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PS4 vs XBOX ONE Controller Review - Hands-on comparison and final Opinion from EB Expo 2013

Bluntly brings gamers his hands on video review on the PS4 and the Xbox One controllers.

His final choice did catch him by surprise. (PS4, Xbox One)

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JaxLester  +   776d ago
I don't know if I believe him. I'm sticking to the Xbox there no way in hell
Rikuson1  +   776d ago | Well said
It's a preference/opinion there's nothing to believe lol
Your basically saying "I don't believe your opinion"
And when you say that it basically sound like you don't believe he's even used both controller (which he has, he was a freaking video to prove his OPINION) come on dude.
theBAWSE  +   776d ago
Sony have eradicated every plus some say that the 360 had over ps3 for the new gen

controllers - have heard nothing but positive improvements over the ds3

ease of development - not only is the ps4 more powerful it's easy to program for

online- Sony done well this gen to really close the gap especially with ps+ but now with ps4 and all the new additions such as X chat plus a headset in every box there is nothing not one advantage the xbone has going into the new generation that I can see IMO...
nukeitall  +   776d ago

basically the PS4 has turned into a supercharged Xbox 360.

There is very little in the PS4 that screams next generation console. It follows the exact same model it did previously with every generation except for the Wii, it is just the same thing with more processing power i.e. more pixels on screen.
LordDhampire  +   776d ago

So what is the xbone? Just a charged 360, since its not really super and it hasn't changed anything from last gen, while sony is improving playstation network adding cross game chat and such offering free game a complete turn around from the launch of the ps3 with its garbage online service, the ps4 took all the negatives of the ps3 controllers and improved upon them like xbox to 360 controller, now the 360 is going dualshock 1 to ds2.

Playstation is offering a actual good camera, not quite on par with kinect but much better than the previous gen and plenty good enough for motion games

So before you try to trash talk the ps4 maybe you should look at the xbone first and realize how much it hasn't changed....still behind paywall for third party features(netflix etc) still forcing kinect and kinect games down our throats, still making us buy first party accesorys such as charge and play packs which will probably not hold a charge in 2 years time

Overall....I want kinect...said no one ever
Cryptcuzz  +   776d ago

If the PS4 is just a supercharged x360, the the Xbox One is just a super x360. Its not even the champion edition or turbo edition ;)

Don't make comments like that. It really shows your insecurity with very little insight as to why you would feel that way and not with the other.

Think about it, what does the Xbox One do more than the PS4 other than being more expensive? The PS4 is already known to be faster and more powerful, easier to program and develop for, adds more functionality to its controller with the touchpad, smaller in size with no power brick. All at $100 cheaper.

With that logic, what does that make the Xbox One if you think the PS4 is just a supercharged x360?
Kryptix  +   776d ago
Nukeitall's logic:

If the PS4 is a supercharged Xbox 360, then the Xbox One which holds weaker specs must be the latest model of Alienware PCs!

...What an idiot. They really need to issue IQ tests when you sign up for an account. Too much broken logic with these fanboys.
theBAWSE  +   776d ago

and the xbone does what exactly?

it's definitely not supercharged

controllers still require batteries

it's weaker than the ps4

its now adopting OLD ps3 technology in blu-ray

everything is behind a paywall

it's more expensive for inferior technology

and please don't say TV.. you still need a cable box

plus all the reversals we have seen from Microsoft.. xbone so far has been a calamity the 'fawlty towers' of gaming
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slampunk  +   776d ago

I couldn't agree more, but the online infrastructure is where MS have Sony beat by a landslide.
FamilyGuy  +   776d ago
I've heard tons of positive comments and reviews about the DS4, whether it be PS3 gamers or those that preferred the 360. I can't wait to try it out myself an see what all the fuss is about.

This guy actually says that it felt so good that he wasn't bothered by the sticks being symmetrical, even though he's been a 360 focused gamer for over 6 years. I really wonder what it is they did to make it so comfortable when something like that should actually take some getting use to based on habit alone. Sony must have reeeeeeally put work in on having everything placed perfectly.
Hellsvacancy  +   776d ago
@nukeitall AA batteries do not supercharge anything, that's oldskool right there
pyramidshead  +   776d ago
@at everyone above.

I think what nukeitall is trying to say is that the PS4 will be the most popular console plus be way easier to develop for than its competitors, which is what the 360 was this gen amirite?

Hardly negative things to be honest, on top of superior specs together with a more dev friendly architecture with unified mem.(more pixels per screen, like he said, especially hitting reses like 1080p), cheaper price for said superior components inside the box with no bolt on flawed motion control peripheral that so far has little to no support(with vague hope that developers will shoe horn stuff into games later on in the gen).

I'd mention HDMI-in but it seems the least talked about feature of the X1.
RexFury  +   776d ago
Yeah. I got hands-on with both controllers at Eurogamer. I personally really liked the Xbox One controller and I didn't like the DS4. It all comes down to opinion. As for using the dpad, I only ever use that for minor things like changing characters on GTA V, I have never used it as a primary function that the person is in this video with Killer Instinct....well I would use an arcade stick anyway, but you know what I mean.

It is all about playing with what feels comfortable in your hand.
FamilyGuy  +   776d ago
Whoa Nuke, it's "the same thing"???

Did you not notice the touch pad on the controller?
You had to see its Light Bar
Maybe heard about the speaker?
There's a Share button on there too
What's "the same" about:
Live Streaming your game play
Being able to remote play every title
Video chatting as you play any game
Playing a game while it's still downloading
Jumping into a game invite in under ten seconds?
Having BRAND NEW GAMES for free on PS+ Resogun/driveclub and a bunch of indies will be free at the games launch, no waiting a year for them to pop up.
Game streaming, how is game streaming "the same"?

What do you gain by downplaying all the brand new features/abilities associated with the PS4? If it was "the same" why are there so many pre-orders? I mean, it's the same right, so shouldn't it sell at the same pace as PS3s currently sell?

You're acting like all they did was slap more power in a PS3, call it a PS4 and that was it. Not all innovations come in the form of gimmicks *cough* tv tv tv *cough* it reads your heartbeat!*cough*. Those AA batteries packed in the box with the X1 sure look "the same" though, they couldn't even give out rechargeable AA batteries.

Eh, enjoy what you like, the games AND new system features sell me on the PS4. I was sold back in February and have only become more interested since.
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Gekko36  +   775d ago
@All Hmm there seem to be some serious Praystation bais on here.

After reading some of these comments I've noticed that no one has mentioned the lack of change that Sony have done to their online infrastructure.

Yes I know about Gaikai Streaming (Note Streaming only) and I know about social media (Mega slow on the uptake there since the technology has been around for years. However where MS have excelled is in their bolstering on their online environment. Yes there is a paywall, but I personally don't care.

So...It's sort of a Monster VS A Wet Fart!

Sony have way too much catching up to do.

When it comes to Sony Vs MS regarding software and online infrastructure... Sony will always be stuffed
redwin  +   775d ago
"Absolutely decision making " is what he said about the D pad, because he likes using the D pad. In the video he used the Xbox D pad. He chose to NEVER use the D pad in the video for the PS... Mmmmmm. I'll have them both this Xmas, I'll then give a nu-bias opinion. Btw, when it comes to car games, I rather use the D pad than the analog, just because I've been playing for a while.
HiddenMission  +   775d ago

Not sure if you are serious or trolling with your comment.

1. Did the 360 allow for remote play with any device...answer no.
2. Did the 360 have a touchpad...answer no.
3. Did the 360 allow for 15 mins of live streaming/video sharing...answer no.
4. Was the 360's OS fully integrated into all of your portable devices...answer no.
5. Did the 360 to allow you to watch your friend play a match real time and then jump right on in...answer no.
6. Did the 360 have a sleep mode where you can turn it on and start right back up from where you left off without having to re-enter a game...answer no.

These are just a few of the many and I do mean many features that the PS4 has that neither current gen consoles had...so yeah I'll say again I'm not sure if you were serious or just trolling.
Aceman18  +   775d ago

I'd like to thank you for making me a little more dumber. I swear the more I read comments on this site that are hella stupid like ours the more I lose brain cells trying to comprehend the idiotic statements people like you make smdh.
FamilyGuy  +   775d ago
There's also that virtual pass the pad feature where you can let you friends take over for you in a game.

Gekko36 claims (ermm, makes a huge idiotic assumption based on thin air) there to be "no change" in improving the online infrastructure yet WE ALL watched Yosh click on a game invite and was in the game playing in around 7-10 seconds. That is a huge change. Party chat is also a change, as well as video chat as you play, streaming so your friends can watch you play and having 2000 limit friends list. The X1 is capped at 1000, already proving the PS4 to be better in that regard.
The claim that X1 will somehow be better, more socially connected, solid, fast or whatever is just dumb. There is no way to compare those things until the consoles are out. Even the "300,000 dedicated servers" claim can't be proven as used for every game or proven to make chatting or gaming with your friends better until after the systems launch. Right now it's just a bunch of words. We'll see how they truly compare AFTER the systems launch.
GribbleGrunger  +   775d ago
I always find it odd when people say they're not bothered about the thumbsticks being symetrical. I'm not bothered about my thumbs being symetrical either. It 'sort of' just works ...
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Transporter47  +   776d ago

Have you tried both controllers? If you haven't then all you can go by is people's opinions, its up to you to actually believe someone as the same applies to reviews up to the viewer to agree or disagree, except you need to hold them before you judge them.
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leogets  +   776d ago
played with Xbox new controller and doesn't feel any better. still the same and still awkward analogue sticks.. even the pressure sensitive triggers on bf4 didn't notice ne thing..
strickers  +   776d ago
DS4 is much better than 360 pad but I haven't tried XB1.
showtimefolks  +   776d ago
I grew up with dual shock and I stick with it

But nothing wrong if you like Xbox one controller
LordDhampire  +   776d ago
Im not as picky as most when it comes to controller layouts, and I down really care about d-pads but my only real complaint with ds3 was sticks being to loose, and with 360 is no rechargable batteries...which is still rediculous
Bathyj  +   776d ago
I grew up on Game&Watch, but now I like dual shock.
Animal Mutha 76  +   776d ago
I've used both at EGX. DS4 is a massive improvement and I'd have no issue with it If I owned a PS4. You don't notice what controller you are using when playing driveclub - I didn't. Forgot I was on a PS4 game :).
The XB1 controller is for me excellent. I loved the 360 unit and this controller has incremental improvements to an already good design.

Not a reason to choose one console over another so I do wonder why so much debate.

Sony's is probably most improved but that's because it had a long way to come from. Xbox's will still be the choice of the shooter/tourny pc crowd in my opinion because its just bloody good. The rumble triggers are also a unique addition and really do make controlling your braking in Forza a tricky experience.
Fairchild Channel F  +   776d ago

Ah LCD Game&Watch......good times...

Think I still have a Advance D&D LCD game somewhere.
come_bom  +   776d ago
It doesn't look very good for Microsoft in relation to next gen consoles. Sony has been kicking them in the ba**s since the consoles were announced (Sony has better hardware, more 1st party studios, better payed online service and cheaper hardware). If Microsoft doesn't get their act together, they are going to loose big time. The few changes they made with the X1 weren't nearly enough. They need ...

- A Kinectless X1 that's cheaper then the PS4.
- Improve XBLA Gold to compete with PS+. Paying to ONLY play multiplayer is not going to cut it any more. They should offer games like Sony.
- More exclusives (real exclusives that stay exclusives). They need more BIG exclusives that sell consoles. Only Halo, Gears, Forza and timed exclusive for COD is not going to cut it.
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redwin  +   775d ago
Really? I think MS is just where it wants to be. I think they want to be known for the most exclusive and high end console than the popular one. They make money by install base, they, Sony and MS, gotta make so much $ per console they sell and Xbox has consistently make more. I believe that in about 5 years there will be a Xbox One.5 that won't have a cd drive and kinect will be integrated in the console. Like that they'll save the money from the blue ray and packaging . The developers will love MS because of it. But, let's be honest, if another company was to buy the Xbox brand and keep the same business model, people wouldn't hate it as much. It's the fact that it's MS that people don't like the Xbox. It's the topical anti establishment mentality.
gamer2013  +   775d ago
It doesn't matter what MS does people like you will always hate and troll. So why don't you leave these forums alone and go do something productive with you're life.
GmIsOnPt360  +   775d ago
when he refers to the xbox one controller as xbone i think we know where loyalties rest before we press play on said video
ShinMaster  +   775d ago

You mean you DON'T WANT to believe him.
It seems like you came here looking to justify your decision.

I don't see a good reason why we shouldn't believe him. He made valid points. Whether you agree or deny them, that's a different issue. He really did prefer the Xbox prior to the PS4 and even praised the XB1's announcement.
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JuniorCE  +   775d ago
Good luck... Dont forget to buy the charger and batteries ;-)
The_Infected  +   776d ago
For someone who highly preferred the Xbox 360 controller this gen to highly praise the Dualshock 4 left and right in every regard is surprising. Glad he described just how amazing the Dualshock 4 is because it makes me that much more excited to get one in my hands.
RiPPn  +   776d ago
This Blunty guy really was a big Xbox fanboy too. When the Bone first was announced in May he did a video gushing over it and I got banned from commenting on his youtube channel for waiving the Sony flag and disagreeing with his love for the Bone.

It is funny in this video, one breath he says he's platform agnostic and then he goes on to admit he was pro 360 buying all mutliplats on it. It's amazing to see his change of heart.
MasterCornholio  +   776d ago
Bad PR and incredible mistakes tend to change the hearts of even the most loyal of fans. I'm really not surprised at Bluntys change of heart.

Nexus 7 2013
NatureOfLogic   776d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
Bolts  +   776d ago
I think the most exciting thing about the DS 4 is the touch pad. Now navigating maps and menus won't feel be such a pain in the ass.
Dante81  +   776d ago
I also like the PC support out of the box.
GmIsOnPt360  +   775d ago
"basic functionality" whatever that means
dethpuck  +   776d ago
That is my logic as well. All my frienfs are on live and have xbone preordered. Getting a pd4 doesn't make sense for me at launch. I will get pd4 after Christmas. G otta have titanfall on day one as well
nukeitall  +   776d ago
I'm getting Xbox One as well for Titanfall, Quantum Break, Ryse and Killer Instinct. I also love the idea of instantly switch between Skype, TV and games.

Heck, I'm going all digital this next generation.

Got a PS4 pre-ordered from the day it was available on amazon in the US, but debating if I should sell it for a profit. I don't have time for two consoles, heck I don't even have time for my Xbox 360, let alone the PS3 or my PC.

Still got to finish ME3, Tomb Raider, Bioshock infinite, splinter cell blacklist, starcraft 2 and so on.
Kryptix  +   776d ago
Look, it's Don Mattrick in disguise!

Giving his current life story and everything that nobody gives a fuck about. lol
Max-Zorin  +   776d ago
It all comes down to preference. But I'm pretty sure both controllers will be fine regardless of what type of game you're playing.
GameCents  +   776d ago
Xbox One controller for me. Was at rAge expo this weekend and while the DS4 is a massive improvement on the DS3 - let's face it, there was plenty to improve - the X1c perfects the X360c already great design...IN MY OPINION.

(Hate that I have to write IMO when picking Xbox over PS and not vice versa but whatever)
thrust  +   776d ago
You get slammed on this site for not being a borg!
nukeitall  +   776d ago
I think the impulse triggers is gonnna be fantastic. Feedback while firing a gun, accelerating in a car, and so on will be pretty bad @ss!!!
timotim  +   776d ago
Have yet to feel the DS4, but I did get my hands on The One's controller at the Xbox Tour in Philly and its the best controller I've ever felt bar none. Everything about (except the new looseness of the sticks) has been improved. The rumble triggers made a huge difference and the space you now have over the previous iteration was instantly noticeable. Like I said, not a fan of the sticks which now feel more like the PS3 in its looseness, but other than that, it was a dream to hold.
strickers  +   776d ago
Ds4 is best pad I've used by miles.
coolasj  +   776d ago
Everything this guy said is the exaggeration of every good and bad thing I've HEARD about each of the controllers. Stuff like this is pointless for everything except hype. You gotta get each one in your hands, probably closer to launch, and judge for yourself. And when you do, try to separate what you've heard on the internet, from what you feel in real life.
GrandpaSnake  +   776d ago
nahh, i played both at comic con and i agree with him.
coolasj  +   776d ago
I must not have jumped on the hype train enough. Even though I do know I like the DS4 before even touching it.

HErrrrrppp Derpppp Xbone Controller feed to my dog because it sucks.
GrandpaSnake  +   775d ago
just buy what you like
i like the 360 contoller a little bit more than ps3 but i still choose ps3 over the stick location.
urwifeminder  +   776d ago
90S Kids love everything sony as they were raised by ps1 when mum and dad were taking eccies and acid at pearl jam shows I was there ha don't like the sticks my self off set works better for me havin a joke.
Kryptix  +   776d ago
lol Damn, that's messed up about your mom and dad. And the worst part is that they took you to their drug parties. Well, hope that past didn't effect you and you're doing good now.
chrissx  +   776d ago
You know its real when a 360 controller lover praises the DS4. That to me is a true next-gen controller.
jaykayway  +   776d ago
It seems like the ps4 controller is the more improved with more tech, which is GREAT, innovation is good for everyone. I have a 360 and when I go to my friends, I hate playing on the ps3 only because of the tiny underweighted crappy control. Well done sony
gaf  +   776d ago
I haven't used the XBox One controller but I had a decent go with the Dualshock 4 controller on several games at Digital Nationz and it is a phenomenal controller- way more comfortable than previous versions. Every aspect seems designed for comfort. The light grey textured grip area is excellent too. A lot lighter than I thought it would be.
MRMagoo123  +   776d ago
Its easy to believe , i have tried them both the ps4 controller just feels better, he is also right about the dpad on the xbone controller , i feel bad for the ppl playing KI the day of launch those are gonna be some badly blistered thumbs lol, I still cant get past the oddly placed sticks on the xbox consoles any way , i have normal hands with normal thumbs.
Guwapo77  +   776d ago
I'm so got damn tired of seeing/hearing controller comparisons. One is NOT better than the other. Its preference.
MasterCornholio  +   776d ago

Its just his opinion.

Deal with it.

Nexus 7 2013
Tooly  +   776d ago
Ds4 killin'em Again
byeGollum  +   776d ago
I wish I could get a hands-on on both consoles . .
RWilki84  +   776d ago
Is it just me or does the scenery on the xbox one racing game look a bit empty (not much going on). Not looking to start a war or anything but the PS4 racer has a lot more going for it just from these side by side shots.
ezop  +   776d ago
yea, I noticed that but I suppose your not realy gonna notice it when your concentration on not crashing ..
timotim  +   776d ago
Real world track in Forza 5 vs a fictional track in DriveClub. Laguna is mostly dirt, while the made up track in DC was mostly foliage.
ezop  +   776d ago
I'm confused the best controller (in his opinion) is the DS4 partly because thats all he goes on about for the best part of 6 to 7 minutes..

Fair enough it looks nice and it must feel ok BUT does that mean the DS3 was sh*t because he goes on for a good bit about how good the controller is, feels, layout and so forth but all he mentions about the XBone controller is how bad the D-pad is and how the dead zone of the pad has been reduced.
DevilishSix  +   775d ago
I like the author of this opinion piece was primarily a 360 multiplatform player due to the controller and I have not tried either. I look forward to, but this isn't the first time I have heard the new DS4 is better than the X1 controller and some of the complaints regarding the X1 have been echoed before, which means it maybe true.

First, it seems the analogs sticks on the X1 have ridges that actually cause your thumb pain after awhile or grip to hard.

Second, it seems the triggers are now more squshy with less pushback.

Third, it seems the dpad has been improved but still sucks.

Like I said I haven't tried them and look forward to, but the three things I listed I have seen repeated a number of times from different hands on of the controllers.
MadSientist89  +   775d ago
excellent info and great non biased impressions.
Kryptonite42O  +   775d ago
just felt the need to point out how fat his hands are lol.
that is all
sigfredod  +   775d ago
DS4 come to my hands please
majedx9  +   775d ago
you got that wrong -_-
PS4 is two hundred supercharged PS2.
robotgargoyle  +   775d ago
DS4 looks to continue the Sony tradition of quality made controllers. Now, with more added comfortability, which I believe was the 360 controller's advantage. (IMO)

The xbox one controller, by comparison, seems like it's 40 refinements are small compared to ds4's complete overhaul (I mean really, the only thing I recognize is the face buttons).
Tzuno  +   775d ago
From the day i touched a 360 joystick there was no way back. The positions of analog sticks is so relaxing and well placed. Say whatever you say but Xbox controller is king jut connect to PC and play. Lol Sony late at the party with ps4 one.
JediDiah  +   775d ago
Is it me or did BOTH look like they lagged in game play?
HolyDuck  +   773d ago
The one thing that worries me is the fact that in the PS4 gameplay, especially on Driveclub all I can see in the centre of the screen is s giant blue blob coming from the controllers light bar...

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