Nintendo uses sex symbol to push Wii Fit UK launch

Wii Fit launches in Europe on April 25, and if you're in the UK and keen to try it out before it hits the shops, then get yourself down to London's South Bank on Wednesday, April 23, where Nintendo is holding its official launch - celebrities included.

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BrotherNick3866d ago

Haha, it's like using models to show a new game. :P Just more for normal people cause they relate to celebs. Anyways the models are for sex-starved gamers anyway.

NO_PUDding3866d ago

I am sure you are both beign sarcastic.

I was thinking:

"Uh noes, sex used as an exploitational advertising device! Wut haz teh world been reduced too?"

TheSadTruth3866d ago

I give her a 5/10

Sony would find a hotter model to use, that's for sure.

PS360WII3866d ago

well what would you rather have a dead goat or a hot model?

ericnellie3865d ago

Nell McAndrew -- she was a Lora Croft model at one point and ended up doing spread in Playboy magazine!

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3866d ago

Anyone who buys WiiFit thinking it will make him fit needs to be shot.

Another Gimick by master of ripping off other games.

socomnick3866d ago

Yea I agree that wii fit isnt going to make people fit but I believe its weight charts and such would be a nice tool to check your progress with the addition of regular "real" exercise.

MaximusPrime3866d ago

doesnt work for me. Im not even interested in Wii or WiiFit.

Ivix3866d ago

I'm glad that you took the name to comment on this article, especially you have no interest in the topic at hand. Your comments regarding things you are interested in must be very entertaining indeed.

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The story is too old to be commented.