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'Assassin’s Creed 4': Xbox One, PS4 differences versus what current-gen is

Assassin's Creed 4 is only a few weeks away from being launched and we were able to talk with Ubisoft once more about some of the differences people will be seeing with the next-generation versions of Black Flag versus what they will find on current systems.

This was a question Examiner really pushed hard to have answered because it's something a lot of people are wondering. What tangible details will we see as differences between next-generation games that are also available on next-gen?

Examiner spoke exclusively with Ashraf Ismail, who is Assassin's Creed 4's game director, and he talked about what he sees, up until now, as the biggest differences between the two generations. (Ashraf Ismail, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

ZBlacktt  +   660d ago
Also, cannon fire from the ships will give off huge clouds of smoke. The jungles will have looming fog mixed in areas to show climate temperature changes. Water splashes on the deck of the ships. The wind simulator in the ships sails is more realistic as well as wind across the land, trees, brushes and plants. More dense cities and settings... along with this video explaining.


A 10 times more powerful console is a 10 times more power experience.
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GotHDGame  +   660d ago
It is not going to be a "10 times more power experience" Ubi has not tapped into all of the power of next gen systems yet. Yes its going to look better, but not massively. Just much better. Much better is not a bad thing. All in all its still a port and not built from the ground up for next gen systems.
ZBlacktt  +   660d ago
Then stick with what you buy and be happy. Have you played it? I have and I ask questions. But on this site, people just post whatever comes to mind. My comment about 10 times the experience goes for all Next Gen games. Using the Touchpad, Vita remote play, Mobile App, the accuracy of the DS4, The Share button, etc.

It's easy to tell on here who knows what they are talking about with experience.
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SnotyTheRocket  +   660d ago
Damn, if that's just "much better", cant wait to see "10 times more power".
MadMax  +   660d ago
Hasnt even come out yet, how on earth would you know that? You work for Ubi or something?
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Matpan  +   659d ago
@ZBlacktt. hahahaha you gotta be kidding me, really, including the "Share" button in that list? Man! I can´t wait to play my games and press that button, i am SOOOO hyped!

Just kidding, keep that PR job up :)

I wish I could buy a PS4 at launch, being in Argentina... sucks, not gonna pay more than twice it´s actual price, gonna wait and then snatch one for me :) See ya.
Timmey  +   660d ago
what i've seen looks definitly cool, but is imo only twice the power of current gen. i expect that to increase in about a year from now...
KwietStorm  +   660d ago
lol did you take offense to what GotHD said to you or something?
ZBlacktt  +   660d ago
Nah, I'm fully aware how people post on here. Or like I said, the ones who just post out their butts, lol. Happens when you get different age groups and those with actual experience together on this thing called the Internet. Where in real life, you'd just laugh and walk away.

Even though I could still sit here and go into more detail about the topic. I'd rather just move on and not waste my time. I get plenty of good PM's.
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DoggyBiscuit  +   660d ago
10 times more powerful really u must be smoking sum good shht
5eriously  +   659d ago
I bubbled you down just because you are so damn arrogant and think or believe you are the superior one. I would hate to hear your voice over live!
ZBlacktt  +   659d ago
and you and so many others on here have zero zero true real life experience with these games. You sit on the internet here and Google stuff. While some of us go to the gaming conventions. Speak with the developers of the game and get answers. Again, your type is the problem here. It's nice that "some" people on here come with info that people can learn from to be better informed about a game. You welcome I guess.
Lovable  +   660d ago
The environment looks great. Character looks terrible even with this 10x power

Gameplay is still a snoozefest...
Regis  +   660d ago
They are pirates no one should look pretty.
Lovable  +   660d ago
That's not the kind of ugly I'm referring to...

There's ugly and there's UGLY...
Dread  +   659d ago
there is good graphics ugly

and ugly because the graphics suck
Regis  +   660d ago
Then have Crytek with their character models and Ubisofts enviroment story and engine then.
noctis_lumia  +   660d ago
crytek what ? lol

rise characters and graphics are crap for next gen

u want too see a good chara model check killzone shadow fall and see for yourself how it put rise chara model to shame
Ju  +   660d ago
No happy people on n4g. AC3 looks gorgeous and I'm looking forward to experience the game on the PS4.
Campy da Camper  +   660d ago
AC3 is not on next gen. AC Black Flag is though.
Ju  +   659d ago
Yeah. You are right. Shows how much attention I actually give those things lately...ts ts ts.
ion666  +   659d ago
looks fun to me.
xKugo  +   660d ago
I want to see the comparisons between the next gen versions and PC. AC3 performance wise was better on consoles than PC because of a horrible port. Wondering if that will be the same case with Black Flag.
Nes_Daze  +   659d ago
AC3 was boring as hell, characters were poorly written imo. Not getting AC4 till maybe Black Friday.

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