Ryse: Son of Rome - Damocles Trailer

Take a look at the legend of Damocles, a Roman centurion who was betrayed and murdered at the hands of corrupt Roman generals, and then returns from the underworld to seek vengeance.

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Bigpappy1832d ago

Just a little back ground story.

theWB271832d ago

I wonder if this kind of confirms the story isn't totally grounded in reality. Should make for some great looking locales if that's the case.

Bigpappy1832d ago

He is more Halo than Super man. He is part of an army but is just several levels above the average solder. Still human, just has extra abilities.

FamilyGuy1831d ago

Okay first they have god powers and say that it's only for the multiplayer but now they have a guy that "returned from the underworld"?

Why not just say it's fantasy an be done with tip-toeing around it? People like fantasy in their games, I know I sure do.

They originally made it seem like it was going to be more realistic, maybe they were hiding this stuff as a surprise?

2cents1831d ago

Interesting! I hope there is some supernatural aspect to the game.

The trailer was beautiful.

Cable2kx1832d ago

Hints of God Of War but seems like an interesting story

Fireseed1832d ago

You do know the Romans and Greeks were two seperate civilizations... right? And that the story of a man on a path of vengeance involving the gods has been done like.. a couple thousand times before God of War... right?

mhunterjr1832d ago

Do you think god of war invented the tragic hero concept? It's pretty much the staple of both Greek and Roman lore..

Irishguy951832d ago

If the only thing you know of is God of war then sure.

God of war is completely unoriginal.

Xsilver1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

You wanna know why GOW always comes to mind is because they did it the best what Greek Mythology game do you know that was more appealing than the GOW please let me know. Kratos revenge story was awesome

Irishguy951832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

So what Xsilver? Never disputed that.

FamilyGuy1831d ago

I think there was a tv aired movie that was better than God of War at the time of its release. It was The Odyssey, I don't know if my taste were simple back then or what but when it came out it was completely engrossing, probably the best made for tv movie I ever saw. Had to of been in the 90s so I'm guessing it was this one

GOW were fun games and the story is great but everything about that movie defined the word "Epic" at the time of its release/when I saw it. Maybe 1997s "state of the art graphics" blew me away? Maybe it was the sirens that caught my attention, being a horny teen an all.

Xsilver1832d ago

Let me predict the Story your character bitches out and Damocles will come after u and the only way to save yourself is to redeem yourself but damocles does seem a little OP so expect to run from like the prince when Dahaka shows up in prince of persia scary guy.

hyabusha1832d ago

My excitement for Ryse just kicked up a notch!!!

Brix901832d ago

Game doesn't interest me but it would be pretty cool if they added a battle against Spartacus considering how much of a problem he was for the Romans.

Regis1831d ago

How about this I will play the game and record it for you and then you can watch it when i'm done hows that?

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The story is too old to be commented.