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Sony distances itself from PS4 assembly worker exploitation claims

Sony said in a statement issued to CVG: "The Sony Group established the Sony Supplier Code of Conduct in June 2005 with the expectation of every supplier agreeing and adhering to the policies of the Sony Group in complying with all applicable laws, work ethics, labour conditions, and respect for human rights, environmental conservation and health & safety. We understand Foxconn fully comprehend and comply with this Sony Supplier Code of Conduct." (Foxconn, PS4, Sony)

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Majin-vegeta  +   691d ago
And here we go...
Ezz2013  +   691d ago
first there was the un-offical bundles with higher price that "gaming media" tried to link it to sony and act like sony is the one forcing it when sony have nothing to do with it
and now this which also sony have nothing to do with it
what's next ?!
sony force 5 years old kids to work on ps4 and then kill them and drink their blood?!
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malokevi  +   691d ago
Yes, until a bunch of kids get crushed to death in a building collapse.

How about we take this for what it is... and issue. Not some divisive BS. Not something that has anything to do with gaming. CORPORATE SHENANIGANS!

Nobody is out to get you. Just the lamestream media looking for something to yack about.
kenmid  +   691d ago
It's you..
GmIsOnPt360  +   691d ago
Yeah basically if this was MS hold your horses the droves of folks would be rioting for EVIL EVIL MS but its Sony so nothing to see here mentality LOL.Just look at all the racist and hateful nonsense on toys r us page that forced them to take down their page with xbox one as top 15 products for this xmas. So many sony bots went on there and spammed with hate and racism they had to shut the page down...its pretty sad really
DragonKnight  +   691d ago
@GmIsOnPt360: No one is brining up, or brought up, MS but you. Why are you trying to start something?
monkeyDzoro  +   691d ago
Article:"Foxconn using forced stdent labor to build Sony's PS4"
The article is pointing Foxconn, autonomous manufacturing company that has nothing to do with Sony. Now Sony is responsible for Foxconn smudges ?
Sony asked for PS4s to be made. They didnt asked them to FORCE students to make them.
LoL. This is crazy.

So now, if I go to meet a fashion designer, ask him to make 100 shirts for me. To meet the demand and deadlines, that idiot forces some students to make them... I will be the one to blame ???
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Bathyj  +   691d ago
No what's sad is how often the "if this was Microsoft" card gets played around here.

There's a reason people give Sony the benefit of the doubt and always believe the worse about Microsoft. Past experience.

I never thought I'd use this but remember this day as its a first.


And don't worry,Sony will get their fair share of flack too. If a delivery truck full of ps4s runs over a puppy you can be sure the whole internet will hear about it.
malokevi  +   691d ago


I literally said nothing about Sony's liability. Wow. Sensitive much?

"Corporate shenanigans" as in... this happens every day, and every major corporation hold some responsibility.

Is Sony bereft of all responsibility? No! Why should they be? It's their product being produced in factories that are well known to exploit child labor.

""Foxconn using forced stdent labor to build Sony's PS4"

The article is pointing Foxconn, autonomous manufacturing company that has nothing to do with Sony."

You can quote that, and then go on to tell me that Sony has absolutely nothing to do with it? How self-deluded do you have to be? Why do you go on defending Sony like they are your lord and savior? Give it a rest... nobody is out to get you. I repeat. NOBODY IS OUT TO GET YOU!

The real question here is: Should we be surprised? NO should we care? I sure don't. Does this have anything to do with gaming.... NO! Whether the PS4 is being manufactured by child laborers or Christmas elves, at the end of the day, what's it to you?

Man, you took that so personally. SDF ASSEMBLE! lol. Take a pill. Life isn't so bad.
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Pogmathoin  +   691d ago
Because Dragonknight, it is true. If it said MS instead of Sony, it would be celebration time.

Regardless, I do not see this as an Sony issue, because Foxconn pull this all the time, get caught, play good for a while, then revert to old habits. Its up to all the corporations that use them, and there is a lot of companies using them to end this by finding another means to produce, or stipulate basic human rights as condition of contract... But, money talks, and you know where regular folk count when it comes to money.... expendable! A sad reality..
tiffac008  +   691d ago
Well I guess we should also prepare for the haters to descend with their own spin on this.

But seriously, Foxconn should really just go to hell. Any global company should move the majority of their production away from Foxconn, if not all of them.

Sometimes its just not worth it.
Xsilver  +   691d ago
@PS4beaver MS don't have to say it http://venturebeat.com/2012... http://www.geek.com/games/f... eveyone knows foxconn does this but you xbox fans sounding redundant with your oh if this was MS crap its stupid at this point.
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Pogmathoin  +   691d ago
Xsilver, be a man... you know on this site, just saying MS guarantees you a tonne of disgrees. If you deny that you are full of crap. If you cannot be honest about that you are nothing. I am not putting down Sony over this, they do not want this happening, I know that, but with the rampant fanboyism here, you guys are just proving to be very good at being two faced....
Joe913  +   691d ago
@ malokevi Sony don't have nothing to do with it just like Apple do not have anything to do with problems that happen at the foxconn it looks like foxconn only try to do this when there is a high demand for something if you are going to point the finger at Sony for using foxconn then point the finger at all these companies too cause they too use foxconn Acer Inc. (Taiwan)
Amazon.com (United States)
Apple Inc. (United States)
ASRock (Taiwan)
Asus (Taiwan)
Barnes & Noble (United States)
Cisco (United States)
Dell (United States)
EVGA Corporation (United States)
Hewlett-Packard (United States)
Intel (United States)
IBM (United States)
Lenovo (China)
Logitech (Switzerland)
Microsoft (United States)
MSI (Taiwan)
Motorola (United States)
Netgear (United States)
Nintendo (Japan)
Nokia (Finland)
Panasonic (Japan)
Philips (Netherlands)
Samsung (South Korea)
Sharp (Japan)
Sony Ericsson (Japan/Sweden)
Toshiba (Japan)
Vizio (United States)
did you notice MS is on that list too so if they are using children on PS4 they prob doing the same with the xbone
AngelicIceDiamond  +   691d ago
Does this news suck? Sure. Does it impact anybodies purchase and will it affect your gaming? No.
nightfallfilms  +   691d ago
@Ezz2013 Sony has nothing to do with who makes their PS4? That makes a lot of since. I guess random suppliers just pop up and start making them without Sony's knowledge. Sony has a choice in this, end of story. Only a blind fan boy would see it otherwise.
SilentNegotiator  +   691d ago
All of the big companies that use Foxconn and the like *SHOULD* be held partially responsible for work conditions in China. Foxconn and other Chinese factories need a LOT of work towards improving conditions.

That said, this was by far one of the lamer controversies surrounding Foxconn. If you work in IT engineering, understanding how parts are assembled could be important. Not for everyone, but then a lot of degrees require work that might not help you specifically in the long run.

"Yes, until a bunch of kids get crushed to death in a building collapse"

That was a Bangladesh building (which was used for factory work, despite explicit warnings against using it for such activity, and had parts built on to it without permits, AAAAAAAAAAND inspectors told them to close down the building but were ignored).
DragonKnight  +   691d ago
You see there it is. In a Sony related thread, the very first people to bring up MS weren't the "Sony fanboys" that "pollute" this site. This had nothing to do with MS at all and yet some people are so butt hurt about negative MS press that they have to invent more in order to say "see, Sony fanboys can't lay off MS."

MS has nothing to do with this article. It's off topic to bring them up so what the hell is the actual point unless you're trying to stir the sh*t?
ShinMaster  +   691d ago
""if this was Microsoft... ""

But Foxconn DOES makes parts for Xbox, as well as PCs and other electronics.

It's just the media singling out the PS4 again and Xbox fans playing victims.
AndrewLB  +   690d ago
If Sony gives Foxconn a deadline they must meet as part of the contractual agreement, where Sony has representatives overseeing the production line, how would they not be at least partially to blame for this?
We'll see how many Foxconn workers throw themselves off the rooftops like they did during iPhone 5 production. lol.
LostDjinn  +   691d ago
LOL at the headline.

Here's the quote from Foxconn contained within:

"In a statement issued to Quartz, the Chinese manufacturer acknowledged that engineering students from Xi'an Institute of Technology were assigned to night shifts and overtime in violation of the company's policies.

"Immediate actions have been taken to bring that campus into full compliance with our code and policies," it said, including "reinforcing the policies of no overtime and no night shifts for student interns, even though such work is voluntary, and reminding all interns of their rights to terminate their participation in the program at any time.""

Turns out Sony didn't know anything about it (as made evident in this quote).

Still, it's not good enough. Sony needs to come down hard on this. Workers (indeed everyone) have rights that need to be respected. It's no good having a code of ethics if you don't enforce it.

Maybe they should introduce a clause that imposes a monetary cost on Foxconn (and others) if they're found in breach of their contract.
pyramidshead  +   691d ago
This should be top post pretty much lol.
extermin8or  +   691d ago
Rock and a hard place though-they come down on Foxconn they could end up with less stock than they need for launch and then angry consumers will complain and hate on them about that. Do nothing and people will say they are condoning it by inaction... :/ Ideally manufacturers would stop using foxconn but they wont due to the cost.... I mean most tech companies use them for some sort of manufacturing-Apple etc also still use them I believe.
PsylentKiller  +   691d ago
Can't find the link but I'm pretty sure I've heard this before. Maybe it was Sony or another company in China but either way it made headlines and Sony should be aware of what is going on in their manufacturing plants. I remember Kathy Lee Gifford got into a lot of trouble because her clothing line was being manufactured by children. Why should big corporations be exempt from this? Like I said, I don't know if Sony knew or not, but this is a serious issue that has needs to be dealt with regardless of which company it is.
IcicleTrepan  +   691d ago
You're probably thinking of Apple.
AceofStaves  +   691d ago
Apple has been linked to Foxconn in the past, so maybe that's the company you're thinking of.
black0o  +   691d ago
since the media cant find anything on sony's PR teams this is the only way to get hits i guess
MCTJim  +   691d ago
Well this doesn’t surprise me at all. Though I don’t condone this, How many products are made like this we will never know. In a sense, the only reason why this is news is because they got busted..and like all companies that get busted doing this, they will address it..remember those whole Ted Turner Jane Fonda fiasco with their products? Remember Nike..Reebok? and as soon as the media isn’t looking, it will be business as usual..which is sad.
cunnilumpkin  +   691d ago
how about this?

if you want to sell your product in a given country, 75% of the production of that product must take place in the country you want to sell it in for the given amount of units you will sell in that country per year

this means, if you want to have 10 million ps4s sitting on shelves in America

you better build 7.5 million of them in America or get the fu@k out of our country with your slave labor made trash

this goes for cars, xbox1's, ps4's, iphones etc....

and b4 everyone cries "then everything will get too expensive"

no, wrong!
the market will only bear, what it can, meaning, if they try to sell x-widget at too high of a price, no one will buy it
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jackanderson1985  +   691d ago
and how many business would then suffer huge losses due to the minimum wage rates in those countries not to mention the costs of changing production area, ground rental fees.... sony and microsoft are both selling the console at a loss if the rumors can be believed (i've heard anywhere between 20 and 60 loss per console) and that's using the cheap labour... now factor in more than 8 times the wage cost if you move from Asia to the US... so yes everything would get very expensive
ChrisW  +   691d ago
Unbeknownst to many, the loss is not solely on the physical manufacturing side for consoles. A very large majority of the cost goes to former and ongoing R&D, licenses, patents, royalties, and other legalities.
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-Gespenst-  +   691d ago
Sooo, because it costs too much to produce at home, slave labour is justified. Are you serious? How can you think that?

So YOU can afford your precious console and so some corporation can make lots of money, slave labour is justified? The priorities of the privileged people of the western world are so far gone.
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jackanderson1985  +   691d ago
@ChrisW i know a large portion is related to R&D but there's numerous ways to have that written off for companies if they have a half decent accountancy team that'll reduce their tax load and what not to nil but yeah there is other costs than labour hitting it but my point was comparing the minimum wage between western countries and asia there's a huge difference and that'd likely drive up the cost.

@gespenst i never once said it was justified i explained the reasons behind it... is it fair hell no, will it change definitely not.. at worse the company will get a fine maybe a slapping then two weeks down the line when the press has died down they'll be straight back at it... and it's not the priorities of western people it's the priority of all mankind, get the cheapest crap possible and don't pay the excess if possible
-Gespenst-  +   691d ago
It's the priorities of a capitalist society Jackanderson- it's the priorities of a world that has naturalised the idea of money. It has nothing to do with human nature itself, it has everything to do with how human nature functions in relation to a monetary system; how it's forced to behave because of the rules of that system.
JimmyLmao  +   691d ago
i'm sorry but that will not work on so many level's... i do economics at uni =)
extermin8or  +   691d ago
Well I don't need to be doing economics at uni to see how many levels that's flawed on... (physics actually :P) anyway yeah bit of common sense/basic logic should show how flawed his idea is :S I'm slightly concerned he couldn't see this as/when he wrote the comment...
DragonKnight  +   691d ago
"you better build 7.5 million of them in America or get the fu@k out of our country with your slave labor made trash"

Bathyj  +   691d ago
So every product must have a manufacturing plant in every country they want to sell in? And if the costs are too high your plan is to sell it at a loss anyway otherwise no one will buy it?

I can tell you mean well, but that sounds like the plan of a child written on the back of a matchbook.

Plus why would anyone want to buy a console made in America. Or Australia. Or France. Or any country that doesn't make a lot of electronics. Think about the actual logistics of what you're saying.
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IcicleTrepan  +   691d ago
China is forcing companies to do this if they want to sell within China.
Bathyj  +   691d ago
And if China jumped off a bridge would you?
rainslacker  +   690d ago
Why would anyone give their children matches to write such a plan out though? Common sense man...I know you have it.:)
Bathyj  +   690d ago
I was quoting Harvey Keitel from Copland.
rainslacker  +   690d ago
Ah. Well then I feel my pithiness fell flat then.:)
ChrisW  +   691d ago
IMO, any company that uses Foxconn for manufacturing of their goods knows very well that there WILL be work ethic violations.
PsylentKiller  +   691d ago
In my comment above I couldn't remember where I've heard this type of story before. It was about Foxconn. Thank you. That was going to drive me crazy all day.
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nypifisel  +   691d ago
Most of the major electronic companies actually use Foxconn. They got the right machinery for it.
Animal Mutha 76  +   691d ago
I thought Foxconn made stuff for loads of different electronics companies.

It sounds like Foxconn might have bent the rules due to the huge demand to get PS4's made. That's not Sony's fault.

If Foxconn cannot make enough in the time legally then they shouldn't promise Sony they can.
extermin8or  +   691d ago
Foxconn bend the rules on most of the stuff they manufacture and there's barely a major electronics company that doesn't/haven,t used them for something at some point... Look at the suicide cases at a factory manufacturing for apple a few years back.... 5 years on its still having suicide issues-i think apple are still there though :p
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christheredhead  +   691d ago
That is true. Foxconn is massive manufacturing company that provides services to a ton of major suppliers that sell manufactured goods, including the big 3 (Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft.) I see thousands of Foxconn boxes at my job as well. As all our manufactured supplies come from them.

Foxconn has a pretty solid record of terrible working conditions. This should come as no surprise to any company that deals with them, Sony included.
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-Gespenst-  +   691d ago
It begs the question why sony would commission the services of Foxconn if they're "known for bending the rules". Sounds to me like Sony are putting profit before people, but that doesn't surprise me. That's corporatism for you.
ZBlacktt  +   691d ago
Yeah, because it's just a Sony issue right? Or is Sony the only one standing up and addressing it?

AceofStaves  +   691d ago
Unfortunately, Foxconn is a major supplier for many electronics companies, including Apple.

It would be nice if corporations put pressure on manufacturers to ensure workplace standards are followed, but realistically, that's not going to happen. PR statements may complain about it, but the bottom line remains the most important consideration for corporations.
-Gespenst-  +   691d ago
@ZBlacktt: I'm not saying it's just a "Sony issue." Foxconn is a major manufacturer. It just bothers me how pro-consumer and "nice" Sony are trying to be when they're just a damn corporation like the rest of them- as this shows.

They definitely knew of Foxconn's track record. Perhaps they made nominal attempts to enforce good workplace standards, but I'm sure that was just to save face- to have something to fall back on should criticism be levelled at them. In reality, they definitely saw Foxconn as the cheapest alternative. They can make a huge saving off of the small minimum wages of workers overseas, and they can thus charge a smaller amount for the console to ensure a decent recoup on their losses (consoles are generally sold at a loss) because people will more inclined to buy them if their affordable.

It's all about fiscal plans and profit, don't act like it's anything else. Sony aren't angels, they're just as guilty as MS. I'm not a fanboy of either. Years ago I might have inclined towards Sony, but these days, I trust neither.
saber00005  +   691d ago
How is this Sony's fault? Foxconn has been known to abuse their workers and pull things like this. Microsoft, Sony, Apple, and MANY businesses have some forum of product being produced and assembled at Foxconn. Yes it's 100% tragic, but Foxconn is the one at fault.

If you have a good friend that did something stupid and got in trouble, should you be the one who gets punished for his actions? I think not.
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PsylentKiller  +   691d ago
Sony is not a fault for doing anything wrong but they are morally wrong for endorsing the problem by not using another manufacturing company. However, you are correct in saying that many other companies have the same practices. This is why something needs to be done. It is not any easy fix by any means. In college, I did a paper on Walmart and it's connection to slave labor in China. Many of the items Walmart sells is made from some form of slave labor. People still shop at Walmart, I still shop there because Walmart is not the only offender. Many companies are aware of slave labor and still turn a blind eye. And that is where the problem lies. If we don't see it, it doesn't exist. I am guilty of this too but what can we do? If we boycott, let's say Walmart, then Walmart's sales decline heavily and people lose their jobs as a result. We have an unemployment crisis in this country as it i. So we need another solution. That solution needs to come from the big corporations and the government.
Until then, I will enjoy my XB1 and PS4, sympathizing a little for those slave Laborers, but ultimately ignorant because it's not me and there is nothing I can really do about it.
saber00005  +   690d ago
Hit the nail on the head PsylentKiller.
Xsilver  +   691d ago
So Sony had nothing to do with it im so surprised.............. Not but that won't stop the xbox fans from calling it the slavestation like they did yesterday they just thirsty for some bad News for Sony i see ah well i see they caught amnesia and forgot that Foxconn has been know for doing things like this for awhile smh.
#8 (Edited 691d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
black0o  +   691d ago
not just the xbone fan the media as well ..
Xsilver  +   691d ago
why aren't they attacking Apple Since http://www.computerworld.co... i bet that didn't stop them from running out and buying the new iphone or the 360 http://venturebeat.com/2012... -_- but ohhh lets go for Sony right?
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ZBlacktt  +   691d ago
So again, Foxconn gets busted. Good for Sony for taking on this issue right away.

Butt hurt disagreer, were is MS standing up to this? Because we all known Foxconn is not just working this way for Sony. But every contract they get.

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KYU2130  +   691d ago
Has anyone read the last line of this article? MS and Apple are mentioned as customers as well.

That title was made as flamebait
stavrami  +   691d ago
as long as i get me mine on day 1 the rest is irrelevant
HappyWithOneBubble  +   691d ago
So you care more about your PS4 than the people who spent long hours making it and got paid nothing for it?
stavrami  +   687d ago
no not at all but unfortunately a bunch of whiny assholes in here does not save the cause . then theres the point of am i going to buy it ? yes ,yes i am,lets look at it here for a minute this is going on all over the world now if u want me to not buy one cause of it ? then ok lets say i don't ,now then what are the likes of us going to wear are u prepared to walk round naked ? i doubt it , what about trainers ? u gonna go round bare feet ? what u gonna eat the majority of supermarkets use food packaged in third world countries . now while i agree that it is sad if we protested and bought nothing from over worked sweatshops u would be surprised whats actually left on sale
#11.1.1 (Edited 687d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
cactusjack  +   691d ago
if you want americans to make the ps4, get ready to pay $1500 for it.

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