A Farewell to the Wii

John-Charles from Twinfinite writes, "This past week, the gaming industry said goodbye to another good friend. Nintendo quietly announced recently that the production of the Wii would finally come to close. In essence, does this mean that the Wii is finally and truly dead? There are hardly any more Wii games in production, and who needs new ones anyway with the backwards compatible WiiU on the market?

For many people, the Wii has pretty much already been dead for a while– whether since its arguably over-hyped release in 2006 or in the past few years with the release of swan songs Skyward Sword and Xenoblade Chronicles. For me, this final particular nail in the coffin is the true death of the console, and I for one will fondly miss it."

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zerocrossing1889d ago

The Wii's no longer in production but the Wii U's still going strong, well strong enough.

Misaka_x_Touma1888d ago

that dont mean anything if millions are still playing and thousands are still buying.

zerocrossing1888d ago


Seems you've misunderstood... Yes many people are still buying and playing games for the Wii but since it's no longer in production Nintendo won't be profiting off of it much, thus the Wii U is now Nintendo's main focus.

Venox20081888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

no longer in production in Japan only

josephayal1889d ago

The Wii U is Dying, Nintendo really needs to do something about the Wii U asap

OhMyGandhi1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

I find it quite interesting how the death of the system hasn't left me yearning for a chance to play the missed games, or second guess myself as to why I hadn't picked up the console in the first place (considering the fact that I picked up nearly every iteration of every Nintendo console they've made).

The Wii didn't make a solid enough case for those unphased by motion controls. Hell, I got my parents into playing Uncharted upon the launch of PS3, and Halo 2 to get them up to speed on shooters when the Xbox was lulling around.

Super Smash Bros Brawl nearly had me bite the bullet and pick the system up, Melee is some of the most fun one can have with a videogame ( and rivals Mario Party as the offline multiplayer game of choice) but nothing seemed to have been done afterwards.

I'm older now. My older brother and sister cannot play split screen with me. The Internet is the new craze (believe it, Nintendo) and why choose a console with lackluster third party support, inferior hardware and high latency input?

I most likely will get alot of disagrees with this. But say I do have an interest in a shooter, or a non-tactical RPG, or an indie title, or a well realized online multiplayer ecosystem, where would I turn?

It seemed an obvious choice at the time, and even now, I don't regret that decision in the slightest. What is so unfortunate is that I can turn a blind eye towards a company that I grew up playing, and not feel like they made an attempt at pulling me in as a pontential buyer.

I guess, It's reminiscent of growing up, and watching Rocko's Modern Life or Spongebob or something like that, and then getting to that age where you no longer are eager to flip to Nickelodeon because newer things interest you. Or a 90's band you listened to, and forgot about, and suddenly they release a new album every 6 months and it STILL sounds the exact same...I have an expectation that my own tastes will not just mature, but change with age. I expect Nintendo to not be stuck in a time capsule of how gaming was, and instead embrace the new direction of the industry, without fear they will lose their image in the process.

I'm awaiting that change because I've grown comfortable with it on other consoles. I'm not asking for a Mario game where Mario is sweating, and dirty, his overalls ripped, and tattered, his hat lopping to the side, dust caked in his fingernails as he mercilessly wails on goombas on his warpath. I'm not asking for Peach to wear fishnets, a miniskirt and a bikini top revealing too much cleavage along with a nose-ring to give her a gritty backstory.
But I do want to see new IP's. I want to see user created content, I want to see developers with the same design philosophy as MediaMolecule appear on the console, and work to reiterate player involvement in the creation of the experience.

Nintendo needs to see that the competition is mounting a solid case against them, and they cannot be a docile, lumbering giant of a company that stammers "but- we're NINTENDO! THAT'S why you should stay with us". I'm sick of that now. Your'e a business, I'm your customer, give me a reason to invest in your company.

Sonic9jct1889d ago

I've said it once, I'll say it again. Any one who claims they want new creative, thoughtful, and unique games from Nintendo and has not picked up either of the two Rhythm Heaven games they brought to the states is doing it wrong. It's a miracle the Wii one even came out here after almost no one bought the DS one.

There are tons of games on the system that offered truly unique experiences, very much unlike those seen on the PS3 and 360. The Wii subscribed to a different philosophy, but not a backwards one. There already were consoles fitted towards being a media center, an internet hub, or an open platform to indie developers (which admittedly, Nintendo should've been better about), and Nintendo fully acknowledged that. Looking back on the Wii, there are some serious gems of the generation on that console which took alternative approaches to what a game can be and how we play them. Such as Rhythm Heaven Fever, a rhythm that's more about helping players learn the foundations of music in a visual cascade of the contrast between big and small? Or Let's Catch, the game which on the surface appears to be a simple catching a ball simulator, but ultimately ended up being an emotional journey about how your benign neighbors could actually have entire life full of emotional struggles? Or even Little King's Story, a creative and subtly mature take on Pikmin?

The system had its successes and its failures, but I don't think its failure was failing to meet the demands of the modern gamer. But rather failing to communicate how it was supplementary to that modern experience.

OhMyGandhi1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

I appreciate your response.
I do not want to demean Nintendo, nor do I wish to see them fail. I also do not want to give you the impression that I seeked out a "pro-wii" article and subsequently said (mostly) negative things about it. I do like the concepts of the games you mentioned, but who actually is their audience? the nuclear family? a bunch of friends huddled around a tv? You've owned a wii, what do you think Nintendo did to entice gamers from other consoles? the advent of indie titles from PSN and XBLA have supplemented the craving for smaller, emotionally-charged titles that are experimental in nature.

Sonic9jct1889d ago

See, I don't know if the Wii's audience problem lies with Nintendo or the gamers. The Wii was a console for everyone, but there was practically a solid year where gamers were like "Where are MY mature games?" We got No More Heroes, MadWorld, and a bunch of half-ass on-rails shooters. I really wish Nintendo pushed that the system had something for everyone instead of being a "me-too" console for non-gamers. I wouldn't describe the Wii as "the console for my mom" but there certainly are games on there I'd want my mother to play to understand what makes games so great.

I certainly agree that services like PSN and Steam have helped to foster the sort of "games for everyone" atmosphere Nintendo really wanted with the Wii, but I don't really feel like that came into its own until AFTER the Wii started to fall back into obscurity. Who knows, maybe if Super Meat Boy came out for the Wii like it originally was supposed to, this would be a different story for what kinds of games ended up on it.

Nerdmaster1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Every time somebody says "Nintendo only has Mario", I immediately think about the Rhythm Heaven series. It's one of my favorite series, and Sony or Microsoft have nothing like it.

I wish they made a "Rhythm Heaven: Best Hits" for Wii U, with the best songs from the 3 previous games.

leahcim1889d ago

thank you nintendo thank you for the wii, thank you for being the platform of my favorite game this generation: the amazing XENOBLADE

MikeEaton1889d ago

Love it or hate it, the Wii was an important system in the history of video games. My favorite game for it is one that very few people talk about anymore: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. It used the control scheme so well (and early on in the Wii's lifespan) that it's really a shame nobody ran with it.

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