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Is The Vita Slipping Away From Us?

It really is a great handheld gaming device, but all the evidence is pointing toward an untimely death. How much longer will the PlayStation Vita last? (PS Vita)

refocusedman  +   778d ago
This is truly painful to admit but, I would have to agree. Unless its a port of an old game (borderlands 2, MH freedom, injustice) the vita isnt getting any viable party support. Its really bad right now. I love my vita, its a great system but it seem like its never going to realize its true potential.
refocusedman  +   778d ago
edit above: viable 3rd party support
thehobbyist  +   778d ago
It's getting viable support. Just not in America and not soon enough. Freedom Wars and God Eater 2 look amazing. But Freedom Wars isn't coming out until late 2014 at the earliest and God Eater 2 may not be localized. Which is the next problem. There are cool Vita games that aren't localized. Lots of unlocalized Mecha games(I love Mecha). Then finally some of the stuff that is localized is too niche to support the Vita properly. Virtue's Last Reward is great but Americans tend to not like visual novels. And a good number of those are coming to the Vita.
HighResHero  +   778d ago
They are coming out with a new SKU with plans to actually start marketing the thing now that it's cheaper to produce and goes along with the PS4. They've actually stated that they created it to go along with the ps4.

Also from the article:

"It really is a great handheld gaming device, but all the evidence is pointing toward an untimely death."

This is kind of a silly, incorrect thing to say considering they are launching a new SKU with plans to market it along with the PS4.

It's success at this point has almost everything to do with its' marketing, games, ps4 compatibility, etc. and almost nothing to do with current arbitrary opinions, imo.
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fsfsxii  +   778d ago
I recently got mine, and i'm loving it, would be damn bad to see it go before it reaches its full potential.
Dinoegg_96  +   778d ago
I dont think that, we are getting very good games the next year, Demon Gaze, Danganronpa, Freedom Wars, Gravity Rush 2, SS Delta, Toukiden, Disgaea 4, Over my dead body 2, Dragon Ball Z battle of Z, Borderlands 2, Deception IV, FF X/X-2 HD, etc.
And maybe the Vita TV boosts the Vita sales.
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ger2396  +   778d ago
Don't forget remote play with the ps4, that could give it a bump in sales.
jujubee88  +   778d ago
No. Next article, pls. :)
snitch_puck  +   778d ago
Seriously though, why the hell do these articles still exist when we have tons of games ranging from Borderlands 2, Injustice, to JRPG games like DanganRonpa, Demon Gaze, Toukiden, etc etc. I am losing count at what's coming and that does not even include the upcoming indie games? Furthermore, we got the PS Vita TV to boot which will more than likely be released to the West. Come on dude, ain't got no more good articles to write?
joeorc  +   778d ago

100% in full agreement..bubbles added to you.

One shape or Form, the perception of the Mobile dedicated Game handheld by Sony has been damaged by the first PSP due to "very lil support in the west perception"

Never mind the fact that the PSPGo was removed from store shelves very quickly.. and people now expect for the PSVita, with a higher cost than the 3DS to do well, when A: almost everyone now in the west uses their Smartphone or tablet to game on now?er is both Nintendo and Sony are never going to be the handheld leader in software or hardware sales , at least for a very freaking long time because the smartphone is.

Due to now the perception of the smartphone being a viable handheld game machine..this disruption was exactly like the dedicated PDA market back in 2000's to 2006 when PDA's market were absorbed by smartdevices. PDA's are still around, but much smaller market..this is the trends with dedicated game handhelds.

Why do you think Sony invested over 1.6 billion into smartphone production and created the d@mn playstation Mobile suite for and disclosed it day and date with the NGP reveal?

the PSVita is not going to perform like any of the Nintendo handhelds in the Market for sales, because Sony is not freaking Nintendo, but the perception of Sony's handheld is always tied to Nintendo's performance in the market = will determine how healthy Sony's Handhelds is..when the real truth of the matter is.

The very fact that the PSVita's development time to production of a AAA game is 12 to 18 months /per game , and needs a budget like a living room game console not like a Handheld like it is for Nintendo's machines is one of the reason's, also the very fact it takes a larger Team to do so to make such games. that means Manpower! do people not freaking get that?

Yes you can make quick pick up and play games for the PSVita, and thats exactly why Sony is employing the talents of Indies, because there are many of such games in the works for the PSVita, and cost of investment, team size and time to production is much shorter for the ip,as most such games are not packaged retail, they are online only downloads off the PSN store.

Thes same folded spindled and mutilated Necro threads about the viability of the PSVita in the Market and if it can survive has been asked, again in many ways that you can ask it, the very same freaking Question.

and the Answer is always the same result, "Oh its a great console, but its clearly dead or heading to death"

and this very thing was stated over and over again about the PS3..FOR NOT ONE YEAR, BUT OVER 4 YEARS STRAIGHT, AND THE VERY SAME pessimistic View about the PSVita is trending the very same. Here is a freaking Hint people, unless the PSVita is getting pulled off the freaking retail shelf, its still going to be supported. and since world wide they are selling PSVita's in the 10's of thousands each and every week world wide @ over $200+ a pop for games and blank memory cards and stores keep reordering the d@mn system its not going anywhere.

As a matter of freaking fact Sony's adding another such PSVita to the Mix with the PSVita TV. and the reason is very Simple . they have to, they are not going to sit there and be the only company without a mobile gaming device that connects to a living room Humb and let everyone else just walk right in an take their market share away without a challenge.

Sony's not going to leave the PSVita on the d@mn vine to rot, No other freaking Dedicated Hand held game system has 128 MB of dedicated Video ram for a Handhelds GPU! not even the d@mn Nvidia Shield! and People are really asking if Sony's not going to support the PSVita for the long haul?
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snitch_puck  +   778d ago
All of your points, my friend, is totally true! One thing I want to emphasize though: Nintendo and Sony handhelds SHOULD be criticized in a different way. Just as this^ guy here said, the costs for production is different between these two. Furthermore, just as the false theories on PS3, it will be just the same for the Vita. I believe that it will enter its golden years by 2014 to 2015 when all the commercial hype for the PS4 is over, Sony will balance its focus between these two MORE SO when the Vita TV will be released. The Vita will live. Viva la Vita!
joeorc  +   778d ago

" Nintendo and Sony handhelds SHOULD be criticized in a different way. Just as this^ guy here said, the costs for production is different between these two. Furthermore, just as the false theories on PS3, it will be just the same for the Vita."

100% Exactly, Its one thing to criticize the handheld for faults, of there being not enough games and for some people that may be true, because many do not have the same taste's in games so maybe there is just not enough of the games they may like that have not been released for the system yet.

And i do in fact understand where they are coming from, but saying the system is in or heading to the death bead, when even with performance of such system in the market the company in question still is getting software built, and adding a new system in the series of the same system and than adding yet another one on top of that unit with in this example the PSVita TV.

Is not really an key indication that Sony is giving up on the PSVita! hell the real factor is retail giants are still re ordering said units, until they would stop enmass, there is no real indication once again that the PSVita is on the downward spin for death in this market, no matter how many times this keeps getting brought up..in the past now going on 2 years soon to start the 3rd year.. the PSVita is still on retail shelf still being re ordered still being sold.

Some may say, yeah well for how much longer will that be? And who knows? we would not know that until it does or does not happen? what i do know is that Sony is investing more money, more manpower and gathering more 3rd party support for the PSVita as a platform than what they have had for the past year's so the very fact they are increasing support and investment bodes well for PSVita, not a freaking hinderance.
Bigkurz85  +   778d ago
I'm not even sure how much I care about 3rd party support anymore. Give me some good 1st party, add those great indies, and get remote play and gaikai Working. I'll be a happy camper. Although if there's another ray man game id like that too! :)
dcj0524  +   778d ago
The VITA is enetering it's golden stages.
punkandlizard  +   778d ago
people, don't get on board with this negativity.
Hicken  +   778d ago
It starts. The random-ass negativity rooted in delusions.
donwel  +   778d ago
I hope it's not bloody slipping away, I'm getting one for my birthday in a couple of weeks.
punkandlizard  +   778d ago
it's not, don't worry my friend!
TwilightSparkle  +   778d ago
it just dosent have games most people want, I mean im satisfied but the majority of people will see nothing but indies and some ports. I personally think sony should make more kid friendly games, cause the 3ds has a mixture of both mature and kid games that why theyre so successful.

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