Sources: Grand Theft Auto 5 out on PC early 2014

Rockstar will release a PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5 in 2014, Eurogamer understands.

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joydestroy1295d ago

of course there will be a PC version

ArchangelMike1295d ago

Yeah, pretty much. PC has a much larger install base than consoles. Given the world-record breaking success of GTA V, it would be utter foolishness for Take-2 not to release it on PC.

This also makes a next-gen port extremely likely.

AliTheSnake11295d ago

"PC has a much larger install base than consoles"

In what world ?
Such Bullshit

ArchangelMike1295d ago


From you comment I can deduce a few things about you

1) You are young and immature
2) You started gaming this gen
3) Maths is not your strong point
4) You lack common sense

FACT: There are more homes with PC's than there homes with consoles.

Consider this: every home that has an Xbox or Playstation, most likely also has a PC (or laptop). So at the very least, there are as many homes with PC's, as there are homes with consoles.

AliTheSnake11295d ago

I play games on Both PC and PS3. The Rest of the insults you said is a waste of time .

GTA V will not run on 99% of the Computers owned by people. I Thought You were Talking About Gaming Computers Since This is about GTA V, And it makes sense you are talking about gaming computers and no sense whatsoever to be talking about the average computer user as an install base for Pc gaming. So my friend You are the one who Lacks Basic Common sense.

Mr_Butata1294d ago

Having a PC doesnt mean that you can play GTA V. I hate to burst your bubble. :S

I have 3 at home (2 laptops + 1 desk, both old as shit) and not a single one of them can run GTA IV let alone GTA V.

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AliTheSnake11295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

It's gonna be really Nice to see how this game will look and run On PC.

decrypt1295d ago

Splendid. Cant wait for the real game to be out.

Mr_Butata1294d ago

I used to have time to reply to these childish comments... And then i stared playing GTA V. :P

snitch_puck1295d ago

.... aaaand the folks say: HAAALLELUUUUJAHHHH!! HELL YEAH!!! mods mods mods mods mods mods mods mods mods mods mods...

Perjoss1295d ago

Hopefully someone will tweak the driving so that its somewhere between IV and V, IV was a bit too real, V is a bit too casual.

Cant wait for that view distance.

snitch_puck1295d ago

me too. I can't wait at how much detail they will add to the post-processing itself! XD haha.
but but but, I loved the driving in V ....

Grave1295d ago

Stopped playing on my PS3 got to like 35%. I have to wait for the PC version, plain and simple. Must play this at 5760x1080.

Perjoss1295d ago

That resolution is bigger than my house

Grave1295d ago

haha. ya it's pretty nice, i love my setup. Once you experience triple-monitor gaming it's hard to play any other way.

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