Interview with Antoine Fortier-Auclaire, AC 4 Black Flag Realisation Director

MWEB GameZone writer Zubayr Bhyat caught up with Antoine Fortier-Auclaire, the Realisation Director behind Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag. He currently lives in Montreal, Canada and has been with Ubisoft for over five years - since the first Assassins Creed game. That's a lot of history, and one he's clearly committed to - so much so that he calls Black Flag his game. He also happens to be passionate about language and culture which makes for extremely dynamic conversation.

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HanCilliers1890d ago

Loved reading this interview, he is really an exceptional person. His passion for his craft is infectious :) My favorite line from this interview:

"Those sails look really good right?"

Choc_Salties1890d ago

Great read, looking forward to seeing this game, and not just simply as a sponsor on UFC every two weeks :)

schmoe1890d ago

seems like a very cool dude