Worldwide PS3 releases for the week of April 20th

US Games:
* NBA Ballers: Chosen One
* Call of Duty 4: GOTY Edition

EU Games:
No new releases

Asian Games:
* Senjou no Valkyria (Valkyria Chronicles)
* Rainbow Six: Vegas (Platinum)

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heyheyhey3893d ago

crap week for EU

pretty huge week for Japan, i would like to see how Valkyria Chronicles affects sales

gtgcoolkid3893d ago

Valkyria looks like a great game. Hope it gets a really good response in Japan and helps the ps3 sales.

sonarus3893d ago

i doubt it will do that much but i could be very wrong. I doubt it will sell past yakuza. But it should be able to take ps3 out of the 8000 range and maybe into the 20,0000 range

Ghoul3893d ago

well im picking up gta4 on friday :D so that makes it the best week this year sofar :D germany that is

SUP3R3893d ago

So when's Valkyria coming stateside?
I want that game so bad.

BigKev453893d ago

Wack week for game releases. No NBA Ballers for me. I'm done with the Arcade style basketball games. The last NBA Street did it for me. Who is going to by COD4 GOTY Ed. ?

Next week is the BIG Week, folks....

heyheyhey3893d ago

you are the epic fail

GTA launch is the week after next week

captainpwn3893d ago

He meant the list for next week is going to be awesome. The list for next week, of course, is going to be indicating the week after that.

Iamback3893d ago

[Market trend]

* Valkyrie of the Battlefield: Gallian Chronicles (PS3)

First shipmens will be about 100k or less.

* Summon Night (DS)
There is a possibility of shortage of supply

* Meccha Taiko Drum Master DS: Adventure in Seven Islands (DS)

It is seemed that Bandai Namco scants the number of shipment.

Source :

Strange that only 100k was shipped

xboxftw3893d ago

Wow you guys must be rushing out to pick up the new games.

heyheyhey3893d ago

are you?

pointless attempt at flaming, try harder

DomUltra3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

I love this argument you know why? After November 2008, Xbox 1.5 has no games till roughly late 09, Lol have fun waiting dumbshit! Make that GTA4 DLC content last long ahah, extra characters and missions, priceless, I love how 50 mill buys you jackshit.

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