Why are major third party publishers making such obvious mistakes with their Wii U games?

Gimme Gimme Games questions why several third party publishers are acting surprised when their Wii U games tank when anyone could have told them they were setting them up for failure from the start.

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Ac7iVe1892d ago

The only thing we can do is buy these games and show we want third party support, someone has to bite the bullet. We need to just sacrafice now to get what we want later. Imo

EliteGameKnight1892d ago

Its a shame really. It seems that third parties still care more about the money than the consumer and the Wii U just isn't a money-maker in their eyes, even though it's their own faults for that somewhat. Despite the fact that without the consumer the money wouldn't come, they still give us this crap.

lilbroRx1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

I think the problem this article is pointing out is that the third parties are making their games "not" money maker's.

No one wants a gimped product. They are killing their own profits. Why spend millions on making a Wii U version on the game, only to kill sells by cheaping out on a few extra's in the end.

They are creating the problem they are complaining about. Luckily, contrary to the popular negative opinion. There are quite a few good third party devs still making full games for Nintendo.

SEGA, Alus, Capcom, Shin'en, Wayforward, and all of the indie devs.

Also noticed that the games these companies have released have been profitable for them. Coindidence?

Chrischi19881892d ago

No coincidence,

they step by step destroy the Wii U and act like the big helper who lost so much, because of bad sales. I know a lot of Wii U haters will come and say things like "at least they get any". NO! All hater thoughts put aside, with a completely neutral view of things, who would get a cut down version of a game, on any platform. Imagine it would be the 360 who go the cut down version, then nobody normal would buy it on the 360, only if you have to, because you dont own anything else to play it on.

If Devs dont want to make full games, then stop making them at all, at least then they cannot complain about lost money or something like that. Look at games like Rayman Legends, it sold more then on the other platforms, why? Because this one time, it was a full game without any cuts, other then the release date to make it multiplat. It is funny, how every single game which comes to Wii U has somehow a problem, cut down in content, release date pulled back or just a Version from last year named as being the new one, yeah I am talking to you EA and your nice Fifa port.

Since every game has these problems, I dont see, how this can only be Nintendos fault, from a neutral stance, from my nintendo fan stance I pretty much hate those dev studios for it. Ubi is really dumb right now, dont know if I even want Watchdogs right now, bet it wont get any DLC, too.

LOL_WUT1892d ago

@ Ac7iVe That's what i'm talking about very well said.

Ol_G1892d ago

that's just stupid and seeing lol_wut agreeing with you proves my point
If you start buying incomplete games they think they can get away with it and they keep doing it always boycott half assed products

mii-gamer1892d ago

Self fulfilling prophecy really. 3rd party games get gimped versions on the Wii U, consumers catch wind of it and buy it on other consoles. 3rd party's then blame the console and the userbase for not buying their games.

Ea is particularly stupid. Releases Mass effect 3 on the Wii U while not releasing the trilogy version which other console got around the same time. Fifa 13 is just fifa 12 with a different name and so forth.

than there is the deus ex price debacle.

As a wii u owner i am still buying WB and Ubisofts game, but ea can screw themselves

Grimhammer001892d ago

It's Ninny fault not third party devs and pubs.
Ninny chose to go gimmick round two. They chose under power and tech that was weak when PDAs were boss.

But more than their poor hardware decisions, more than their poor marketing ....they choose poor communication with third party & consider online infrastructure an area that needs little investment.

Reggie said that Nintendo wouldn't attempt to compete with Sony and MS due to their 7yr experience in online gaming.

You can't think like that and assume success will follow.

EcoSos31892d ago

Oh look at the mature gamer calling Nintendo, Ninny so he can feel accepted. It is the publisher and the developer fault, why would I buy Mass Effect 3 for the Wii U when I could get the trilogy for less and about a week before. Also need for speed at full price when I could get it for much less on other consoles and 6 months before the Wii U version.

Chrischi19881892d ago

Nobody said it is only he third parties fault, but how can Nintendo do anything about content of a third party game, other then saying, it wont be released for our console. The Dev studio decides to cut content, so they decide they dont want to be successful on that platform. I know haters dont want to see this simple fact, so they can troll on this topic a little more, but it is an absolutely logic thing. Half games for full price will not sell and that is absolutely no surprise. Rayman Legends sold well on the Wii U and surprise surprise, it wasnt a cut down version.

Neonridr1892d ago

If a developer can release a game for the 360/PS3, then there is no excuse that they can't release it for the Wii U. Porting games nowadays costs roughly 1 million dollars (according to Ubisoft). At a fully priced retail game ($50) that is 20,000 copies sold. I should hope that a developer can aim to sell that many copies. It's pure laziness that they don't want to release their games on the system because they perceive the userbase as a 1st party buyer. Or if they do get around to releasing it on the Wii U, they strip features out, or don't optimize the game to take advantage of the extra power, so it looks even worse than the previous gen counterparts (PS3/360). The game doesn't sell, and then the developer blames it on the customers in the end. It's a ridiculously stupid cycle.

stragomccloud1892d ago

Pretty much.
It truly seems like it is the industry versus Nintendo.

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