4 Ways 'Grand Theft Auto V' Turned My Son Into a Monster

John Cheese: Since their inception, I've been an advocate of parental responsibility with video games, because even though I don't believe that video games make people more violent, I do think that it's important to know what information is entering your child's stupid, fragile skull. But recently, thanks to the release of Grand Theft Auto V, my stance on video game violence has been shaken to its very core. Despite my beliefs, I can't deny what I've witnessed with my own eyes. It has changed my son in some pretty shocking ways.

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lonz3581892d ago

More like how you changed him into a monster by letting an 11 year old play M rated games.

GryestOfBluSkies1892d ago

its satire. read the article

spaceg0st1892d ago

Read the article dumb ass

lonz3581892d ago

I stopped reading after seeing his son mistake. I've seen too many articles blaming the game when it's the parents buying the M rated games for them.

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iamnsuperman1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Love cracked, love this article. This is up there with their response to the Daily Mail about how it is their fault for the Daily Mail copying their article and that they are sorry

Meep1892d ago

This is gold.

"You racist. Piece. Of. Shit."
I laughed so hard.