in the same culture.. we are all the same regardless of what console we choose... they are not worse than us.

As shin said.. msfanboys are waiting. U bet that if sony makes any mistake u will see them again
Smithie92  +   850d ago
harrisk954  +   850d ago

Absolutely... and, to be honest, the vitriol directed at Microsoft is not just from PS4 "fanboys"... There is a tremendous amount of disdain for the Xbone right now from members of the (soon to be) former Xbox 360 community.

One other point is that the author of this opinion piece directed this only at Sony fanboys. It would appear from his commentary that he is more than likely a 360 fanboy who is spreading utter nonsense:

"A majority of this filth is due to the fact that Toys ‘R’ Us included the Xbox One on the “Fabulous 15″ list but not the PlayStation 4. This is likely for several reasons, the primary one probably due to the Xbox One being marketed as an all-in-one family entertainment unit." GIVE ME A BREAK...the XB1 was included on this list because MS likely is paying Toys R Us for it, not because the XB1 is perceived as an "all-in-one family entertainment unit." Seriously?

Another comment made by the author is: "...fortunately for the Xbox camp though, they already have the checks and balances in place to deal with the uglier side of their network." YEAH, SURE... "Checks and balances" on XB Live are one thing (and is a questionable assertion on its own), but just because a "system" is in place on either XB Live or the PSN, does the author really believe that MS or Sony can impose community rules on a You Tube video? and that Sony is somehow to blame here? Absolutely ridiculous.

Honestly, some idiots on You Tube who are commenting on the XB1 does not mean that PS3 and PS4 users are to blame here. Look at ANY You Tube video and you will see similar comments. You could have cute 5-year old kid singing in a video and people will post nasty comments that are absolutely awful. And, honestly, some comments are made because people think they are being funny and want to get a rise out of other users. Not necessarily because they have a stake in it either way.

Just my 2-cents.
#1.14 (Edited 850d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
AngelicIceDiamond  +   849d ago
@Fox hate them for what? Currently what do you hat them for. What is MS doing right now that's so bad and rotten?

The fact that your defending a fanbase that took down an Toy R Us X1 campaign ad is plain ridiculous. No, Sony fans are the blame. And there's absolutely nothing else to it, but to blame Sony fans. No excuses no ifs, ands or buts. There's no other rational way of thinking this situation.

I guess I did learn one thing, never take fanboys lightly because when they have an agenda. They'll do whatever it takes to ruin the fun for everyone that games.
#1.15 (Edited 849d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
-Foxtrot  +   849d ago
We get it AngelicIceDiamond you love Microsoft and the Xbox One but to try and twist it so MS look completely inncoent and they are the victim is ridiculous.

"What is MS doing right now that's so bad and rotten?"

It's not about they are doing now, it's what the tried to do and probably will continue to do if we let our guards down. They only did a 180 on everything because people took a stand instead of taking their crap they tried to do with the gaming industry. They wanted to change it for their own greedy, selfish needs. Sony wants money like any other business but they wouldn't do crap like that when they know the gaming community is essential to the entire business.

Besides you have a cheek to talk about fanboys but the problem is your one of the main MS defenders on here who have been defending them left, right and center since the horrible reveal.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   849d ago
"We get it AngelicIceDiamond you love Microsoft and the Xbox One but to try and twist it so MS look completely inncoent and they are the victim is ridiculous."

I love game companies that provide great gaming experiences hence both MS and Sony. The only thing that would bother me if these companies impacted my ACTUAL gaming experiences. Like MS tried to do last summer. If you really thought I defended DRM your sadly mistaken.

But your making it sound like it was perfectly fine for the fanboys to take down an X1 campaign. A campaign bro, an advertisement? And you approve of this behavior? From fanboys.

You have trust issues that's good and dandy but how do these issues relate to buying a console, hooking it up and inserting games to play? That's what you do with new consoles and machines. And yes the company behind these consoles is where your issues are at, that's fine.

And no, no, don't even try and make this about me.

This is about you approving the fanboys actions and supporting what they did.

In other words I'm not the one supporting the fanboys here like you.

So out of the two of us who's the REAL fanboy here?

Exactly, that's I thought debate won.
#1.15.2 (Edited 849d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report
rainslacker  +   849d ago
So you're saying there are no 360 fans who are not happy with MS right now? You're saying those disgruntled 360 fans would never go out to say bad things about MS? You're saying that 360 fans around the world are truly happy with what the X1 was, is, or will be?

That doesn't sound very rational to me.

If the above mentioned people aren't happy with MS, then what's your reasoning for that? Why does everyone on here completely dismiss the fact that there are many people pissed at MS right now....not just Sony fan boys.

At most I can give any of these arguments the point that there are certainly Sony fan boys making these comments, but to say it's all Sony fan boys is just ridiculous. Just accept it, people aren't happy with MS. Who are you to judge if they are right or not. From my point of view, some of that hate is warranted.
360GamerFG  +   849d ago
But aren't you a fanboy foxtrot?

SDF to the rescue as always.
-Foxtrot  +   849d ago
No...I'm a gamer with common sense

I will support and praise the company who is doing well at the present time. Since Sony is doing well for gaming and us as a community then they have my full support.

Would I follow them, if they do something wrong then I'll voice out on here just like I would do for any company in the wrong. Thats what this place "looks" like a PS fanboy fest on this site...because the ones who aren't fanboys are pleased with what Sony are doing.
Palaven  +   849d ago

Everything you say screams fanboy... all I see is you rushing to defend Sony against every negative article and comment, even dismissing racist comments which are obviously made by your fellow Sony fans.

Apparently nothing is off limits for Sony fans to cause negativity around the Xbox One. No wonder the gaming industry is always under so much scrutiny and negative attention.
#1.16.2 (Edited 849d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(4) | Report
2cents  +   849d ago
Preference is one thing, which is what mature people have.
Hate is another thing, which is what fanboys have.

You can simply not agree with what 'x' company is doing and not invest your time or money in them and not be a fanboy. You can be vocal about policies you may not agree with and not be a fanboy.

But if you use the words I hate 'x' company and search for opportunities to sully them while promoting your own choice of console then you are a fanboy.

This article is about the toys r us fiasco, and rightly highlighting how disgusting some of the community is. You for some reason have taken this as a personal attack and then you try to defend your stance which is strange. Any gamer should be disgusted by this behaviour, ONLY fanboys would try to defend this.

You may be passionate about the playstation, but don't confuse hate for Sony fanboys as hate for the playstation or fans of. I'm a fan of the playstation, I've owned every one including the psp and vita, but I think this is disgusting and anyone who defends this is no better than the people who commented on this video.
rainslacker  +   849d ago
Here's what I've seen. I haven't seen anyone really say what happened with the comments is justifiable. Forgive me but I can only read so many comments. Most seem to think it's childish and all those other things which aren't good.

However, the first thing that comes up...even on the first comment in the article reporting this issue, after someone said how disgusting it was, is that it's PS fan boys and how evil, vicious, revolting and disgusting they are.

I'm not a fan boy. I really like Sony, and I am very happy with what they are doing now. I'm just tired of arguments being ignored in favor of the fan boy witch hunt going on.

I'm not terribly happy with MS right now, and for a while I really did hate them because the things they were doing were terrible for the future of how I play games. I'll still speak against it, because I don't want it to come to pass.
Thunderhawkxbox  +   849d ago
Everyone around the world knows Sony fan boys are the most hated fan boys that is obvious they done it
osprey19  +   849d ago
Yhh Cos no ps4 fanboy is ever biased 😒. Wen ever i see something that is positive for Sony, all i see from ps4fanboys is 'YHH, ps4 rules, suck it xbox!!!!' and whenever Microsoft have any positive news, ps4 fanboys just say 'shit article, its all lies' cos that isn't immature or biased at all, seriously get some perspective.
FunkMacNasty  +   849d ago
Foxtrot, you'd have to be slightly delusional to think that at least 80% of those negative comments and downvotes were from Sony fanboys. People in support of the XB1 wouldnt leave negative comments, people who are simply Sony fans (not fanboys) wouldn't stoop this low, and the general public isn't aware enough of either product to really care that openly.

I'm sure a portion of those comments were from former Xbox fans who were turned off by the XB1's rocky start so far, but you'd be crazy if you didn;t think the lions share of those angry comments and downvotes were from immature hardcore Sony fanboys.
It's the typical Sony fanboy mob mentality, and it's an agenda, and Here it is on the Toys R'Us youtube channel, plain as day.
Blaze929  +   849d ago

"take a look at comments here u'll find a lot of xbonefans

43,134 likes 1,758 dislikes 12,446,238 views. Likes are beating dislikes by a huge ratio - normal stats for something good.

"and here u'll see a lot of PSfans

595,862 views 9,473 likes 4,863 dislikes.

Very close like to dislike ratio.

If you really think those numbers are normal, then you fail to see the problem at hand....on EVERY Xbox One video.
Scatpants  +   849d ago
Why do you even need to argue about it. These are just toys anyway. Buy the one you want and shut the hell up.
Trekster_Gamer  +   849d ago

You are a blind troll if you think that. Who besides Sony trolls would care this much??? All you have to do is look here for proof, every Xbox Article I'd flooded with lies...hatred towards anything Xbox. PS bots need to STFU and stay in their own Sony circle jerk threads.
#1.23 (Edited 849d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
pyramidshead  +   849d ago
there's only so many up bubbling votes I can give you, son. :(
Imalwaysright  +   849d ago
I just have to laugh at the hypocrisy as if xbox fanboys were any different than ps fanboys. You're all the same.
Pogmathoin  +   849d ago
Hate fanboys is fine, but they are not reserved to Xbox, and right now its the Sony camp being more vocal, and toxic...

Gaelic whats your take on this? Some people writing novels on an article about fanboys.... Jeez.... I am an fanboy if I buy bought... I cannot win....
#1.26 (Edited 849d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   849d ago
Not to mention that xbl is one of the most racist corner on the planet.

I guess that's ps fanboys fault aswell?
maniacmayhem  +   849d ago

MS/Xbox whatever, it still doesn't justify the word hate. MS has done nothing to you physically, financially or emotionally, so why would you hate THEM?

To throw around hate is childish. And you base it only on what they "tried" to do. Yes they tried something but it didn't work, they have now since corrected this and all before launch. Are you really going to keep hating?

How long will you hold that grudge against MS? Again it's time to let that poor excuse go and time to start focusing on the games and the console as it stands now.
showtimefolks  +   849d ago
fanboys are bad for business but please don't blame the sony fanboys alone, everyone deserves equal blame

were you not here in 2006 when every minute there was a new sony/ps3 doom article, and how sony should quit being in gaming business and how bluray is over rated or how about a hard drive in every system or maybe built in wifi

i don't like MS but i have nothing against xbox one, i believe in strong competition, that's is why sony has delivered so much great exclusive content this gen. if you take ps4 out of it than ms will be lazy and won't try since gamers have less options and same goes for sony if ms quit being in gaming business

its so funny everyone believes that every site is run by sony fanboys, here is what i say to that. what goes around comes around.
Pogmathoin  +   849d ago
So 2 wrongs make it right all of a sudden? My parents lied to me!

Eden, you speak sense...
#1.29.1 (Edited 849d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report
starchild  +   849d ago
Except it wasn't the way you are trying to portray back then. Anybody can go read articles and the comments from back then and see that things were much more balanced back then between the Xbox and Playstion fanboys. The Playstation fanboys definitely weren't the poor little victims you try to make them out to be.

And yes, there was some negativity directed towards the PS3 back then due to a few decisions Sony made, but it wasn't even half of the bashing the XB1 gets.

Even if what you said was true, which it's not, it still wouldn't justify the extreme trolling and hate-mongering that the Playstation fanboys are guilty of every day on this site.
showtimefolks  +   849d ago

oh yeh, its not like i was there and don't remember all that was said, ps3 was getting the negative press from gaming media and every site had nothing but hate towards ps3

articles like ps3 has no game, bluray is the reason sony will go out of business, $599 sony will surly go out of business

back than i had both xbox360 and ps3 si yeh i do remember just fine, it was exactly the way i said
EdensCross   849d ago | Spam
Rodent85  +   849d ago
PC fanboy are the worst in the world
cyguration  +   849d ago
I'm not a Playstation fanboy and even I hate what Microsoft has done to the Xbox One.
aawells07  +   849d ago
It's totally ok to hate them but its the acting like 10 yr old's that's not ok.
HighResHero  +   849d ago
Exactly. There are people who don't like MS and it's been like that for a decade or so. It's almost safe to say that most of them aren't even Playstation fanboys.
@agentx: I am not embarrassed by what some more insensitive people have to say. Their actions have almost nothing to do with me as a gamer as far as I'm concerned.
#1.34 (Edited 849d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
AlexanderNevermind  +   849d ago
Sometimes it's better to take a step back before posting what comes from heart heat of the moment. Racism is sad and pathetic at this point but unfortunately it is widespread and we don't have to look any further than the internet as an example. This is where people are free to hide behind their pc's without fear of being outed in the community. That being said to place a blanket statement like this at the feet of fanboys/gamers is very shortsighted.
#1.35 (Edited 849d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
CuddlyREDRUM  +   849d ago
AlexanderNevermind  +   849d ago
Cool Beans Bro......
starchild  +   849d ago
90% of the time it is, yes.

And, Foxtrot, please quite trying to act like you aren't a fanboy or aren't a Playstation fanboy. It's perfectly clear from your comments that that is exactly what you are.
CommonSense  +   849d ago
No, you don't; and yes, you are.

your reasons are entirely hypocritical.
#1.38 (Edited 849d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Denethor_II  +   849d ago
I think you'll find people in general will abuse anonymity when using the internet. It's a sad fact, not exclusive to any genre.
jackdaddy  +   849d ago
Yet more free publicity for the doomed xbone by riding on the back of a proper next gen console. Laughable.
TVippy  +   849d ago
PS fanboys are the most disgusting and vile human beings (not just players) out there. Seems like you're one of them...
BLAKHOODe  +   849d ago
I think it's unfair to say "Playstation fanboys." It could have just as easily been "Xbox fanboys" had it been the other way around. Gamers, as a whole, need to get their act together when controlling their "fanboyism". I don't know why they find it so hard and so disturbing to allow others to enjoy another console other than the one they think is best.
Sony360  +   849d ago
Sorry, but I'll bet my house that at least 90% of them are Playstation fanboys.

I really hate any kind of fanboy in the current gaming world, whether or it's Playstation, Xbox, or otherwise. The truth of the matter is that the worst kind are either Xbox or Playstation fanboys.

There's this stupid pissing contest between either camp, as if there's something at stake for them if other people like something else.

note: I said fans, not fanboys. Plenty of normal, rational people like Playstation/Xbox as well. Sadly, this is only about 50% of the gaming community.
#1.43 (Edited 849d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
givemeshelter  +   849d ago
So you are fine with using racial comments to show your displeasure with a company you don't own? Sorry. That makes you a fanboy and worse... a racist fanboy.
MiHX2  +   849d ago
Those comments make me leave the gamer community.I am just ashamed.
jdeane81  +   850d ago
Where was the vitriol on the other products? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the exclusion of one particular product incited 'Fanboys', used as a general term to describe irrational devotion not normal fans of a product, to litter the page with vulgarity. And that behavior is an issue the gaming community faces at large and this just happened to be the stage in this instance.
Rushing_Punch  +   850d ago
ha. this makes all of us look dumb. if we want to bash stupid M$ policies or argue system power on sites like this, that's cool. lets not run around throwing n-bombs at stuff on videos that kids see. smh
NYC_Gamer  +   850d ago
Its all fanboys who make the gaming community look bad..There's no reason for any so called gamer to hunt down videos of products they dislike just to bash with harsh comments.
agentxk  +   850d ago
Perfectly said. I mean, it's TRU, this is just to inform parents about products for their family.
jmc8888  +   850d ago
You don't see the hypocrisy in claiming that the console launching with the fewest supporters and preorders...the console which tried to take away your rights...and will be spying on you....

That this console is in the 'hot 15'...but the console which doesn't have the warts and actually has the hype backed up by preorders isn't on this list?

Whether you dislike such comments, and I think they add nothing...none of the comments change the fact that the 'hot 15' is an absolute farce. I will never ever believe Toys R Us and any of their rankings again. For anything. Based on the reality that they are lying to us.

Overall is this a big deal? Well to Toys R Us it should be. To me, it's just another retailer who has shown they'll lie to me. Not a big deal, but enough to warrant a shift in my behavior in a way that doesn't benefit Toys R US.

But silly me, I should of never trusted them after they wouldn't replace my 360 discs that got scratched due to the widespread 360 disc scratching problem....even though I had purchased the disc protection plan.

If you ask me Toys R Us are liars and scumbags. I don't pity them one bit. They don't want to be called out as liars and scumbags? They should stop having it be corporate policy to act like liars and scumbags.
agentxk  +   850d ago
spying? Reynolds Wrap must make a lot of money than in aluminum foil sales.
GodGinrai  +   850d ago

The issue here is about THOSE comments and the attitude of certain types of gamers. Stop trying to turn this back on MS. you hate Xbox ? fine! but do you feel the need to insult the jewish community or call a black person the N-bomb, because you dont like MS? Does your hate for MS cause you to become a raging homophobe? you keep harping on about MS and toys R us...but they are not the ones who caused this...gamers did.

I rest my case.
#4.1.3 (Edited 850d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(3) | Report
harrisk954  +   849d ago

You hit the nail on the head.... the video got spammed by a bunch of idiots, but the fact of the matter is that Toys R Us is shilling products for those companies who are "partnered" with them.

From the Xbox Wire (

"Exciting news today from our *partners* at Toys “R” Us – Xbox One is honored as the exclusive video game console on the Toys “R” Us 2013 Fabulous 15 Holiday List and one of the Hot Toys for Holiday 2013."

READ: "OUR PARTNERS AT TOYS "R" US"... This is advertising, pure and simple. Some people see hypocrisy like this and attack the source - in this case a Toys R Us video. The list is a farce. If, as everyone is aware, the PS4 has more pre-orders than the XB1, then how can the XB1 be listed as the "hot" video game system over the PS4?? It makes zero logical sense and is another reason why the XB1 is getting so much hate right now. It is all smoke and mirrors. Let's be honest - the PS4 is more anticipated than the XB1 this year by MOST gamers and the Toys R Us list should reflect that. Otherwise, it is misrepresenting the facts to the general public who doesn't follow gaming-related websites.
#4.1.4 (Edited 849d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(6) | Report
Misaka_x_Touma  +   850d ago
defensive much
solidjun5  +   850d ago
How was NYCGamer being defensive?

Jumping the gun much?
SniperControl  +   850d ago
Here we go again, didnt we all do this yesterday?

Why was this even approved? This is just flamebait.

I say we all call a ceasefire, i am getting sick of this, we are all gamers at heart, we are all human beings, lets just enjoy games on every system.
#5 (Edited 850d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Whitefox789  +   850d ago
Sadly my friend, that is not an easy feat to accomplish.
Vitalogy  +   849d ago
I see your "flaimbait" and I raise it to "milking website clicks".

Unfortunately this will always happen no matter what product and I blame the supposed journalists (only a few actually have a degree in journalism so don't know why they call themself that) as much as those who are childish enough to make the said comments as and the reason is simple, why make this a big deal, just let it go and move forward because as soon as they see they have no audience they stop.
MiHX2  +   849d ago
Get a bubble.I feel your pain.
isarai  +   850d ago
where's the video?
rajman  +   850d ago
Disable comments...problem solved. But they were probably annoyed that the video was getting negative attention regardless, since it had tons of dislikes compared to likes
sAVAge_bEaST  +   849d ago
What a GREAT PRODUCT,.. It only has to disable comments, on every video shown on YouTube.. Awesome! ;s
#7.1 (Edited 849d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
aawells07  +   849d ago
It's still a great product whether you think it is or not. Just because you have to disable comments doesn't mean that its not.
Orange Juice  +   850d ago
Video game fans acting immature? In the comment section of an INTERNET VIDEO?!?

surely you cant be serious.
fattyuk  +   850d ago
zomg lulz PlAyStAtIoN RuL3Z! M$ XBonE SuX

AddZ me for SnIperzzzz GAMEinG

Your mum SmellZ

(sorry couldn't resist)
#8.1 (Edited 850d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
GodGinrai  +   850d ago
What did you say bruh..Thats gonna hack your console you noobzor...


im numba wun on MLG!

Sorry..I just had to add one of my own!
MiHX2  +   846d ago
WaT SMe BAtlFed FR?
I ma FAbY.
In proper English:
Playstation Network is Online.
Want some Battlefield 4?
I am not a fanboy,that does not misspell.
wenaldy  +   849d ago
Dont call me Shirley.
Pintheshadows  +   850d ago
You know, I certainly prefer Playstation products to Xbox products, but saying things like this would never cross my mind. There is a deep seeded immaturity in these people (depressingly many of them are old enough to know better) and some of the others are simply immature due to their age. It is just stupid and I agree that this minority makes ALL of us look bad. ALL OF US. Not just immature fanboys.
user7402931  +   850d ago
proud playstation fanboy here. but why would anyone go to such extreme lengths?
Xsilver  +   850d ago
You call that extreme Lmaoooooooooooooooooooo look at the likes on his vid nobody gives a shit stop blowing this out of proportion sure someone acted immature and everybody loses their minds.
cyguration  +   849d ago


Dude, it is so wrong that laughed soooooo hard watching that guy troll like a nuclear-sized troll.
Misaka_x_Touma  +   850d ago
Nothing but people getting very defensive here lol but it expected anything get put in Sony or their fanboys (Not FANS) fanboys court will get write off quickly.
#11 (Edited 850d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
TRD4L1fe  +   850d ago
This bickering back and forth about what console is better is getting out of hand, now this? people need to grow up any enjoy your console of choice
EXVirtual  +   850d ago
Didn't you guys do this yesterday? I didn't even crash that party. This is just flamebait. Plain and simple. It's getting quite boring to be honest.
pyramidshead  +   849d ago
Agreed. But let them vent and blame it all on one party.
jiggyteddy  +   850d ago
Good article.

Sad indeed, but this is unfortunately the nature of the beast. There will always be rotten apples in every industry.
Dlacy13g  +   850d ago
Agreed, and sadly given the online/very public nature of the gaming community it seems our bad apples get more visibility than some other industries.
kewlkat007  +   850d ago
The pictures is kewl..who needs a video.
thebudgetgamer  +   850d ago
Much ado about nothing.
fattyuk  +   850d ago
Who cares lol

playstation rulez
TechMech2  +   849d ago
You are the personification of ignorance, and I pity you
fattyuk  +   849d ago
I'm getting both consoles on release.
from the beach  +   850d ago
All because more Xbox One is on more wish-lists?

Shame on them!
Crazay  +   850d ago
It's tiresome isn't it?
MyWordIsGospel  +   850d ago
Toys r us must be idiots to use you tube videos without comments disabled to promote new goods, everyone and their dog knows that the comments section on you tube is like a lunatic asylum.
andron666  +   850d ago
All fanboys are sad. No use trying to say one fanboy is better than the other because they are all hurting gaming...
abusador  +   850d ago
Stfu sensitive cry babies, there's fanboys in both sides and disgruntled gamers too tht post BS. Its the internet deal with it, you want free access to information and certain liberties deal with it.
gamer2013  +   850d ago
"The intriguing side of this is that to the average user, the PlayStation community has generally been considered quiet in comparison to their competition."

This statement made me scratch my head. Since when have the Playstation community ever been considered quiet when it comes to anything non Sony? Sony fans have always bashed Xbox, MS and generally anything else non Sony. I'm starting to think that the writer of this article is just looking out for the best interests of the site by throwing everyone under the bus. I say put the blame where it rightfully belongs and leave it there, but I guess they need the hits.

I'll just leave this here.
SniperControl  +   849d ago
You understand the guy who wrote the Destructoid article was being satirical right?

Scroll down to the first post of you link and the author says this.

"You guys do realize I was being satirical right? My favorite system is the PS3!"
#22.1 (Edited 849d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
whoyouwit04  +   850d ago
I said it long ago that sony fanboys are the most immature and ignorant fans out there. People trash sony not because it's sony they really hate, but their brain washed ass fans are the one we really hate... Well, their attitude anyways.
bsquwhere  +   849d ago
Really then why do Xbots call it the Gaystation? How mature is that. Or is gay bashing ok. I hear the N word and "Fag" every five seconds on Xbox live. PSN too. Both sides have their share of jerks.
Trekster_Gamer  +   849d ago
Your immature reply answers his question. You act like the term gaystation is thrown around on every thread.. You are clueless. But you will find your term used all of the time xbots.. what a child you are.
bsquwhere  +   849d ago
I called him a xbot and yes I'm a hypocrite for it. I'm man enough to admit that. Fact still remains that Gaystation is still a term, and it's still offensive if its said once or a hundred times.

I also said that you'll find poor behavior on both systems. However being an Xbox live member sense it began, I find it to be filled with 13yr olds who think their hard. Or some good old boy tossing the "N" word around. This happens on PSN too but not as often.

Oh and I'm a grown ass man. You can pretend you're better than me while you hide behind a keyboard. Call me a child. My "immature reply" when I was purely giving an example of how Xbox fans can be just as bad. This thread is filled with Xbox fans bashing Sony fans relentlessly, yet say that all Sony fans do is talk smack. This very thread is filled, simply filled, with MS fans being hypocrites.

No console is free from douchebags. No side is better than the other. Pure and simple.
#23.1.2 (Edited 849d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report
thejigisup  +   850d ago
I'm gonna say notafanboy. Xbox live is filed with racism, yelling, people listening to music that drowns out any sort of communication via mic,screaming profanities, babies crying, mothers throwing things, children playing games well beyond their suggested age rating. You'll find this on both Sony and Microsoft online communities but I have noticed the more hostile, immature environment is on xbl. It was honest and what you read is only a taste of what actually goes on. I've learned dirty things from cod on xbox. People wanting to mung mothers and taint stabbing. Why I never!?
Trekster_Gamer  +   849d ago
At least Microsoft is working to do something about this this generation coming up what has Sony done, nothing!!
#24.1 (Edited 849d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
HappyWithOneBubble  +   849d ago
MS might be working on it but what exactly can they do? They can't ban every single person that talk crap online. That's why mute was created for these situations. Looks like I'll be and every other gamer will be using mute more often next gen.
thejigisup  +   849d ago
I see you've expended your bubbles sir. I will reply, working to do something you say? By the no bros policy online? That isn't going to work very well. How are they going to monitor that by using Kinect to pick up the foul language? And if I'm playing on a private match with friends and they don't mind the f bombs how will that be handled. Oh wait we are going to have an up vote down vote system like n4g (I'm rolling my eyes). It's going to dynamically figure out who is a troll and who isn't? The online community much like the offline community it's full of trashy people with trashy tastes and trashy language and trashy behavior. Once ms solves the problem of online garbage spewers not only will they be one step closer to cleaning up the interbutts but maybe even the world lets give them a nomination at the nobel peace prize.
Doesn't matter what Sony is doing let's face it there is a different group/type of people belonging to each community and its impossible to say which is better because that is subjective. However there is enough evidence out there for someone to decide where they should go or whether they fall in between. You want a rowdy, unruly, unfortunately rude community and one that it's at often times offensive check our xbl. Sony doesn't have as bad as a problem with that from my experience with both consoles over several years. So why do they need to be open about hike they handle those issues as one communities issues don't affect the other.
Jumping to the fact that Sony hasn't done anything, Sony and any company for that matter doesn't have to publicly announce anything. I'd love to see the online community for xbl change as it ruins the experience for a ton of gamers. When MS efforts pay off I'll commend them but referring to the YouTube comments... it is all unfortunately true. The commenters weren't wrong and parents should be aware of what their children are being exposed to. It's bad enough that parents buy the newest CoD or more recent GTAV for their underage kids without realizing the possible ramifications, danger with the live community.
bsquwhere  +   850d ago
The only racist comment I saw(that I personally saw) was the sarcastic, but in poor taste, use of the "N" word as an example of things 12yr old would hear. Its true to be honest, but didn't need to be said.
ajkula  +   850d ago
what a beautiful world!
"freedom of speech" has to remain between the commonly accepted limits, which are generally ruled by a few...
people are wonderful and beautiful, in the best of worlds!

anyway give them freedom and they'll go racial or whatever.

i wouldn't let my kids raped by micro$oft anyway

Related image(s)
#26 (Edited 850d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
GirlOnFire  +   849d ago
Sony fanboys rule N4G...if that's true to someone then you admit Sony has more fans all together. I don't care if you like PlayStation or Nintendo or Microsoft they need games for me to be a fan. I haven't seen anything on Xbox One yet to get me wanting one. Wii U I owned but sold for money I needed. I'm getting it back for Zelda and Smash bros soon. I'm getting PS4 for my next gen choice its cheaper, got like double games of Xbox One, and Features that it has is enough to keep me happy. Wii U has miiverse its fun to draw once in a while, off screen play, free online, and new controls. Xbox one has apps, snap switch feature, over 40 unknown upgrades(innovations) to the controller, and Kinect. PS4 has camera/playroom, remote play, apps as well, not region locked, new control design with touch pad everything isn't tied to membership and Plus is beyond worth it. ^~^
sAVAge_bEaST  +   849d ago
Can we replace "Sony Fanboys" with just "Gamers" - Gamers are not happy with M$ back stabbing policies, even if 180ed.


What do you expect when you Money-Hat. "Gamers" are pissed at M$.
#28 (Edited 849d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
GodGinrai  +   849d ago
"Can we replace "Sony Fanboys" with just "Gamers" - Gamers are not happy with M$ back stabbing policies, even if 180ed. "

come again? Gamers were not happy with MS WHEN those policies were in place. Gamers are aware that the X1 that was unveiled at the MS conference way back when, is not the same X1 we have today.


No mandatory online

games can be sold and exchanged on X1 now.

So what are "gamers" still mad about..or maybe its just you and your little fanny brigade who swear allegence to a company.

Get over yourself, Savage. You are one of the biggest fanboys on here. I dont hear nobody talking about the "180" anymore on IGN, CVG, destructoid etc..just PS fanboys on N4G..and the youtube warriors, who hide behind their Avis.
thejigisup  +   849d ago
Speaking about gamers being angry and allegiance to a company. I've never had a rrod situation on my ps3. I've never had to purchase a new system because it inexplicably stopped working. I've never had to pay for a subscription service to play online games through my console. Sony has never hid behind a paywall for features I already pay for.
I happen to like MS products, I . Love some of the games they offer but I was mad at ms early on in the 360s early days. MS hasn't earned my trust as a consumer first and foremost. As far as gaming its concerned they haven't offered anything that would make me change my preference. As far as the console wars go I think the company that will win will be the company that convinces members of the other c amps to convert. Allegiance its a funny thing to say. My allegiance less with the company or companies that are going to offer me the features I want. Ms and ninty have fallen off for me. I almost want to buy a 3ds for pokemon x . I almost want a wii u for the new smash bros. I almost want an xbox one for ummm the new halo maybe. But that is not enough for me. It's a double edged sword that Sony is the only company offering enough for me to want to throw my moneyand my time at. Fanboyism aside I want and know MS will do well it helps create a competitive environment for ms Sony Nintendo, steam now. I agree with the monkeyKinect it's a powerful piece of hardware but I don't feel like that belongs attached to my gaming system. The potential is too great, the hardware is too invasive and I think it's a step backwards. Children growing up with that kind of technology are going to think that it's ok to be monitored during commercials, that your voice and mannerisms are being recorded. Your face morphology it'd being studied. Even if it isn't right this very moment the tech is there. It's only a matter of time before skynet I mean Microsoft changes that or another company takes up that stance as ms ids already setting a precedent.
TechMech2  +   849d ago
Not all gamers hated the original Xbox one.
ezop  +   849d ago
what's sad about this, is the fact that "toys 'r' us" are a company & there job is to SELL products (xbone/ps4/etc) and make a profit.. what this has hi-lighted is the fact that because SOME ps4 fan boys didn't like the fact the toys r us promoted the xbone on there "FAB 15" and not the ps4 ..

As sam axe (burn notice) would say "just a bunch of whiney little girls" ..

As we brits would say "the proof is in the pudding" and lets ALL be honest this time and say the PS fanboys have done NOBODY ANY FAVOURES
360GamerFG  +   849d ago
You stay classy Sony fans.

Hating because others love, SDF motto right there.
Silly gameAr  +   849d ago
LOL that's rich coming from an xbox fan.
smugbullfish  +   849d ago
Having worked for that company i have to say that whatever they push to sell is usually A: crap, and B: not worth the cash.....i doubt that this is going to be anything different
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