Bernard: I'd Become a Sony First-Party Developer in a Heartbeat

Push Square: "Mecho Wars creator Luc Bernard loves the PlayStation Vita. Speaking as part of an exclusive interview, the ambitious British developer, who’s currently hard at work on free-to-play action game Reaper, told us that he thinks that the device is the greatest handheld system on the market – and that he’d happily go first-party if given the opportunity."

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LordDhampire1716d ago

The only reason I clicked on this article is because he looked like a hot chick in that picture.....

also first

mdluffy1716d ago

Look at this chin, pretty easy to see that he's a guy.

LordDhampire1716d ago

trust me, alot of women have butt chins....alot of attractive women...unfortunately a buttchin ruins it for me....I couldn't deal with it

theBAWSE1716d ago

damn @lorddhampire

good luck tryin to sleep tonight...

xHeavYx1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

I'm not trolling, but I swear I thought he was a young Major Nelson wearing a wig when I saw the small picture ( I'm using my phone).
OT it's nice to see developers showing their support for Sony

FamilyGuy1716d ago

I... don't know why this is the topic, he looks like a guy and I haven't seen any women with chins like that that I would consider attractive.

You guys that thought it was a women have blurry vision or something lol.

On topic,
1. Yes, the vita IS amazing, so amazing that we'll be playing PS4 games on it soon via remote play. It looks complete INSANE seeing the PS4 quality game visuals on a handheld.

2. I'm sure a ton of indie game devs would jump to be first party devs. Many like the freedom but who would pass up an opportunity to work at a place like this?

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WarThunder1716d ago

Chick? probably.
Hot? no way...

pwnsause_returns1716d ago

you have failed the gay test.

Navick1715d ago

I think you meant to say "passed".

Big_B0SS1716d ago

I hope this duden never breaks the law and end up in prison.

OT - The Vita is awesome but the games do not do it for me...yes I know that you can provide me with a huge list of Vita games but maybe only 5 on that list would appeal to me.

In a perfect world I would have a hand held as powerful as the VITA with the game catalog of the 3DS.

Navick1715d ago

You can't go by what you think will appeal to you. That's why there are demos. I have a Vita since launch and I have a ton of games that I love. <Things aren't always what they "appeal" to be...> ;)

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mike32UK1716d ago

If you squint and turn your head to the side I guess it kind of looks like a woman, a very gormless one, but a woman nonetheless

chrissx1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

Everything about that pic screams masculine :/

LordDhampire1716d ago

lol dude this is the internet, Im not sure if that was sarcasm or not

Pozzle1716d ago

Yeah, he looks like a guy with long hair to me. Though I love 80s glam-rock so my 'masculine radar' might be a bit off. lol

His hair is glorious though.

pabadamus11716d ago

I read the Introductory line of this post and said "Luc Bernard...that sure is a weird name for a lady". That guy looks like a woman at least on my IPad screen.

SoulSercher6201716d ago

LOL at all these comments above me.

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The story is too old to be commented.