Nintendo, It’s Time to Stand Up to Third Party Publishers and Developers

Gamnesia: "I am not sure if any of you heard, but Ubisoft will not be releasing any DLC for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag on the Wii U. This comes after the Wii U was already going to miss out on the Season Pass for the game. If this was but an isolated incident I wouldn’t really have much to talk about today.

However, this is just one mark in a rather embarrassingly long stretch of remarks about features and modes being literally cut out of Wii U versions of games. This despite Ubisoft, among others, noting the Wii U is indeed more powerful than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 – systems who are also getting these games along with every feature available. Of course I said that was but one incident: we won’t be seeing online multiplayer in Batman: Arkham Origins. Just one of several more examples one could easily come up with for cut features and missing content from Wii U versions of multiplatform games."

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TripC501893d ago

Stan your ground Nintendo.

UltimateMaster1893d ago

Nintendo, It’s Time to Stand Up *Along Side* Third Party Publishers and Developers

PopRocks3591893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Please leave.

sinjonezp1893d ago

This is my honest opinion about the current state of Nintendo and it is fine if some or everyone disagrees. I believe Nintendo should abandon the wiiU. Most will say you are out of your mind but the proof is in the reality. Nintendo cannot move units, they are not marketing the wiiU correctly,they are not delivering enough original intellectual properties that makes the system tangible, they took a huge gamble on the gamepad which drives the cost of the wiiU up, and lastly, the hardware cannot keep up with the likes of ps4, xbone, and PC. The innovative technology behind the gamepad is great but the issue is, they have been unable to create a viable method to market to hardcore and casual gamers. I think the signal is way to mix and consumers need a vision that is clear along with a price that suffice the purchase. Additionally they are not making a case to third parties. They must ask themselves how can we sale our product to developers while no one is interested. Without a Zelda, Mario, metroid, f-zero to lead the way to drive sales, other devs will stay on the sideline until units are in households. I think Nintendo with the wiiU is dead and that's unfortunate; Nintendo must retreat, develop hardware that can match with Sony and Microsoft, have a Mario or Zelda game at launch, send direct signals, and be attractively priced. I hate to see the current state of Ninty but its time to let go and regroup. Otherwise they should start making games for other platforms. I do not seeing this as a reality because of how strong Nintendo's brand is, but its time to start exploring plausible options and alternatives.

miyamoto1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Aren't Crapcom, ScrewEnix, Ubisoft, WB, examples of big third party developers that stood with Nintendo?

Just because of a few minor things like DLC Nintendo fans get so touchy....

Aren't they standing with lots of 3rd party devs to help make exclusive HD games for them? Platinum Games i.e.

Only a Sith deals with absolutes.

Nintendo Damage Control in Full Force!
Defend Nintendo's blunders you keep them doing them again and again. You contribute to Nintendo's demise.

TripC501893d ago

My first comment...South Park reference.

limewax1893d ago

We know, pointing it out is a little desperate though. Let the userbase judge whether it hit home or not then decide what approach to use next time. If your going for a comedy account anyway, which by the way they don't seem fond of at N4G. Mods will actually remove quotes if they contain offensive text despite being quoted from games, so yeah there's that.

fardan851893d ago

I hope no one take this as a hate comment or anything, I am just trying presenting my opinion.

It's really an interesting situation which Ninty is in.
Gamers aren't buying their console, developers aren't making/porting full games with full support for Wii U ver, Ninty isn't doing much to push the sales.
Who is fault that the console is suffering?
Ninty in attempt to innovate, they made an HD console + game pad with a screen.
3rd party publishers took the risk, spent money to port some games, and some made exclusive game like Zombie U, or added exclusive contents like Tekken Tag 2 yet the sales were so low.
Wii U owners refuses to buy ports/games from 3rd party because most of them are inferior games/ports.

Well, I think all parties are guilty to some extent.
First Ninty, they should do some serious steps like reducing the price more + improve online + try to attract gamers by having a diverse exclusive Ips.
2nd, Wii U owners, They should step out of their Ninty bubble and support third party games. publishers will watch the sales on Wii U platform and will take more risk and provide better support and games if they think they can make a profit on Wii U games.
3rd party devs should do themselves & Wii U owners some justice, either make the game worth of the price asked or don't bother with the system. They should do their best or forget.

ZodTheRipper1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

It would have been so easy for 3rd parties if Nintendo would just make a console that's competitive in terms of specs - so that porting games wouldn't be so inconvenient. This whole situation is only Nintendos fault or rather the result of the Wii's huge success. The WiiU is only a secondary console these days - it's only good for 1st party games and that's not going to change, especially with Next Gen around the corner - nobody will be using it as his main gaming console in the next 5 years and beyond.

snitch_puck1893d ago

No. Nintendo should just stay with making a NEW! Zelda game. A NEW! Donkey Kong game. A NEW! Kirby game And OMG! AN ALL-NEW! Super Mario Game. You know what I think? I don't care how many DISAGREES I get with this comment, I just think the Wii U will suffer more than what it can take when the PS4.. or even the Xbone comes out. As it shows, the Wii U HAS THIRD PARTY support. What it lacks? THIRD PARTY TRUST and LOYALTY. Come on, wake up. Not unless Nintendo makes some kind of a miraculous move to boost its console sales, this shit that Nintendo is in will eventually lead to their DOWNFALL in the home console business. Let the fanboy tears fall because THIS is the reality. Sorry if I hurt your feelings.

PopRocks3591893d ago

And if they make more money than they lose? Because that was reality when the N64 and Gamecube underperformed.

TariqAzad1893d ago

Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze
Zelda in the works
New Kirby on the 3DS
Super Mario 3D World

These are all in the works, with two of them seeing releases soon

LonDonE1893d ago

What is more worrying is that even after the wiiu price was £149 in uk still the console just wouldn't sell, this clearly shows its all about the games!!! and nintendo is failing big time within this regard, yes they have some games now and through 2014, but no way near enough, especially when you take into account that wii u doesn't have 3rd party games to fall back on!

I love my wii u, but nintendo made so many monumental cock ups with the wii u, no Ethernet port, no proper built in hard drive/storage, no pro controller in every box,no unified account system, these are but a few of the many problems!

The total lack of advertising is another big problem, just what the hell is nintendo thinking? i couldn't wat6ch tv for more then 5 minutes without seeing a wii advert, but for wii u its non existent!
Also why on earth is the wii u game pad so integral to the console?

For instance, if you want to change any of the system settings you HAVE TO USE THE GAME PAD, what if my game pad has broken? then i am pretty much screwed and forced to buy a replacement! its the same for the eshop, you have to use a game pad for it, and even some games like pikmin 3, it wont even boot up the game unless the game pad is switched on! WTF?
why is this the case? we should be able to use the pro controller for all of the above, but no nintendo have to be awkward!

They should have included a pro controller in every bundle and make it the default controller, and make the pro controller compatibility mandatory with all games, that way people who don't like the game pad have a viable alternative, and the same goes for developers, they could ignore the game pad this way if they choose, but nintendo didn't do it this way and so have segregated the wii u owners, the have, and have not!

While i love the wiiu game pad, the battery life is terrible, and its annoying as hell,why the bigger battery off amazon wasn't in the game pad to start with is beyond me!

Seriously nintendo needs to sort out the third party problem asap, start advertising!

Beastforlifenoob1893d ago

ooh big N doggy, I think they shouldnt be going against third party but licking their ass to make sure the WII U gets the support it needs.

Magicite1893d ago

Nintendo needs something more than just words to fight Next-Gen war.

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NYC_Gamer1893d ago

Nintendo shouldn't allow 3rd party studios to port over games with missing features/no dlc..

LOL_WUT1893d ago

At this point do they even have a choice? I mean unless they start paying up or their console miraculously makes a comeback then I don't see anything changing. Like I said before that Nintendo quality of seal back in the NES days are coming back to haunt them. ;)

Concertoine1893d ago

i agree that they might have to buy some 3rd party support but what does the seal of quality have to do with anything?

AbortMission1893d ago

Well, it's been proven already that if Nintendo can spend the money, they can get exclusives like how they obviously bribed Capcom to get MH exclusive.

It honestly astounds me to this day on how Nintendo failed epically with 3rd party devs.

Dgander1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

@AbortMission Its funny people think Capcom was bribed. PS3 was just incompetent and irrelevant in Japan at the time when Wii was dominating. Eventually Japan did get an updated HD version of MH Tri a year after the Wii release and guess what? IT STILL SOLD LESS THAN THE Wii U VERSION!!!
Sony mostly catered to American gamers with the PS3 with all the annoying fps games. It has nothing to do with bribing its just the logical business decision. I guess most on this website like to pick and choose their stance on third parties when it comes to Nintendo? I actually know what im talking about but here is a link with proof in case you want to reply with more propaganda:

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Ver is number 371 on the charts for PS3.

PopRocks3591893d ago

Wow either you guys have a lot of alt accounts or there is a lot of stupid people in this thread.

Logic: Nintendo has no third party support, so gamers should support bad, unfinished ports!!

You people make me sick.

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LordDhampire1893d ago

I hope nintendo doesn't get any games then, nintendo fans and nintendo are the worst

triforce791893d ago

Look WiiU will be fine but they should only have 3rd party exclusives like Bayonetta2,Wonderful 101,as well as COD and all the important multiplat games,most if not all 3rd party games are crap yearly messes in my eyes and people will get sick of them,every game on ps4 and 1 are coming to either 360 or ps3 which in turn when people see MK8,Bayonetta2,Project CARS,X,ect ,no 1 will care for them games because they come out every year and you can play Titanfall on 360 or Destiny on ps3 for example which will cheapen the ps4 and 1,in my eyes Nextgen should mean games not possible on ps3 or 360 due to physics or AI ect not just a slight upgrade in graphics with the same gameplay ????

All that will happen is Sony and Microsoft will just have their nextgen consoles compromised because u can play 99% of the games on ps3/360 ???? Nintendo will win in the end with Project CARS,X,ZELDA,Bayonetta2,MK8,an d lots lots more.....

MasterCornholio1893d ago

If they did that imagine what the Wii Us library would be like. Just be thankful that even though the games are cut down, you are still getting 3rd party games like Assassins Creed 4 on the Wii U.

Once the software sales start to pick up for 3rd party developers, the devs will bring complete 3rd party games to the Wii U.

Nexus 7 2013

millzy1021893d ago

If you where forced by thrid parties to buy inferior products on playstation would you buy them, when ps3 was selling shit third parties still put full games on it to increase the install base but Nintendo gamers should buy rubbish half arsed ports just because we're "lucky enough" to have support. If third parties want to sell software they need to release something worth buying,

_QQ_1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

step 1. Main Pokemon game on WIIu
step 2. watch consoles fly off shelves.
step 3. Let third parties beg to put games on your system.

Xsilver1893d ago

Trust they won't beg the majority has the handheld pokemon and knowing nintendo they will make ds version of the WiiU pokemon anyway so it will stay the same unless the console version gives you a lot more to do but pokemon on the go is the real selling point to a lot of Nintendo fans.

_QQ_1893d ago

it would be a system seller if it was wiiu exclusive, that's what i'm saying. Main Pokemon console game is a dream as it is.

triforce791893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Are you forgetting the leaked screen of that pokemon game for wiiu it looked cgi ??? I know with that game,Mariokart 8,Bayonetta2,Smash bros,COD Ghosts,yes COD Ghosts on wiiu will sell plenty,i think by july next year 3rd partys will beg to get on wiiu,MK8 sells millions of consoles in the UK and so will Project CARS,all the wiiu needs is a new announcement like Monster Hunter 5 or something like that and it will become massive.......

LOL_WUT1893d ago

Beg to have their games put on their system? That's the most dumbest thing I've ever read if anything it'll keep being an afterthought for most 3rd party devs. ;)

lilbroRx1893d ago

While they continue to go bankrupt from developing on your console.

triforce791893d ago

Remember you said its the dumbest thing you've ever heard i think your wrong....and by july next year i think you'll have egg on your face...

Smash bros

sell huge numbers.....and when you start selling huge numbers and software like Bayonetta2 sells a few million easy 3rd partys will flock and especially if 3rd party games sell rubbish on ps4 ect to what they see with 3rd party calaborations and exclusives selling on wiiu then Sony and Microsoft will loose everything because they are 3rd party machines.

grimmweisse1893d ago

Main Pokemon games are on handhelds. That won't change for a very long time, if at all. Why? Because the install user base is already there.

And even if they release a main Pokemon title for the Wii U, it would be a temporary spike in sales. That won't make any developer "beg" to be on their systems. At this point Nintendo need to do the begging if they want more third party developers to be on board. Or unless they're actually funding a game for it to be published for their platform, like Bayonetta 2.

It's sad, but true.

Mr_Writer851893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Just like Lego City was a system seller?

Just like Wounderful 101 was a system seller?

Just like the fanboys claim Zelda is a system seller?

Also Game Freak have said Pokemon is a handheld game and wouldn't work on a console.

And before you hide behind a disagree or ask for proof..

Game Freak co-founder Junichi Masuda who stated his own reasons for not believing the game is for consoles:
“I don’t think so. I think the Pokemon core series is always going to be with handheld hardware, in the future as well. I consider handheld hardware you can carry around with you as almost being equal to being with Pokemon, always. I think handheld really matches the idea of Pokemon that we have. Also, you can communicate and transfer data all the time, whenever you want with a handheld. That’s also a match with the Pokemon concept.”


_QQ_1893d ago

no one said either of those 2 were system sellers, i don't care what gamefreak says, they hide behind that excuse and everyone knows i'm not saying its going to happen, but if it did that would be the result.

Mr_Writer851893d ago

Pleanty of fanboys claimed they would.

But they now deny it as they were proven wrong.

PopRocks3591893d ago

Correction: Overly hopeful fanboys thought those would be system sellers. Everyone else knew it was at least quality content for the system. The new Zelda isn't out. Nor Mario Kart. Nor the new Smash Bros. None of that is out, and until any of it is, I am going to reserve my judgement unlike the vast majority of this community that quite clearly wants this company and their products to fail.

Beastforlifenoob1893d ago

For WII U any game is a sytem seller, well atleast for until it comes up then something in the future will become a system seller and the game will be forgoten.
WII U doesnt sell
WII U games struggle to sell
WII U sucks

lilbroRx1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

No one ever stated those games would be system sellers except for Sony fanboys who were syaing it just so they could bash it when it didn't.

Notice how you and them never state Mario Kart 8 or Smash Brother's 4 which have always been system sellers.

Also, Zelda has always been a huge system seller. The one for the Wii U hasn't been released yet. Wind Waker HD, isn't the "Wii U's" Zelda game, though it has pushed U.S. sells to the same numbers as the PS3 and 360.

Mr_Writer851893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Haha blaming Sony fanboys for stupid comments Nintendo fans made and are too cowardly to admit are wrong.

The reason I don't mention Mario as I freely admit Mario has mass appeal, but it won't shift WiiU's.

The casuals which saved the Wii have moved onto tablets and iPads, the proof being how poor the WiiU is doing.

The WiiU will be lucky to hit 10,000,000 life time sales. The console will die, but thankfully for the fanboys the 3DS will keep them going bust.

Nintendo did amazing last gen with the Wii they found a great gimmick to sell to the brain dead masses.

Now they have walked away to play with the next shiny toy Nintendo are back were they belong.

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Beastforlifenoob1893d ago

1.) No one likes pokemon.
2.) Except for kids
3.) Stop talking like this

_QQ_1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

"noone likes pokemon"

more kids probably play COD tha pokemon.

Beastforlifenoob1893d ago

so as soon as someone talks about the game being bad you refer to sales but when someone says WII U sucks you try to take them out of sales as much as possible. Intriguing

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thehobbyist1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Okay well I'd like to clarify a few things for the people who don't know too much about Wii U hardware(Which I assume heavily influenced these decisions). One: It has the smallest HDD of the big 3 next gen consoles. It's biggest is 32 while PS4/XONE will be boasting sizable 500gb drives. Explain how that's supposed to hold DLC without deleting and re-installing DLC periodically? Both PS4 and Xbox One will be utilizing Blu-ray discs which typically hold 50gb of data. Wii U proprietary discs only hold 25gb. Half the space. So I can see why there's no multiplayer in Arkham Origins. Add that on top of the shitty Nintendo e-shop(No account system? I'm not buying) that has slow download speeds and it's no secret as to why they won't release DLC on Wii U. I think the third-party publishers are in the right here.

AbortMission1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )


Lol but in all honestly, you're right in your assessment.

Also, why havent they brought out a Metroid FPS? 6 years Nintendo... 6 years since Prime 3

PopRocks3591893d ago

"Also, why havent they brought out a Metroid FPS? 6 years Nintendo... 6 years since Prime 3"

Because Retro wanted to work on other projects while people like you were whining that the Prime series was being milked. Go figure.

R00bot1893d ago

Metroid was more of an exploration/adventure game than a FPS IMO.

Gemmol1893d ago

I got no system loyalty so before you think I am sticking up for any system i had ps3 last gen and now recently Wii U when it came out last year.......Hard drive is not a problem I got a 1 tb for 50 on sale and it plays games of it quick so I do not see how the hard drive a you not remember the 360 and how much it cost to upgrade a hard drive....all i paid is 50 dollars....look at sony price for memory card for the on your list....first of the 25 gig is one layer they can have more then one layer just like ps4 and xbox one.....if you did not know wii u and ps4 have same disc reading speed so there is nothing missing from Wii U cd........Eshop thing I have no response cause I do wish there was an account system, but slow download speeds you must be bugging because I bought two same 3rd party games for Wii U and ps3 and the Wii U plays online better but I do not see that as a big achievement because its a newer system I expect that, I will get a ps4 to check speed again, but regardless what anyone say the Wii U is a great buy, but this is my opinion, I have fun, I did not expect to have fun because my ps3 was still kicking butt having great games, but once I own the Wii U, I did not say try it in the store, I said once I own it and play with it and got use to it, I realize the Gamepad is my favorite controller of all time, I do not understand how I lived in the past without it, I love Miiverse I really love it.......I could say more but I will leave it there, I will admit theres people who hate Nintendo but put brand name away and put specs of your mind, I guarantee you have a great time

1893d ago
millzy1021893d ago

No multiplayer in batman because disc space is too small, but it's on 360 with disc sizes only at 9.8 gigs, how is this possible. Think before you write.

thehobbyist1892d ago

Possible via downscaling to accommodate the absolutely shitty hardware the 360 has.

Concertoine1892d ago

Lol the wii u discs ARE blu-ray discs, they just have an extra ring inside them that is assumed to prevent piracy. also, blu ray discs only hold 25 gb unless they are dual layered, bumping them to 50. so the wii u can have 50gb games as it uses basically the same format.(

"So I can see why there's no multiplayer in Arkham Origins."
this is just a complete fail on your part, arkham origins is a current gen game and even the xbox 360 which has discs that hold a measly 8 gb will be getting the dlc. so before you say "Okay well I'd like to clarify a few things for the people who don't know too much about Wii U hardware" maybe you should actually research the system.

and yeah i can go get a bigger hard drive for nothing and plug it into my wii u, storage isnt a problem whatsoever. i'll need to do that on the other consoles eventually anyway.

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Sgt_Slaughter1893d ago

Well you did that with EA but they got ultra butthurt...