Good old days weren't so good - Cerny

PS4 architect says indie scene not like his start, talks about massive Atari infrastructure, making "shovelware" for Sega

Between creating Marble Madness and helping design the PlayStation 4, Mark Cerny has seen the process of making games transform time and again over his career. And while the growing popularity of independently developed games is bringing some development team sizes back to where they were when he first started, Cerny told Game Informer the parallels between the two eras pretty much end there.

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M-M1888d ago

"John Carmack came out recently and said that the [Xbox One and PS4] console hardware seems to be about the same level of performance," Cerny said. "I think that probably the power of the PS4 is a little bit underappreciated there in that statement. But you have to take it from John Carmack's perspective. This is a man who builds spaceships, right? So from his perspective, he's 20 years out in the future looking back, and they all kind of look the same."

Have at it guys.

Qrphe1888d ago

Kinda how we group the PS2 and the Wii in the same power tier only because they're noticeably weak by today's standards even though there is a disparity of power between the two.

Godmars2901888d ago

More like one was explored, supplied with a diverse game library, and the other one wasn't.

And hate on this one as much as you want, but no matter how honestly smart Carmak is and what he's done outside of gaming, inside of gaming he only ever really made one game. Sure it basically established the industry, but it was made at a time when the industry wasn't much. Doom was the Model T to the current era's rocket cars.

I just find that I dislike Carmack's opinion because he tries to set standards rather than work within them.

LightofDarkness1888d ago


One game?! He and the rest of id made Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake 1, 2 and 3. Quake 3 was the first multiplayer focused online shooter and is still perhaps the most demanding and skillful FPS ever made.

Without Quake 1 and it's sweeping mod support you'd never have Team Fortress. Without the Quake engine you wouldn't have Half-Life, and without the Quake 3 engine (regrettably, some might say) we wouldn't have COD. They didn't "just" make Doom.

FriedGoat1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )


Quake 3 (not quake live. lag compensation and netcode ruined this game) is still the ultimate skill based FPS.
I guess godmars must be young, because quake had more impact on the industry than he'll ever know.

In fact the whole era from 1995-2000 was one of my favourite times on the PC, there were so many AAA quality games and iD was leading the way.

Now you look at PC and it's slave to console releases, pay to win, MMO's and indie titles.

Godmars2901888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

When I say "one game" I mean one game.

Every game the man has made has been Doom. Tweaked and improved, with higher and higher graphic demands, multiplayer added on, but "it" has always been Doom. That other devs modded from his work, that "his" work included other designers, is besides the point.

Cerny at the very least has diverged from what he first did. Hasn't done Marble Madness in different themes, and he sure as hell hasn't complained about the hardware he's worked with, he's only worked with it.

My main issue with Carmack, me being a lowly no-name internet bottom feeder who dares speak ill of a Gaming God, is that he demands to use bleeding edge tech for real or under delivering results. That while Doom and Quake were repeatedly being remade on the PS1, PS2, first Xbox and all else, that he couldn't be bothered with those consoles. Likewise with Doom 4, which started the PC gaming crash no PC gamer will ever admit to even if he let you ducktape a flashlight to shotgun. Rage was an advertisement for its multiplatform graphic engine which ultimately failed because, like many early versions of the Crysis engine, it was still too dependent on high-end specs. It was also Doom with dune-buggies.

It just gets me that the man is so highly regarded in the gaming industry when really he's never been that involved with it. Not the get your hands dirty, get the most out of a single limited system aspect.

(Where the hell did that come from?)

LightofDarkness1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

@GodMars: your argument basically boils down to "every FPS is basically Doom, so Carmack is dumb." You can dress it up all you like, but let's call a spade a spade. You don't really have a point, you just don't like Carmack because he didn't tell you what you wanted to hear, i.e. the PS4 is far superior to Xbox One. And it irks you because he speaks from a position of authority on the matter, so you seek to demean or discredit him and his contributions so that you can dismiss his comments.

There's obviously a power disparity between the two if you want to examine them under a microscope, but it's effectively similar to the difference between the 360 and PS3. Nothing new there, and the differences between those two were fairly negligible, to be honest. Exclusives on PS3 looked great, but that was more to do with the development talent behind the games, not so much the power difference between the machines.

You can disagree with him all you want, but don't pretend that his legacy and impact on gaming were ignominious and pale.

@FriedGoat: I miss those days too. Id games will always hold a special place in my heart. I remember the first time I saw a 3D accelerated game (Quake 2). I nearly wet myself. Things just seemed to advance more quickly back then. And my god, the MODS. TF, CTF, Action Quake 2, Chaos Q2, Weapons Factory...

Godmars2901887d ago

No. My point is that he's too smart. That he neither wanted nor needed to make compromises when it came to making games because he was is and has been a PC game developer. That where that once helped him make a major contribution to gaming when gaming was new, that same unwillingness created flaws in titles like Doom 4 and Rage.

Its like asking a culinary chief who once established the fundamentals for fast food burger to take a shift at MacDonalds when he has no reason to.

He's going to make mistakes, and not really care.

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ZBlacktt1888d ago

No need, the full video of this was posted a few hours ago. Look for it on here.

tanookisuit1888d ago

I can't seem the video... care to pass me a link, please?

ZBlacktt1888d ago

Looks like it was pulled because I found my comment from the story. Here's the video.

BallsEye1888d ago

Waiting for Cenry to make Knack run at stable 30 fps.

adventureghost1241887d ago

It runs at a solid 60...what the hell are you talking about?

BallsEye1887d ago


No. Start reading facts instead of fanboy comments with resolutions and fps. Btw, have you been at eurogamer? No? ok.

"The only problem here is that, despite being a 30fps game in target, we see dramatic frame-rate drops when too many of these pieces go zooming across the screen to form a shell around Knack. To achieve this bullet-point trick, the performance has to take a noticeable hit in the current build."

-Mika-1888d ago

This guy creeps me out. He very informed about the industry but he creepy.

gamertk4211888d ago

Shhh, don't speak I'll of their idol.

ZBlacktt1888d ago

Yours left town for another job and so did his boss. Now you have a women in charge and she's in hiding.

MasterCornholio1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

At least he's much better than Albert Panello.

Never forget what he did on Neogaf.

P.S Before it was Don Mattrick but he left the Xbox division to become a CEO at Zynga.

Nexus 7 2013

Kryptix1888d ago

Apparently for these Xbox fanboys, Don Mattrick was a much better speaker. And look what happened to Ballmer, spoke for Xbox at Gamescom and then quit in the same month.

There honestly isn't anyone notable in the Xbox division that you can listen to but Sony has Cerny, talking about how gaming has transformed into, and Shuei Yoshida to answer the biggest questions about the PS4.

But hey, if you love reading and hearing contradictions from the people at Xbox...that's you. lol

Godmars2901888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Yeah. Like the guy's work, but he's missing a white cat, a volcanic base and a seduce-able assistant who an innuendo for a name.

That or a candy van... (Yes, I said it.)

How do you confuse I'll with ill? I know most people on the internet don't know how to type - myself included - but still.

come_bom1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Cerny might be smart, but yes, he does look a little bit creepy.

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WeAreLegion1888d ago

His comments on John Carmack are fantastic. Very humble.

MASTER_RAIDEN1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )


i dont care who you are, its really hard to deny microsofts low blows in recent months. seems like every other day theyre coming out with these really childish (and utterly bogus) statements just to try and put sony on blast. absolutely no shame whatsoever. I mean i could think of like 3 or 4 examples off the top of my head which just involve major nelson. Cerney really does show a lot of class here on behalf of the playstation brand by respecting the competition and not saying "OUR TECH BLOWS THESE GUYS OUT OF THE WATER". instead, he only chooses to highlight the fact that the ps4 is really something special. unlike the boys down at the ol' xbox factory, cerny knows his company has a product thats going to outshine, so theres no need to waste anyones time putting down the competition.when you know you have the good stuff on lockdown, the best thing to do is just stay classy and let everything play out as it should. damn great job.

gamertk4211888d ago

Wow, full Sony blinders on. Yuhei and House didn't make those jabs, I guess. Selective memory is selective.

strickers1888d ago

Along with selective naming. Who is Yuhei??

Max-Zorin1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )


Sony's shots at their competition is not even on a devastation level. Their gloves are always on(Except maybe Kuturagi). Sega back then always had their gloves off whenever they took a shot at Nintendo.


never said sony keeps their mouths shut. PR people are always taking jabs at one another. where the integrity lies is in what they're actually saying about the competition.

max-zorin said it best. sony always keeps the gloves on while microsofts trying to bite off an ear.


HEY gamertk. you hear about what greenberg just said about the ps4 taco bell campaign? i mean i get that its just a joke, but damn....they just keep adding to the list!!

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come_bom1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Hummm ... you must be blind. I guess you haven't seen Sony's jabs and low blows in the past few months.

Oh fanboys!!!... * sigh *

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