Why I Wouldn't Buy An Xbox One Or PS4 At Launch

VideoGamer: "The next-generation is an exciting time for us all. It's an event that doesn't come along that often, and the respective release dates of Xbox One and PS4 will be eagerly circled on many calendars. And why wouldn't they be? New technology always bring with it new ways to play and experience games. This cycle alone we received the likes of Gears of War, Red Dead Redemption, Journey and Call of Duty's multiplayer, all responsible for bringing something to the table, be that visual quality, technical prowess, sheer ingenuity, or the embracing of the internet. "

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gaelic_laoch1890d ago

"Sitting on top of all of this as well is the juggernaut that is the PC"

Author is PC bias!

ape0071890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

PC elitists don't realize that consoles are actually helping PC developers, studios like bioware, Bethesda etc... are getting waaay more $$$ with consoles sales alone than a pc alone and that $$$ help make the make more projects

so to all console haters, sit down relax and understand that your market is almost DEAD and that consoles are the main players and be thankful that the consoles are alive to help you getting more games on your "Monster PC" so u can put them on high setting and brag about em (THE IRONY)

Blackdeath_6631890d ago

you have no idea what you're talking about.

NegativeCreep4271890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )


Care to back up your statement and go into details? Or are u really here just to click disagree then leave?

Stsonic1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

The irony here is that kids like you who can't afford high end PCs are just left bitter and feel the need to spout rubbish like this.

There is nothing wrong with owning a PC and a console, you make it sound like PC gamers owe you something...

ape0071890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )



look if u have good money and build a great PC, i applaud you, more power to you man and yes u will get a better experience with bit better gfx and mods, that's a FACT (except for exclusives)

what i meant is that im against the PC people that crap on consoles all the time without any elementary level thinking of the how business work, just that

iamgoatman1890d ago

"sit down relax and understand that your market is almost DEAD"

Tell that to Valve.

Einhert1890d ago

You can always tell it is a one system peasant by how they feel the need to spread misinformation when they are threatened by another system.

Bioware? LOL sorry who cares about them anymore, the only place they will get away with their atrocious writing is on console. Bethseda? lol skyrim easily sold the most on PC because of the mod scene and their series will continue to do very well on PC.

Market almost dead?

Yeah that's why it made 20 billion last year growing by 20%.

LOL dead as a door nail

decrypt1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Lol it will be the console market that will be dead if console makers cant turn a profit for another gen. Both MS and Sony have only racked up losses this gen.

Meanwhile Steam if anything has only grown. Over 50 million users on steam alone and they arent getting a reset the way next consoles are. So Steam keeps growing, while next consoles start with a base of 0. Future surely looks bleak for the consoles. Dont believe me look at how cut down the next consoles are. They look like they have been put together with the cheapest available hardware, thats nothing like what the 360 and PS3 were. Both of those were pretty high end consoles. Next consoles look very cheaply made.

MiHX21890d ago

Not all of us has 3000$ for super-high megatron PC,and Only a GTX Titan costs 1000$

xXxSeTTriPxXx1890d ago

Yous tells it likes it is.

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decrypt1890d ago

Nothing wrong with that, PC has thousands of games. Literally from 30 years. It covers just about any genre you can think of. No way any console can compete with that since PC emulates consoles too.

On the other hand Xbox one and PS4 are launching with a handful of games. Sure consoles will have their exclusives but every platform has those, thats a matter of taste.

gaelic_laoch1890d ago

Its about quality not quantity!

PC's are great and will always be the peak of gaming tech. But what PC gamers don't seem to understand is that console gamers want to pay no more that 500 bucks for their gaming device and want to be part of a gaming community that all own the same piece of hardware!

How many PC gamers own the exact same hardware set?

darren_poolies1890d ago

PC emulates consoles? Didn't know I could play The Last Of Us on PC.

decrypt1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )


"But what PC gamers don't seem to understand is that console gamers want to pay no more that 500 bucks for their gaming device"

Please dont bring the cost argument here, you are going to make yourself look stupid. Console gaming is way more costly than PC in the long run, there is no comparison.


Its a fact PC does emulate consoles. It just means console classics like Super mario world, Mario 64, God of war 1, 2, Metal gear Series are all available for play on the PC in 1080p. Looking over the generations there are thousands of instant classics which are not playable on todays consoles, PC is a gateway to all those games, yet it also has its own amazing library. People wanting to hold on buying new consoles until they have a library isnt a bad idea at all.

abusador1890d ago

"Pc emulate consoles" Yeah let me see a ps4 emulator when it releases or for that matter a ps3 emulator, heck ps2 emulators i believe hardly work most of the time. Take the bs to someone that doesnt know.

Yes pc has hundreds more games but the majority are games ppl dont care for. They have most games? but they dont have those Sony and Microsoft exclusives that rack up the biggest bucks and pc gamers foam at the mouth to play , so please cut it out. Petition upon petition also to get third party console games.

Its easy for you to talk about one side of things lol and say the negatives of the other but next time know and understand that they both have pros and cons.

I can easily buy me a high powered pc but i prefer console gaming. Another thing you act as if most ppl have their pcs hooked up with the right drivers and graphics cards to just get a game, plug and play. I bet you the majority dont and have to go through constant bs just to get their games running right!

ShinMaster1890d ago

PC emulates older consoles and old games.

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Mr Pumblechook1890d ago

I don't want to buy green corduroy trousers but I don't go and make a bloody blog post about it!

For those of us who have pre-ordered an Xbone or PS4 console we are looking forward to November!

NatureOfLogic1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Enjoy KillzoneSF on your PC...oh wait. I was with the title up until or.

FamilyGuy1890d ago

Lol, yeah that "or" got me too, was like "Whaaaaa?"

decrypt1890d ago

Why would anyone want to play a low res, corridor style game on the PC?

Its been proven again and again. Why would anyone like to play a game like Killzone on PC when they can play a game like BF3, there is no comparison.

Same will be the case with the next gen of games. Sorry but shooters are a dime a dozen. Fortunately for the PC crowd much better ones available there.

1890d ago
claudionmc1890d ago

NASIM... what an asshole

Beign a both PC and consoles gamer, I must say that first, a "low res" game doesn't matter too much, but gameplay, history, level of fun, "playability", does matter (may I say Crysis 1/2/3? Dead Space 3? etc...)

Andof course there is no comparison between BF and KZ, because I have Killzone 3 and BF3 and they are different type of games u.u

And finally, we all know that PC market is important, but you cannot ignore games like Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2 and 3, Killzone 2 and 3, Halo 3 and 4, Gears of War 3 and Judgement, Forza and Gran Turismo, The Last Of Us...

If you are a real gamer, you just cannot have so much disrespect to console games

extermin8or1890d ago

You should really have a second look at kz:SF.... it's not a corridoor shooter, its levels play out like BF4's and crysis 3 (to an extent) did-with larger more open maps with multiple objectives to be tackled in the order you within reason.

nosferatuzodd1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Well I cant listen to you're stupid rant at launch next gen games are too loud what ? what ? are you saying i cant hear killzone shadowfall is too loud what? speak louder WHAAAAT?

ape0071890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

well i respect your opinion but consoles provide high quality nextgen gfx (95% PC level)+ all 3rd and first party games

consoles NAILED the sweet spot between price, quality, content and exclusives(gotta admit sony and nintendo are beasts at exclusives, MS have some great games but not as much but still worth getting a system for imo)

that's why they're much more popular than PC, plus extra stuff like move, wiimote, kinect, the awesome wiiu tablet etc....

meatysausage1890d ago

As good as PCS can be, they will never be as good as consoles based on the quality of games alone. The visuals might be better but you wont be finding Halo, Forza, Killzone. Uncharted, Last of us etc etc.

Thats why we choose them

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