PS4 o’clock – the PlayStation 4 pre-order scandal, PS4 app, controller & more

OPM: This week Phil and myself discuss the recent SimpleGames PS4 pre-order scandal involving the retailer forcing customers to upgrade to more expensive bundles. What exactly’s going on? There’s also more info on the upcoming PS4 app and the DualShock 4 controller.

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gaelic_laoch1892d ago

Ya can't get enough of a good thing!

thrust1892d ago

I agree soo many people are scalping the ps4!

People are pre ordering upto 4 per person amazon does not even need money to pre order hahaha.

I wonder how many pre orders are not for profit?

gaelic_laoch1892d ago

Agreed! But it is people whom pay above the odds to some chancers that need their heads examined!

pop-voxuli1892d ago

PS4 scandal? I love how people try to make up stuff about the popular things in order to try to bring it down a notch.

thrust1892d ago

It is a scandal making people buy a bundle package?

pop-voxuli1892d ago

It's been proven over & over that it was retailers not sony that did that.

TechMech21892d ago

Alls Sony fanboys have done is rip on the smallest Xbox one issues for months....for a device their not buying

SniperControl1892d ago

The only scandal here is the [email protected] at simple games are allowed to continue to sell PS4's.