The Second PS4 Batch Is Already Sold Out in Japan; It Lasted Only 14 Hours

Yesterday Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia surprised everyone by suddenly putting a second batch of the First Limited Pack of the PS4 (in both versions with and without the camera) up for preorder on its own store.

Looks like Japanese gamers were waiting quite eagerly for a second chance. While this batch didn't sell in minutes like the first one, it only lasted 14 hours before Sony ran out of stock.

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Maximus Corruptor1746d ago

I wonder if this dualjockers website posts any non flamebait news

reko1746d ago

LOL whats your point?

1746d ago
Abriael1746d ago

I wonder if someone's angry because the console selling out is not the one he likes.

There's no "flamebait" in a console selling out, unless something that positive makes you angry, but that's your problem and yours alone.

reko1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )


you got two disagrees.. i wonder why hehe..

fsfsxii1746d ago

Where is the flamebait?? A console is being sold out, i don't know whats wrong with that.
I've seen people like you who hate on that website, for what reason, i dunno.

AbortMission1746d ago

Maximus is a fanboy, bro. To the Xbox fan (boys), anything remotely positive on the PS4 is somehow an attack on the X1 Lol. This is fanboy paranoia people.

jgrigs091746d ago

Those are only funny when image shows up on the comment thread.

TheSsus1746d ago


1 click is too much for ya? First world problems...

sovkhan1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Excellent :) really was rofl :)

Bathyj1746d ago

Your comment was the only flamebait I saw here.

LondonMediaOS1746d ago

God have mercy on these wallets.

My_precious1746d ago

i just wonder from when the simple sold out new become flamebait?

GribbleGrunger1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Flamebait? I think that statement tells us more about you than Dualshockers. I'm serious when I say you need to have a quiet word with yourself, or at least give gaming a rest for a while. That's a really unhealthy way of thinking.

MasterCornholio1746d ago

Your just jealous that the Japanese are excited for the PS4.


Nexus 7 2013

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showtimefolks1746d ago

i don't know why this is surprising, ps4 in japan will launch with a very very strong lineup and most likely deep down ready to play for free at launch

also japan will get next gen yakuza damn i hate you japan, sega why don't you release the game in the west

nooneknows1746d ago

My guess is that VitaTV has a lot to do with this.

KwietStorm1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

So while the rest of the world, or certain groups around the world, worries about Sony "forgetting about" Japan, they buy up in droves. Good for them.

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