Major Nelson Xbox One video interview by New Egg Tv

Major Nelson goes into details on the Xbox One with an interview with New Egg TV.

Talks about Kinect Fitness, Controller, hardware and more.

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THamm1889d ago

From the headline pic, I thought he grew long hair to look more trendy

3-4-51889d ago

No, he just wore a stupid hat to try to be trendy instead.

BallsEye1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )


or maybe he's actually a cool dude?
you another of those emo kids who always are like:
"on the party I like to stand in the corner and look at all those lame people dance, dancing is lame"
"I won't move in front of the tv it's lame", "being serious is cool"

kids these days...are lame!

KazHiraiFTW1889d ago ShowReplies(4)
Blaze9291889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

lmfao 653 likes and 426 dislikes. You Sony fanboys are at it AGAIN. We were JUST talking about this issue lmao:

oh how sad this is becoming. The video only has 9k views (at the time of writing this) and if you think those amount of dislikes and comments are NORMAL (compared to every other recent newegg upload) then you are delusional. Or part of the problem.

pyramidshead1889d ago

I guess this is the new XDF scape-goat complex tactic I've been hearing about lately. Interesting.

Red_Devilz1889d ago

Why the haters *have to be* Sony fanboys? Can't they be XBox 360 fans who are utterly disappointed at whole XB One (eighty/s) fiasco?

Stop assuming things 'cause they make you a "Fanboy"

Donnieboi1889d ago

His 70 year old mom builds gaming PC's, AND she get's the parts from new egg.

Yeah, I totally believe him. Well, after all, MS reps have a rep for being trustworthy

GiantEnemyCrab1889d ago

It's true. He has mentioned it for years on his podcast that he made his mom a techie and she does built her own stuff. No joke.

darthv721889d ago

So, Donnie...which part are you having trouble believing. that a 70 yr old person could build a PC or that person would buy their parts from newegg?

dont let age fool you. Anyone with a desire to do so.....will.

solidboss071889d ago

Maybe she should have led the development of the XBone, he here.

1889d ago
BallsEye1888d ago

you fanboys look for conspiracy theory anywhere...damn you guys are getting sad.

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SCW19821889d ago

This guy is hands down the fakest cheesiest most unconvincing person ever. This is a paycheck to him he cares nothing for the actual gamer. He is a bad image for Microsoft and needs to be let go for all the crap he says. When the face of your corporation is a huge liar who has been caught many times in the past your gonna have a hard time.

Godmars2901889d ago

You realize that everything he says was something MS wanted him to say. That if it were otherwise he would have been fired.

SCW19821889d ago

I do but it's still hard to swallow his BULL

gaelic_laoch1889d ago

He belongs working as a sales rep at a used car lot. I can smell the Old Spice off him from here!

GiantEnemyCrab1889d ago

They sign his paycheck so he has to shill, it's his job. I agree though he comes off as a used car salesmen.

Godmars2901889d ago

Last time I met one, a used car salesman didn't try to sell me something which had obvious visual issues and dismiss those issues as if they weren't there.

harrisk9541889d ago

So true... the same can be said for most of the MS spokespeople.

And, this is New Egg, a retailer! I felt like I was watching QVC or Home Shopping Network!

Trekster_Gamer1889d ago

Like Sony does anything different.. You poor blind troll...

Septic1889d ago

Lol did anyone feel really dirty at 1:25? I know I did.

ziggurcat1889d ago

that was definitely some top notch diddling...

gaelic_laoch1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

Do you think he believes a single word his mouth says?

"Almost future proof"

Its barely Present proof!!!!!

etownone1889d ago

Troll much?

This is only about Xbox One... Yet every single comment has been a Sony troll. Where are the mods? Oh... That's rt... This is N4G

BlackTar1871889d ago

Oh look another poor us victim card playing poster.