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GameDynamo - "Beyond: Two Souls is the latest effort of Quantic Dream (creators of Heavy Rain). Game would be a loose description of what this actually is. I would more define this title as an interactive movie. In some sense it could be likened to that of The Walking Dead games by Telltale. "

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kratos_TheGoat1864d ago

f**k the hater beyond 2 soul is awesome

CrossingEden1864d ago

84/100 is classified as a hater? OMG grow up!!!

TripC501864d ago

Sweet, Time to sit back and watch this movie game on a let's play on youtube.

insomnium21864d ago

All the power to you on the path you've chosen.

TripC501864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

Thanks man or woman. Remember, a penny saved is one less penny spent....ya

SaulGoodman1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

Good or bad either way, I would still like Ellen Page to sit on my face.

insomnium21864d ago

Hmmmm.... may I be blunt much?

SolidGear31863d ago

I've pretty much been in love with her since 2006/2007 .. Hard Candy and Juno.. she's my #1

SaulGoodman1863d ago

I know, she's the sweetest actor there ever was. She's not only sweet but she's smart, sexy, original, and amazing. She's on my list of top 5 sexist girls.