Alien Rage Review - The Digital Fix

Rage! Rage!! Raaaaaage. The aliens’ rage that is, at you destroying their nice Prometheum plant (it’s a power source freeing humanity from the shackles of finite resources, geddit?). Or perhaps it’s the protagonist’s, who cracks wise and screams in a manly fashion when you’re running and gunning. He’s MAD AS HELL at those aliens! They forcibly captured our giant mining complex and if we can’t have it, no-one can. So we’re gonna BLOW IT ALL TO HELL. You can easily imagine him naming and cleaning his guns, like the eponymous Heavy of Team Fortress 2 fame. There are many like it but this one is mine. That more or less sums up Alien Rage - a big, dumb shooter with a few quirks and not much behind the eyes. Often hard, sometimes pretty, and generally unstable.

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