The Unfair/Mental User Reviews Of Metacritic

A quick look at some of the more ridiculous negative Metacritic user reviews for some of the bigger releases of 2013

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Pandamobile1832d ago

Simple answer: pay no mind to the user reviews on Metacritic.

SlyFamous021832d ago

Same can be said about gaming journalists.

hellzsupernova1832d ago

That's not true, they have to at least act professional. And no reviewer is going uncharted sucks 0. Or galo 4 0.

They at least give reasons as to how the game deserves that score

donwel1832d ago

@hellzsupernova You'd think they would act professional, but a quick read of the eurogamer review of Dragons Crown might change your mind.

WarThunder1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

Or could also say: pay no mind to the journalists reviews on Metacritic.

Chapkatsu1831d ago

But surely then you are writing off Games Journalism as a whole?

_QQ_1832d ago

People care too much about reviews.

ironfist921832d ago

People care too much about the opinions of others. If the game looks good, try it out and see for yourself.

WarThunder1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

Most people are so stupid that they want someone to dictate their lives.

Its like they are waiting for others to tell them do this do that. Buy this and don't buy that.
And then they used it as an argument its so pathetic and brainless.

Legion211832d ago

I basically use reviews to gauge how much I should pay for a game. Not all games are worth the $60 asking price, for example tomb raider was fun but not worth $60 to me. It had a short campaign and throw away multiplayer. It was a good buy for $30.

ZBlacktt1832d ago

Must be all these crazy 10's given out like candy to very hyped games. Then it's like all you see in the news is, glitched, hacked, very broken online.... yet 10/10.

hellzsupernova1832d ago

I think that's also because allot of sites are reviewing gta online as a separate thing

ZBlacktt1832d ago

The single player game had a money exploit video posted on YouTube the very day it came out. Where you could go in, buy all the weapons out. Go outside, kill yourself and re spawn with all your money back. Yet you still had all the weapons you bought.

Chapkatsu1831d ago

I've never understood that concept, because then you are just making people search twice to see if they should buy the whole product. Surely if it is sold as one, you should review as one.

1832d ago
strigoi8141832d ago


gamers before buy games then play it, love it or hate it..
gamers today, read & watch reviews, decide whether to love it or hate it..

i wonder whats next..president says buy this!

fsfsxii1832d ago

People have gone extreme also, some people use it in arguements, which is pathetic.

Legion211832d ago

Well if the person only has money for one game they should do research to see what one fits them best. No one likes wasting money.

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