Ultimate Jewel & Customisation Options Unveiled for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z

Two new gameplay features for upcoming PS3, Xbox 360 and PS Vita game, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, have today been revealed by publisher Namco Bandai Games- both of which offer something uniquely different to previous Dragon Ball Z games.

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Snookies121895d ago

These are pretty cool, but my enthusiasm is still crushed by not being able to transform.

CyrusLemont1895d ago

You can't transform?!? Wtf. They took one of the most badass elements of the show, completely out of the game.


Snookies121895d ago

Yeah, that's what I heard at least. I was so excited for this game until I heard that.

Thirty3Three1894d ago

No legit source for that

They also said it ends at the frieza saga. That was debunked.

thejigisup1895d ago

A hopefully good dbz game on my vita blasphemy I gotta see more. I'm stuck unsure of how I feel about the transformations are handled. I always think, why play as nappa when his power level is clearly lower than 9000? I hope this game is balanced well.

mpafighter1895d ago

This still looks like this is going to be a lot better than UT or the Raging Blast series, but not really a day one pick up for me. Let's just hope the story mode and mechanics aren't screwed up.

sephiroth4201895d ago

im more bothered about the fighting than being able to transform in battle, i wish they hadve made another raging blast though but this looks similar.

GdaTyler1894d ago

If the English version has Gohan's crappy voice I will implode U_U