Review: 'Beyond: Two Souls' tries to be thrilling, but the spirit is weak | Greenfield Reporter

Greenfield Reporter: I'm a fan of David Cage, and I admire his storytelling ambitions. But as the video-game audience matures, we're seeing more sophisticated narratives all over, from low-budget indies like "Gone Home" to best-selling blockbusters like "The Last of Us." ''Beyond: Two Souls" is hackneyed in comparison, a promising tale that gets bogged down in thriller cliches.

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snitch_puck1893d ago

I feel sad knowing that this game is getting mixed scores left and right as I have yet to try the game. Metacritic score is currently at 73.

hollabox1893d ago

I want to buy this game but I was not really a big fan of Heavy Rain. Plus I'm trading my PS3 in next month so I don't if I will have time to beat and fully explore this game.

Yodagamer1893d ago

I really thought i'd pick this one up at full price. I might wait now. I loved the demo and thought it was amazing, but now i'm not sure. It wouldn't be the first time a demo was awesome for the full game to be disappointing.

hazardman1893d ago

Happens all the time...good demo, bad game.

Drekken1893d ago

I finished the game last night... I really liked Heavy Rain and I thought Beyond was better. To each their own though. If you liked the demo you will like the game.

MadMax1893d ago

Try the actual game, you will not be disappointed. The demo was just a small taste. Bought the game before it was released and its excellent! These people that bash it, miss the whole point of this kind of game. Its not Uncharted and its not COD! That is a good thing for a change!

Section81892d ago

If you base your purchase on a review instead of judging for yourself you're a fool.

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Wni01893d ago

I agree, there is too many self serious moments, but if you want to play a game that is unlike anything else getitnow.

Axonometri1893d ago

Too many critics who want to run their mouths as if they could make better films and games but choose to just continue telling everyone else what is good and what is not.

GameCents1893d ago

So now gamer critics can't give an opinion of a game because they wouldn't be able to make a better on? That is seriously flawed logic.

I suppose Kinect Nightmares game by Sega is fantastic since nobody here knows how to make a game better than it huh?

MadMax1893d ago

I think he means that some of these critics arent professional enough to give their weak opinion. They need to know how to review a game properly. Based on the game and not a genre! Makes plenty of sense.

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The story is too old to be commented.