First Image of PS4 Retail Demo Station At Home Depot

Here is the first image of PS4 retail demo station at Home Depot.

Home Depot has a full Playstation 4 demo Kiosks set up ready and is allowing players to get try their hands on PS4 early.


The source is updated with the official PS4 Retail Demo Station image that was share Sony (Germany) via their Facebook Page.

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jujubee881889d ago

Right next to the epoxy. Noice!

KwietStorm1889d ago

Yea, I can't...I don't know.

sinjonezp1889d ago

My thoughts exactly. Can we line up for pre orders at home depot? Will they have some kind of paint simulation game on display? Lol . guys, please make me understand what Sony's plan is with this marketing tactic.

Kingthrash3601889d ago

i woulda let them demo it at my house, makes more sense than homedepot.

HugoDrax1888d ago

My reaction was

"looks like I'll be making a trip to Home Depot tomorrow" muhahahaha (evil villain laugh)

Fairchild Channel F1888d ago

Let's see, what do I need here.....

Sheet metal screws......can of Rustoleum deck restore.....Ryobi scroll saw.....ceiling tiles.....Playststion powered walkway lights....

Hey! There's a hotdog stand!

FamilyGuy1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

A PS4 in your house would DEFINITELY quality as a "home improvement" so it makes some sense. LOL

Yeah but really, I was confused too as a first thought, my second thought matched AuricGoldfinger's. Third thought... Can we pre-order PS4s at Home Depot!?

When are these gonna pop up in the places we expect? You know, Best Buy, Toys R Us, Walmart, Kmart, Target, GameStop. How the hell did Home Depot get it first?

Crazay1888d ago

I can see the conversion now..."Honey... Since I just bought you some new flooring and a crap load of paint... Thereby making my next 2 weekends ruined... I think I'm treating myself to a ps4"

sync901888d ago

The more shops selling ps4 the better. no?

Army_of_Darkness1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Contractors and construction workers do make pretty good money ;-)
after a hards day cutting, lifting, building and shoveling dirt and gravel at work, why not chill and relax with a PS4 when you get home.

JoGam1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

And will they be selling the PS4 too on Nov 15th? Very odd. Guess I'll be at Home Depot for the midnight

Let me get a PS4, Drive Club and some floor tiles. Lol

SilentNegotiator1888d ago

Are you saying I can get one of the best hotdogs I've ever had, a drain snake, AND a PS4 at Home Depot?

Sheesh, HD, you're just a home improvement need to be that awesome.

Sono4211888d ago

home depot worker- "I know what i'm doing on my break" ;)

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GribbleGrunger1889d ago

Jesus, I hope that casing has decent ventilation.

LordDhampire1888d ago

To suck up all that saw dust and fail?!?!? Why would you wish that

joeorc1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )


"My thoughts exactly. Can we line up for pre orders at home depot? Will they have some kind of paint simulation game on display? Lol . guys, please make me understand what Sony's plan is with this marketing tactic."

Oh' you do not know why?

wow i thought people know this, Sony did this very thing back in early 2007.

Many times like on shows on PBS home improvement they have "how to install a home home theatre system"

well can you guess which game console they are mainly using in the demonstration?

example: with belemont in a standard home theatre system of Sony's

but here is example from Home depot

PoSTedUP1889d ago

ahem, well, tell my wife i took a run to home depo, ill be back in a few weeks.

jujubee881889d ago

They usually have a snack stand out in front of the local one here. And the bathrooms have a water fountain by the side. They also have a nice little garden patio section with comfy seetings.

Damn, it would be a scene if people flash mobbed Home Depots around the area. The new "hang out spot". HAha.

I'd pay just to see the culture clash of our generation. Home Depot regulars vs Extreme Gaming Enthusiasts. :D

orakle441888d ago

I dunno about this, this does not make sense at all. Home Depot? and if you read the article they say that its going to be set up in lawn and garden??? I dunno about the stores where you guys are from but my local stores lawn and garden are just not believing any of this.

Blaze9291888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

"He said they will be setting them up in Lawn & Garden in the coming week"

lolwut? Home Depot? They won't even be selling PS4s. Sony marketing at work smh. I mean really lol, can someone explain how this might make marketing sense?

Home Depots and Taco Bells lol. What's next, Payless shoe store?

rainslacker1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Home Depot gets over one million customers a day across the US, and twice that much on the weekends. The majority of people that shop there have money to pay for stuff like improving their homes. Floor advertising space is valuable there.

I do question the Lawn & Garden section part. When i worked at Lowe's, that section was pretty dead in the winter. Unless it's on the interior part, which is typically right next to the entrance...the most valuable real estate in the entire store.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1888d ago

So they finally show one in public. Finally without a PC inside.

neoMAXMLC1888d ago

Excuse me, sir. That line is reserved for the Sony fanboys, sir.

Eddie201011888d ago

This is a joke(as in not real meant to be a joke), this looks like some schools shop class.

A dumb joke has gotten this many hits, amazing.

trancefreak1888d ago

Of course the ps4 an exclusive item @depot right next to all the sh1t you need to build your man cave.

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cl19831889d ago

Its great that you can go into Home Depot and test it out. However I'm confused on why its at a hardware store and not a game store.

Outsider-G1889d ago

I thought the same thing. Also, why would they set it up in the "Lawn & Garden" section? Lol

rainslacker1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Lawn & Garden is right at the entrance. The plants and stone stuff is kept outside at every one I've seen, but everything else is there right when you walk in. It's the most expensive part of the store for vendors to buy to set up displays. I think registers are the 2nd most expensive.

Why home depot? Because they have over 1 million customers a day, and twice that much on weekends. Contractors, laborers, dad's being dragged there by their wives for that weekend home improvement task, typically with their kids in tow.

I don't think it's genius or anything, but I can't see that the exposure will hurt. Probably costs a lot less than the Toy's R' Us top 15 list.

Who knows, maybe Home Depot wants to branch out into electronics. They already sell appliances.

PositiveEmotions1889d ago

Maybe bc ps4 is a gaming hardware console? Lol idk

cl19831889d ago

Bad Bad Positive no more puns for you.

Bathyj1889d ago

I cant think of any other Hardware Id rather buy

Campy da Camper1888d ago

Agreed. I'm actually thinking they might be promoting a build it yourself home entertainment center and if you buy it you get a ps4 forfree. That would actually be a good idea.

HighResHero1889d ago

That's Sony's marketing team for you

RyuCloudStrife1889d ago

Genius and Flawless as always.

Long. Live. Play.

LordDhampire1888d ago

Trying to get dem casuals and parents son

Only douchebags go to game stores and they probably have already decided what they want so a kiosk is redundant

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