NBA Live 14: Qualities and Features Game Must Have to Appeal to Fans

BR:As long as eyes are the primary organ needed to enjoy a video game, graphics will be paramount in their success. Heading into the next-generation of consoles, visual excellence is even more important. The graphics have to wow fans initially to make us believe we’re actually upgrading from our Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

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1809d ago
JetsFool35001809d ago

If the gameplay is on point I consider this a win

koolaid2511808d ago

NBA Live is dead on arrival lol.

JetsFool35001808d ago

Lol hit me up in 40 days & I bet you wont mean that then

koolaid2511807d ago

I promise you heard it from me first a game that Nba 2k killed literally the last 3 years, suddenly comes back on next gen and is going to kill I don't think so.