Pixel Attacks Review - Beyond: Two Souls

"Haruki Murakami is one of my favourite authors of the modern era. He’s a Japanese author with a penchant for the unusual. He has an incredible ability to break mundane and seemingly innocuous stories and events up into something critically impressive and wondrous. Moreover, he has the ability to throw in a wild-card. Something out of the ordinary. Something bizarre. But something that will drive the story forward.

David Cage appears to have the same ability. Quantic Dream, the company behind Heavy Rain & Fahrenheit, appear to be reading Murakami too."

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izumo_lee1890d ago

I do not get the hate on for the story & writing in this game? About 3 hrs into this game & so far the story is pretty interesting. Sure it has some pretty slow parts that one may question if it should be in the game but still it is not as bad as some are saying it is. Also some have said the story is very cliche, so what? There are so very few original subjects in video games these days there is bound to be cliches.

Also the people who has harped on the fragmented way the story is told must have missed the absolutely very beginning of the game that clearly states the reason behind it. How some people missed this baffles my mind.