PS4 Ultra HD video support not ruled out, says Sony's Andy House

PSU writes:

Sony's Andrew House has refused to rule out PS4 support for Ultra HD video content during a chat with Business Spectator.

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ZBlacktt1891d ago

When it comes to Sony. Nothing is ever ruled out. They always try and give the gamers everything they want.

jackanderson19851891d ago

witty reply: i'm sure there is plenty of things ruled out like for example backwards compatibility with discs and no streaming required

ZBlacktt1891d ago

While backwards compatibility is said to be coming via the cloud Gakai service. Why rush a service like that when the PS3 is still here and still selling very very well?

The PS3 is crushing still:

JackVagina1891d ago

Getting PS3 backwards compatibility to work with PS4 would require the PS3's cell/cell architecture, as that is what the games are coded and optimized for

or an emulator witch is pretty much impossible at this point in time

Eonjay1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

The HDMI 2.0 standard was just finalized in early September. This supports 4k. One interesting thing is that Microsoft says they have a 4K capable cable packed in. Well, every HDMI 1.4 cable is 4K capable so it hard to tell if they mean a regular HDMI cable or a HDMI/Category 2 Cable... with higher bandwidth.

The only device that has a HDMI 2.0 at that time of finalization was the 4K TV by Panasonic. So...

If we know that Xbox One and PS4 are HDMI 1.4, it tells us that they both ship with 1.4 cables. While 1.4 is 4K capable, it maxes out at 24Hz in full 4K, or 30Hz in 3840*2160. Neither of those resolutions supports 60Hz.

If the systems had both launched later, they might have had HDMI 2.0.

The very most they consoles can do is 3840*[email protected] or full 4K at 24Hz

The answer was staring us in the face the whole time.

and <- Go to hardware section for reference to Xbox One HDMI 1.4 support.

Madderz1891d ago

PS4 can't play CDs.

Do your research.


sync901891d ago

No, it can't. But it plays kick ass games. thats why im buying one, i have a music system for cd's.

meatysausage1891d ago

I honestly cant remember the last time I played a cd through a games console, must of been back on the original xbox

so thats likely to be a non existant problem for most

B-radical1891d ago

But come on it can't play cds? haha like it's so simple....First ive heard of this no cd thing.

kingPoS1891d ago

Look at this way from a semi audiophile. Generally something is lost when music cd is re-encoded into a lesser form. At times it's the dynamic range at worst it's the subtle nuances of a cymbal.

I'm not implying mp3's are evil, I'm just saying I keep all my original non boot legged CD's. I've got over a hundred so far.

For my sake of sanity I hope the PS4 supports flac or least ACC.

JimmyLmao1891d ago

yehhh but I have a CD player to play my CD's... LOL jk.. its f*cking 2013!! we all listen to music digitally these days!!

sephiroth4201891d ago

you use cds for your music? i thought everyone moved over to usbs and mp3 players/ipods years ago.

I_am_Batman1891d ago

I do. I have around 600 CDs in my collection and it's still growing. Yes I do have an iPod but I'm a fan of physical media cause I like to look at covers and read booklets. I even have a couple vinyls.

sentury1111891d ago

If I ever wanted to buy music I'd buy it on CD at Amazon and get a free digital copy with the purchase. Or rip the CD to get the digital copy if I wasn't using Amazon. I want a hard copy of items I buy when possible. I hate DRM and despise using iTunes for anything. My digital copies for films are redeemed using Ultraviolet when possible.

Why not include something so simple. It's like the wii not doing DVD or Blu Ray because of proprietary discs. Pay the license fee and give the option.

Also does this mean no PS1 games playable on the system since they are on CD?

sephiroth4201891d ago

oh i get where you guys are coming from i like the artwork that comes with some of the cds, i prefer the download option as its always there and can be redownloaded if anything goes wrong with a disc youd have to buy it again. doesnt look like ps1 one games will be playable from disc, they will probably force you to buy any ones you want off the playstation store.

kingPoS1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

CD's won't be obsolete until It's ease of use and sound quality can be matched or surpassed. 320kpbs isn't enough for me, I want the master encode of a SACD, but I have to settle for the next best thing - the Compact Disc.

Other formats have tried and failed to topple the Compact Disc. DVD-Audio Super Audio CD ( I miss them dearly) the Mini disc. They tried but couldn't unseat the grand father of the disc format that's been around since 1982.

5eriously1891d ago

But the streaming servers from my PC will just work fine plus there are BR music titles available and plus my BR writer can write music to a BR disc.

Any more troll arguments you want me to bash?

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kaozgamer1891d ago

lol i dont expect either consoles to support 4k gaming (with a good fps)

Whitey2k1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

only video I guess I fought it already supports 4k output?

WitWolfy1891d ago

Well according to PR BS Major Nelson the Xbone can do 4K gaming too..

Fishy Fingers1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

Technically I don't see why either console can't output games at 4k. But why force the vast majority of the GPU power into pushing so many pixels at the sacrifice of frame rate and 'standard' visual bells and whistles when only a very small user base can make use of it.

Prefer a 1080p stable frame rate with all the visual features than a bland low poly 4k slide show.

Whitey2k1890d ago

@fishy i meant for like 4k output for video only lol power is not therefor games

DJMarty1891d ago

Consoles will upscale to 4k on a suitable 4K HDTV.

4k HDTV's upscale exsisting media to 4k thru hardware scaling.

hiphopisdead1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

This article is wrong and misquoting sony

PS4 is already confirmed to support 4K video... just not focusing on 4K games.

Volkama1891d ago

Agreed, headline implies that 4k video support may come in the future but isn't possible yet. Quotes in the article don't say that at all.

Tidybrutes1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

I thought they already confirmed it would support 4K video but only HD gaming when they announced PS4, unless im mistaken but pretty certian they said it supports 4K movies.

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