Kojima is back in the LA studio, here are some photos

Hideo Kojima is back in Los Angeles to visit the brand new Kojima Productions LA studio, and to attend meetings there.

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ZBlacktt1811d ago

Checking in on MGO again....

Nyxus1811d ago

Yeah, that's what I was thinking too. But it could have to do with MGSV as well. Maybe both.

ZBlacktt1811d ago

It will be great to play MGO again. :)

HelpfulGamer1811d ago

Metal Gear Online, with MGSV open-world design, that'll be awesome. Flying Mig-21, Firing Stinger Missile, Strafing with a Hind, Blasting with T-62 tank, Establish a Mercenary Guild and fight for Resources & Territory!

Nyxus1811d ago

I never really got into MGO I must admit, I did try it but it seems like a very skill based game so if you're not prepared to put a lot of time into it you don't really stand a chance. :P