Dead Rising 3 Welcome to the Afterparty Trailer

Dead Rising 3 has a new video available called Welcome to the Afterparty.

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psych1775d ago

This is just the last few seconds of the CGI trailer that came out a while ago.

How did this get approved?

P0werVR1774d ago

Who cares, IT'S AWESOME!

gedden71774d ago

Couldn't give us gameplay.. well that was a waste..

BattleTorn1774d ago

What rock am I leaving under?!!

How had I only seen clips of that!? :O

PFFT1774d ago

Have you guys ever noticed that in every single DR3 showing they always take the same route and almost always do the same thing. Wish they could change it up a bit when they are demoing.

Dandrydog1774d ago

I drove that thing at euro gamer and it was epic. It's absolutely amazing how many zombies they put on screen