Diehard GameFAN: Pro Foosball Review

DHGF: Pro Foosball has a bit of a learning curve to it as far as controls go but is definitely aimed at people who take Foosball far more seriously than most. It’s based on controlling the ball and actually passing and is completely unforgiving to anyone who just likes to grab a stick, spin and pray. If you’re one of the spinners, like me, this isn’t a game designed for you even with some of the more wild options. This foosball game takes itself a bit more seriously and despite a few latency issues with the game swapping active sticks on you, is a more directed experience for those who wanted to see something more precise with their Foosball. There are options to go wild with the game by changing the materials and even gravity which opens this up a bit for more fun, but it really works well when you’re playing against other people and less against the AI

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