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Eurogamer - "Let's start by talking about what the Radeon R9 280X isn't. Despite relying on the same technology for almost two years now, we're not seeing the arrival of new AMD architecture here. This card is Graphics Core Next through and through, and it's very easy indeed to level the accusation that AMD is simply rebranding existing cards, adding a handful of new features to the firmware but fundamentally re-releasing the same product."

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MyFeetHurt1892d ago

its cheap, beats my 7950, tommy likey.

RadioActiveTwinky1892d ago

Im waiting on the R9-290x to see if it really beats the 780 or titan.

I kinda want to upgrade my gtx 570 sli setup to either one of those cards.

You guys think its worth it?

LightofDarkness1892d ago

The 290X initial benches don't look so good. It's neck and neck in most cases with a Titan and the Titan spanks it in a few benches:

It all comes down to pricing. If they can put this card sub $600, they're going to knock it out of the park.

RadioActiveTwinky1892d ago

Indeed thats what I am looking for.

Price for performance. If it really is deff below the 500-600 range it will be great.

I will then look forward to how Nvidia will respond. Hopefully the Rumors of the price drop are true.

Bolts1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

I'm not worried about benchmarks. For example the benchmarks AMD 7990 is beast that is more than a match for the Titan for 30% less. The issue with AMD is their drivers and support simply suck. The lack of Crossfire support in most games and even games with Crossfire support usually suffer from extremely annoying micro stutter.

The result is a $600 benchmark warrior that usually performs like a $300 card.

So until AMD get their act together on the drivers and support front I would hesitate to join the Red Team anytime soon.

GinjaNinja1888d ago

Well it is going to beat the GTX780 and beat the titan, but with the new maxwell chips that are going to be released in 2014 the R9290X is going to be just a faint memmory...

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Deividas1892d ago

Gonna order one as soon as possible, and then crossfire early next year. Exciteddddd

LAWSON721891d ago

I am interested in the awesome looking Asus Matrix 280x and I really want to see the confirmed prices of the 290x and 290