Rumor: Next Pokemon game to be based in Hoenn (R/S/E Remake)?

Pokemon X and Y hits stores for the Nintendo 3DS in just two days all over the world, but hardcore Pokemon fans already want to know what’s next in the series. According to a recent rumor going around coupled with coherent teasing by developers Game Freak themselves, it seems that the next Pokemon games will be Gen III remakes.

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-Gespenst-1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Leaf Green, Fire Red...

Heart Gold, Soul Silver...

Earth Ruby, Ocean Sapphire?

...Time Diamond? Space Pearl?

Moncole1771d ago

Dark Black, Light White?
Extreme X, Yelling Y?

Name Last Name1771d ago

Ultra Alpha and Mega Beta?!? Wait... These haven't come out.

-Gespenst-1771d ago

I would've thought Yin White and Yang Black, while Black and White 2 could become Yang White and Yin Black.

X and Y?

How about Horizontal X and Vertical Y?? haha, that'd be lame.

Modification of yours: Xtreme and Y are you Yelling?

Moncole1771d ago

I picked yelling because it was the first word that came to my head that used Y.

1771d ago
1771d ago
Starbucks_Fan1771d ago

How about a Wii U game instead -____-

TekoIie1770d ago

They released a short clip a while back of what looked like a Wii U title:

It's near the end :)

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