GTA Online Patch 1.03 Changelog Revealed, Coming to Xbox 360 Later Today

Rockstar Games has finally revealed the official changelog of Grand Theft Auto Online Patch 1.03.

The developer also stated that the update will go live on Xbox 360 at somepoint later today

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1890d ago
MysticStrummer1890d ago

In case this happens to anyone else...

I had decided not to buy a garage until I could afford a house/garage combo. There was a certain car I knew I wanted, mainly because of the name though it's also a good fast car, but I love my original car that I stole during the tutorial. I've spent a lot of cash on it and it's a sweet ride. I happened upon one of the cars I knew I wanted, so I went ahead and bought a cheap garage to store it in. Pulling the car into the garage, I got some tutorial messages saying if I drove the car out it would become my personal vehicle, so instead of driving it out I walked out. My original personal vehicle was where I left it, but later when I joined a job the new car was sitting there instead and it showed up on the map as my personal vehicle. I finished the job and drove the new car back to the garage, but another copy of the new car was inside and my old car was nowhere to be found. I was pretty upset, given the number of upgrades I had purchased for the old car, so I drove around looking for another of that original model, thinking I'd at least store it and upgrade it later when I got more cash. I found one, drove it to the garage, and got a message saying my two car garage was already full. I went inside but only the newer car was in there. I finally got the idea to call the mechanic and have him deliver a car to me. It gave me both the original car and the newer one as options. I picked the original, and he drove up in it so I got it back.

I probably could have made that whole story shorter, but I'm tired so gimme a break. lol

The point is, don't panic if your beloved car vanishes. It might not be gone after all.

Rob Hornecker1890d ago

Thank you for your post! I have friend that had this happen to and he is heart broken,but I will forward him your post as it may solve his missing car!

Thanks again!

805Junior8051890d ago

Your vehicle might have been impounded. Call the insurance number in your cell phone. If you don't steal it from the impound it will get destroyed. Since it's your first car, it should have insurance on it. You simply pay the fee and you'll get your car back.

paul-p19881890d ago

Oddly enough i managed a duplicate of my original car last night. I bought the 10car garage at the airport and stole a few cars to put in there, then left and did a mission. I came back and my original personal car was in there, along with the 'original personal car' that i drove back to the garage. So i then had a duplicate of my 1st car and the original in the garage at the same time.

Long story short, i sold the copy and make $7000 out of it lol