Community Manager points to fix for Turtle Beach Xbox One headsets

It sounds like Microsoft only have to do a small firmware update to make the turtle beach headsets support surround sound.

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KrisButtar1895d ago

The update will likely be part of the day one patch the XB1 is getting.

Septic1895d ago

I hope so. I didn't expect the update to be available so soon but that's great news. My PX5's won't be completely wasted.

KrisButtar1895d ago

Yea these guys are reporting that all they need is a patch for everything to work and there is still over a month to go, they got plenty of time. I would kind be disappointed if it wasn't day one considering you need to do an update day 1 anyways.

Volkama1895d ago

Pretty sure they're talking about the X07 sets, the ones that plug into the One controller.

Sets that use sp/dif optical will be surround sounds day one, but wont be able to chat without a converter.

Septic1895d ago


Ah I see...damn...Cheers for that

nukeitall1895d ago

I don't know why this website has to add their opinion which is completely irrelevant:

"Considering Microsoft have said they learnt a lot from the Xbox 360, this is kind of embarrassing. I mean it won’t affect me because I don’t use headphones, but it’s a little stupid."

I marked the site down and the story down.

What is stupid is your unnecessary opinion, because the reader can decide that for themselves.