Check out Six Minutes of 'Sonic: Lost World' Gameplay

8CN: So far, the newest addition to the Sonic series seems a little lackluster, but maybe this new gameplay trailer will change your opinion. If you were a fan of Super Mario Galaxy, you might dig Sonic: Lost World.

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WeAreLegion1891d ago

Will it be in 3D? Sonic Generations is, arguably, the best use of 3D in gaming, so far.

PoSTedUP1891d ago

ive outgrown sonic, sad to say... id deff play sonic adventures2 tho.

ChickeyCantor1891d ago

I played Adventures 2 a few months back, game is terrible compared to todays standards. It's really not that good as it once was when it came out.

PoSTedUP1891d ago

im not going to judge it by todays standards, im going to judge it compared to sonic adventures1 because that is easily one of the greatest games of all time. i hope it lives up to its predecessor, judging by the gameplay i just watch: its awesome to think that they gave the chow* pets leveling-up systems, thats one thing i really liked about SA1. i appreciate the input tho, i understand its not going to please thoes who are on par with todays standards. i just understand whatthey were trting to do with the game (please SA1 fans). if youhavent played it. i assure you it iswell worth it to buy and play it.

ChickeyCantor1891d ago

I played both 1 and 2 and i'm judging them for what they are. It really isn't that great anymore. Try run a curved course and tell me it's brilliant.

SegaGamer1891d ago

Why do you people keep calling it Sonic Adventures ? it's Adventure, there is no s on the end.

Skate-AK1891d ago

Pretty sure they have it on PSN with trophies.

PoSTedUP1891d ago

nice! i appreciate it. ive been so caught up in the ps3 and vita i havent got the oppertunity to give it a chance yet. the orginal sonic adventures is one of my favorite games of all time. im glad i saved its play-through up untill now, i bet im gonna really enjoy it!

Misaka_x_Touma1891d ago

i still have my GC version the best version

FlyingFoxy1891d ago

How was it best? it just had a few extra things added and came out a while after the DC version..

Misaka_x_Touma1891d ago

let me tell you.
- Free Battle Mode Added
- GBA Sonic Advance 1-3 Chao Garden
- Chao Garden
- Enhance Port

The HD version are port of Dreamcast version and with Battle as DLC. Chao Garden not have Sonic Advance 1-3 support.

Sold better and review better on GC and by many fans is honored to be the best 3D Sonic even by me.

deadfrag1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

anyone that says that this gameplay video dont look fun its sure not a gamer.Im 40 and this kind of fun never gets old.

memots1891d ago

I am "lost for words"

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