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Battle of the Next Gens. - Who will be #1

This year is most definitely the year of the Next Gen Consoles, from the PS4, the Xbox One, the Ouya, Valve's Steam Machines, and the new Mad Catz M.O.J.O. Micro Console for Android. Who will be the raining Champion of 2014? So far Sony said they will be keeping an eye on Valve's Steam Machines and Microsoft thinks that micro consoles like the Ouya are no competition. And as of this week Mad Catz surprised us all by unveiling the M.O.J.O.... (Android, Mad Catz, PC, PS4, Sony, Valve, Xbox One)

The realness  +   190d ago
I will be number one...for I am the most powerful!

EDIT:all your games are belong to us.
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Goku781  +   190d ago
I agree, just for that statement you win hands down!
EXVirtual  +   190d ago
Can we talk about something else? I mean, these conversations can be interesting, but we've had this discussion too many times in one month.
The realness  +   190d ago
agreed. I have ran out of "debate" on this topic ages ago. well..one more month to go then we can all start aruing over which console renders grass better....oh wait...
iRobotGaming  +   190d ago
Apparently theres been a New Console being Launched almost every month now, so the discussion goes on....
chrissx  +   190d ago
The gamers are #1
MyFeetHurt  +   190d ago
easy, xbox one will be #1 duh.

am i supposed to be excited about crash bandicoot or that fighting car game?

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