Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – Still My Favourite GTA Game

Though Grand Theft Auto V is certainly an exceptional game with extreme longevity and years worth of fun, I can never help feeling like something’s missing when I think back to my favourite game in the series: Vice City.

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timbow19821806d ago

Agreed! Still my favourite GTA

theBAWSE1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

NOPE... For me

San andreas

MizTv1806d ago

It's the only gta game I have ever finished
One of my all time favs

MysticStrummer1806d ago

VC is the only GTA I didn't finish. I can't really say why but for some reason it didn't hold my attention like the others did.


chrissx1806d ago

GTA vice city is 1 classic game. My fav ever

gaelic_laoch1806d ago

1 San Andreas
2 Vice City

Tiqila1806d ago

Vice City
San Andreas

for me, but cant argue with taste.

gaelic_laoch1806d ago

Yeah its very subjective. My biggest disappointment was GTAIV, it was just not fun enough for me!

Red Dead Redemption trumps any GTA for me to be honest!

dazzrazz1806d ago

It is really hard to beat that 80's vibe and the soundtrack on that game was phenomenal :> I actually wouldn't mind a sequel.

Donnieboi1806d ago

But keep it in the 80's. Modern miami isn't as exciting as Vice City game was.

SniperControl1806d ago

Now, this is a 10/10 game!
This is the finest GTA of them all.

Nekroo911806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

emotion 98.3 the best radio from any gta game

ape0071806d ago

absolutely emotion 98.3 and the journey from gta iv

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The story is too old to be commented.