'Enslaved: Odyssey to the West' Re-Release Confirmed for the PC and PS3

8CN: As previously rumored, Ninja Theory and Namco Bandai are indeed planning a re-release of Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. Reports of the game surfaced after ratings by Australia's classification board appeared, and now Namco has officially confirmed the news.

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Stuart57561888d ago

Really good game, enjoyed it very much and still own my copy, never sold it or traded it in. That pic alone makes me want to play though it again, this would be the third time.

mii-gamer1888d ago

agreed. Very Underrated game - had a good time platinuming the game.

vishmarx1888d ago

terrible combat.
good story and platforming.
great looking aswell.
oh and TAMIM

abzdine1888d ago

i haven't played this game for some time cause i didn't like it that time i played it, but maybe i could give it a try to see.
re-release PS3 exclusive on consoles? i wonder why!

pixelsword1887d ago

Only played the demo, it looked like it would have a very good story but as far as graphics, it fell short there, and the gameplay did not require as much dexterity as I thought it would.

memots1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

That is awesome news !!!

I was just saying that yesterday! I am glad its coming out on PC this game with PC graphic will be epic.( original ps3/360 Version has very rough look to it )


memots + 1d 22h ago
This game was pretty good. Put aside Ninja theory obvious douchebagery this is something worth picking up for anyone who missed it.

I know that if this premium edition comes to PC i am picking it up for sure.

RVanner_1887d ago

This game went massively under the radar. I bought it a few years after when I watched a 'great games that went under the radar' video.

Got it the next day and still hold it to this day

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Crazay1888d ago

Totally underrated game. I see you have many disagrees but I can guarantee they never gave it a fair shake.

360ICE1888d ago

Yeah, they're still upset about DmC: Devil May Cry.

rdgneoz31888d ago

The story is what was amazing about the game. The gameplay just didn't really back it up too much (button mashy and platforming that did itself). Still deserves a play just to experience the story.

JimmyHACK1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

I'll disagree just because it was rated well for it's story, gameplay was so-so. Just wasn't any big commercial success.

kratos_TheGoat1888d ago

this game was dull plus the ending was wack

kreate1888d ago

I gave it a fair shake, check my trophies.

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Stuart57561888d ago

Good god, look at all those disagrees, blimey.

phantomexe1888d ago

You guys should check it out. This is that neal guy from The last of us, his frist game. It is a preety game with streets overtaken with post apocalyptic weeds. Worth checking out.

Adexus1888d ago

What? Neil Druckmann never worked on Enslaved, Mark Richard Davies who was the lead desinger on Enslaved worked on TLOU though, maybe that's where you're getting confused.

phantomexe1888d ago

you may be right but i could of swore i seen awhile back he had something to do with it.

Ohlmay1888d ago

Sweet as, I'll definitely torrent this... Kidding, I'll get it during a Steam sale ;)

chobit_A5HL3Y1888d ago

it 's gonna have to have quite a bit of extra content or be pretty cheap out of the gate. i remember seeing this game at eb for 8$ at one point...

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