PS4 Designer Tetsu Sumii: Every Angle Matters There has been a huge amount of discussion across the media about the inner workings of PS4 since its unveiling back in February. You’ve heard about its speed, its power, its storage capacity, and so forth. And in many cases, system architect Mark Cerny has spoken candidly about why it was built that way.

However, there are, of course, two sides to hardware design: a system’s interior, and its exterior. Until now there hasn’t been too much talk about the latter. Duly, last month I spoke with Tetsu Sumii, the chief designer of the UX Platform Design Group — the man responsible for PS4’s external appearance — to learn a little bit more about the design principles behind the new system.

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xHeavYx1889d ago

Good read, and that PS4 is a beauty

P0werVR1889d ago

Okay, now let's see what inside for crying out loud!

Tsar4ever011889d ago

Me too, What Im really looking for is comfermation on what it,s mobile 28mn GPU is, Yeah, I know its off the Radeon HD 7000 southern islands series. But which is it? An HD 7870XT or a downscaled HD 7970M as Eurogamer/Digital Foundaries presumes. Also I want to how & where they put the GDDR5 memory chips.

Kayant1889d ago


I think it's actually sea island because an XB1 system architecture confirm XB1 was using sea island and both consoles are using the same architecture

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1889d ago

Anyone know for sure if astro a40 2013,s will work on ps4?

xHeavYx1889d ago

I believe the chat won't work until an update

miyamoto1888d ago

"slice like a ninja cut like a razor blade so fast, Other DJs say, "damn"!"

The Cutting Edge of gaming technology!

GraveLord1889d ago ShowReplies(1)
pyramidshead1889d ago

He did a decent job actually considering. From the strategic teaser video right before the XB1 reveal it kinda looked like a PC tower lol. It looks good horizontally and vertically.

nypifisel1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

Compared to the Xbox One it is quite the engineering marvel. Smaller, more powerful with an internal power unit. Considering all that one have to wonder; What the heck was the MS engineers thinking?

DeadManIV1889d ago

Probably thinking Kinect - MS is hoping for the xbone to be a wii - but the novelty will wear of, they are being really dumb, targeting casuals above all. It wont work for $500

TechMech21889d ago

I'm assuming Microsoft was trying to make it avoid any heat problems, but that's just a guess.

nypifisel1888d ago

I'm sure there wont be any heating problems on either console, the PS4 is just better designed. One have to consider that the chip sizes now around is so much smaller producing so much less heat. 28nm this time around vs 90mm at the start of the 7th generation, it's a huge difference in heat output!

pabadamus11889d ago

It does harken back to the PS2 a little. I do love the clean lines and lack of chrome accents. It is very minimalist and subdued. I would have to say that it is my favorite design of any Sony console.

amiga-man1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

It does harken back to the PS2 a little. I do love the clean lines and lack of chrome accents. It is very minimalist and subdued.

I have to agree It is a true engineering masterpiece, meanwhile the xbone harkens back to the design of a 1990s dvd player and as a piece of engineering with it's external power brick and large uninspired design not to mention weaker specs it does leave a lot to be desired.

Aceman181889d ago

My FIOS cable box has a slicker design than X1 Lol. I really would like to know what MS engineers where thinking.

SniperControl1889d ago

It does look damn good, just as good as the PS2.
Looking forward to having this among my other stuff.

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