Global Hardware and Software weekly ending September 28th

FIFA Soccer 14 takes top spot on software .
3DS 218,716
PS3 205,269
X360 122,782
WiiU 43,514
PSP 33,389
PSV 29,918
Wii 19,046
DS 6,944

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SpitFireAce851892d ago

Congrats to Wii hitting 100 Million.I wonder how
long before the PS3 and 360 Hit 100Mill ?

My guess would be another year and a half to
two years.

Brazz1892d ago

starting 2014 and foward:
ps3 > 2 years, depending on next gen impact, maybe 3 years at maximum. Have good chances to catch WII at the end of life.
360 > 3 years, will not catch WII.

vigilante_man1889d ago

Good estimate.

I believe PS3 will sell about 95 million and 360 will top out around 88 million.

ZBlacktt1892d ago

The reality here is, the Wii is such a low entry level console. While the PS3 and XBox 360 are far above it. Yet, lets just group them all together shall we.....

PopRocks3591891d ago

Raw hardware power does not define a generation. The time in which it was released does. That's the end of it.

Whymii1891d ago

More important is that Nintendo profited on everyone sold and neither MS or Sony can claim that.

ZBlacktt1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

Again, I can post pictures of myself playing the NES in 1986. I own all the Nin's since. Fully aware of what they can do. Again, a Honda and a Lambo are both cars. But on the same level they clearly are not.

Still own a NES, SNES, N64 and two Wii's.

vigilante_man1889d ago

Nintendo made their quick buck and ran away with the profits with wii. They made no real effort to get studios developing great games outside of Mario, Zelda, etc.

Very lazy and shows they should stick to hand-helds. PS3 and 360 made loads more money from the software side of things (MS made even more from Live).

I have no respect for Nintendo this past gen as far as consoles go. They had such a chance with the wii. More profit hungry above gaming than MS?

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Ol_G1891d ago

Everyone knows vgchartz numbers are pulled out of their ass right?

PopRocks3591891d ago

Sort of. I learned some time ago they are actually very rough estimates and are often adjusted to be more accurate after the NPD puts out better numbers.

ZBlacktt1891d ago

I missed your link of a more credible source?

Ol_G1891d ago

there is no credible source except NPD but that doesn't mean we should go with made up numbers

Jay70sgamer1891d ago

Sony ps3 nor box 360 are gonna sell 20,000,000 units each in the next 2years or 5 years to catch wii sorry buddy the 7 the generation is over the next year or two they will be fazing out these two machines and focus mainly on there two new systems ...what I'm trying To say is that is wishful thinking if you think these two machines are gonna sell 100,000,000 that's not gonna happen but they are both still successful

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ground_beef1892d ago

Pretty sweet to see ps3 finally having more global sales than Xbox, I mean no disrespect to Xbox though. It's very close still. Competition between companies is very good for all gamers, anyways congrats Sony.

Benjaminkno1892d ago

I don't really take these numbers seriously.

Just think of how many 360's that were replacement consoles during the red ring pandemic. Both of them didnt really start making any money until 3 or 4 years after their release...

Minato-Namikaze1891d ago

Sony has had more global sales than the 360 for quite some time, like since 2007.

juaburg1892d ago

Good-ish numbers for Wii U :) numbers should increase even more.

LetoAtreides821891d ago

No it isn't any good. It's selling about 3 times less than the 360, and almost 5 times less than the PS3. Let's not mention the fact that the 360 and the PS3 have been out forever. Let's also not mention the fact that we'll be seeing huge PS4 and Xbone numbers next month.

CAB1802theWiiUdefend1891d ago

Is it me or the Wii U is now going sell better than the PSVita