Here’s How Best Buy Is Preparing to Receive the PlayStation 4

The release of the PS4 is approaching fast, and shops are starting to receive their promotional material to set up their aisles.

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ashiksorel1203d ago

I can only imagine the amount of bloodshed that could be with people rushing in guns ablazing trying to get it in the first hour. Teeth will be gnashed, fingers broken, strangulation, cats and dogs living together, MASS HYSTERIA!!

Well that could be just a gross generalization...:D

ZBlacktt1203d ago

Expect riot police to be on scene with taser guns a ready.

Eonjay1203d ago

Gamespot manager said they will have full police detail on premises for midnight launch.

I am ready to run with the wolves!

JoGam1203d ago

I have two from Amazon but I may still show up to a midnight Launch just for the excitement.

Sitdown1203d ago

I have one with Amazon, and one with Best Buy...... thinking about going at midnight to make sure a mistake is not made.

FITgamer1202d ago

They will be at some stores. I was living in Tucson when the PS3 launched. Not only did people get trampled when the doors opened, a guy got shot in the parking lot for his PS3. Craziness.

AlexanderNevermind1202d ago

This is where I have my pre-order. I've never taken off work for a game/system launch but am very tempted to do so for this one.

TekoIie1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

Get your anti taser uniform ready!

0ut1awed1202d ago

All that craziness won't be around like the 360/PS3, at least not at Best Buy.

Best Buy learned their lesson and they've been taken preorders. None of this stand in line, first come first serve, camp in a tent craziness.

Thomaticus1202d ago

there won't be any tasers used... I think they going for live rounds.

mikeslemonade1202d ago

I camped out for PS3 but no plans for PS4. I'm either getting old or people are getting crazier these days.

miyamoto1202d ago

Yup, there will be blood!

KazHiraiFTW1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

Fitgamer: Only in USA.

AlexanderNevermind: Please do not take a day off work for the new consoles. This generation is not the same as previous ones. Much weaker hardware relative to the new technology that's available, and I fear it may be a waste and impact your career in a negative way.

HiddenMission1202d ago


Get your facts straight kid look at all of the controls those countries have over their don't have rights their and if the people wanted to stand up against their governments what are they going to use...bats and knives.

There is a reason why the US allows it's people to carry guns because if the government got out of control/too currupt we could take it you going to stand up to police and military without a gun.

Aside from that you think removing guns from regular peoples hands is going to stop someone who wants to get a gun from getting a least when regular people have guns they have a way of defending themselves from those that have one and that have ill intents.

You should go hug a tree because when shit hits the fan your the type of cat that will be looking for those that have guns to protect you...!

ohiostatesman1202d ago

I like the Xbox One booth for Best Buy so much more. Looks for classy and stylish.

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Carheadbutt1203d ago

Sounds like a normal black friday for them

Eonjay1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

Mass Hysteria is kinda light for Black Friday. Its basically the one day where you can walk into a store and it feels like an active battlefield.

Black Friday is the only day you can legitimately die by stampede in a store.

DJMarty1202d ago

@Carheadbutt - Only in America, as it's full of gun crazy nobs.

MWong1202d ago

NEVER GO TO BEST BUY ON BLACK FRIDAY!!! It's dangerous, I was working there when Pokemon Diamond & Pearl came out. That was a massacre, I hope GameStop doesn't get crazy.

hellvaguy1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

@ DJ

In your ignorant liberal view of guns, there has been few if any, black friday sale store involving a gun and def not a permit holder. Nice try pal but you faceplanted big time. If more law abiding citizens carried guns, the world would be much safer.

bednet1202d ago


"If more law abiding citizens carried guns, the world would be much safer."

Right! This makes perfect sense!


r1sh121202d ago

So all law abiding citizens in the US do not shoot people for no reason.
Like that crazed Naval/ Army guy a couple weeks ago.
Or Zimmerman - who clearly wanted to chase after that kid.

Best way to put this:
Every country doing better than the US (Economy, jobs, life style etc..)do not allow guns for citizens.
E.g Australia, Germany, UK (to an extent), China.
And the US owe China all the money anyway since they borrowed from them.

Its like saying only law abiding citizens should drive cars, but dont forget Laura Bush killed a guy.
(Family guy reference).

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BoriboyShoGUN1203d ago

Yeah I hope no one gets froggy Nov 15th! I'll drag a mofo on the side of the car all the way home.

1OddWorld1203d ago

I will be picking mine up as well on the 15th at Best Buy... Cant wait for some one to act squirrely.

sahusuff2921203d ago Show
KwietStorm1203d ago

I'll instagram it all while I walk to the customer service desk and pick up my preorder.

AbortMission1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

I remember watching the news on the PS3 release and how long the lines were at Best Buy. I also remember hearing about people being held at gun point for their PS3s Lmao some people

aceitman1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

@ abortmission I see y u have 2 bubbles u seem to think people being held up at gun point for their ps3 is funny, I find that sad that u do. I hope another one of ur bubbles pop.

ipach1202d ago

ps4's are so much cheaper than most guns. people and their bass-ackwards priorities.

Lykon1202d ago

that's horrible ! is it the gibs me dat gansta types we read about or is it ordinary gamers with guns?

AbortMission1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

@aceitman Lol what a tool. Learn to have a mild sense of humor

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WeAreLegion1203d ago

So, nobody's going to mention the Ghostbusters reference?

Good job, ashiksorel!

Heisenburger1203d ago

What's ghostburters??

Lmao just kidding!

Love me some Groundhog Day.

aceitman1203d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

well its a given that bestbuy puts sony way back next to storage. with bestbuy and ms partnering up.
incase people forgot,
and this is what xbox1 has front aisle

OrangePowerz1202d ago

Cats and dogs living together :)

bigtrucknd1202d ago

i love the Ghostbusters reference.

titans99991202d ago

Not me, I already have mine bought and paid for!

Fairchild Channel F1202d ago


It's going to be a launch of biblical proportions!

We're talking Old Testament here. Real wrath of God type stuff.....

BoriboyShoGUN1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

Also guys be smart if your not paid off DONT BRING CASH! And bring something to hide your system in when you get home, especially if u live in some apartments. You dont want every goon watching you bring it into the house thats just was to easy gents.
*people will be watching that night believe that!

solar1202d ago

i know right? let's hope someone gets assaulted or killed over a piece of plastic from a company that only wants your money! how more awesome can it get!

MAULxx1202d ago

I picked up my first day 1 console, the 360 at a midnight launch at GameStop. It was a fun & memorable experience. Brought it home, stayed up all night.I'm doing it again with the PS4. GameStop said they may have cops there this time. Not a bad idea.

AngelicIceDiamond1202d ago

There it is.

Wow, Feb 21 was so long ago lol.

NaAsAr1202d ago

I remember that last part from ghostbusters. lol sorry, off topic. ;)

Timmey1202d ago

You are quoting Dr.Peter Venkman, aren't you? :D

lilbrat231202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

I hope they have separate lines for those who preorder and those that didn't. When they did the PS3 I had preordered through gamestop and was the first one in and had no issues since everyone was at work.LOL

TAURUS-5551202d ago

the girl holding the ps4 box is really ugly

lex-10201202d ago

You wouldn't be that off if it's anything like the PS2 launch, which judging from hype its bigger. People died at the Ps2 launch. Litterally old ladys were shot for a PS2.

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majiebeast1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

Those metal sheet things that hold the posters look terrible. I dont know bestbuy do they always use such terrible material to show off stuff? Is it a trift store?

kazuma9991203d ago

Agreed, getting mine at gamestop 5 min drive down the road :O already paid for with like 7 games.

Abriael1203d ago

Looking at the Xbox One display, that comes from a different store, looks like it's a standard.

majiebeast1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

Yeah and that display looks terrible aswell. I have worked in retail and if we showed off their wares like that we would get scolded by representatives like Samsung,Miele and others. It just looks hideous.

Abriael1203d ago

I do tend to agree, but from what I know Best buy is not exactly a luxury retail chain right?

I'm not American, but that's what I hear from this side of the pond :D

rainslacker1202d ago

It's par for the course there. It's a major retail electronics store selling everything from computers to appliances to DVD's and CD's. Everything is metal gray and blue.

Best Buy itself isn't bad though. Prices are competitive. I wouldn't really call it thrift. Unless something is on sale, it is usually at MSRP, but you can haggle with them, although it's not something they advertise and depends on the manager. Sometimes I can find good old games in their clearance bin cheap, but not often.

Lovable1203d ago

Waiting for a youtube video of a guy who will buy a console and smash it in front of everyone in line.

ziggurcat1203d ago

"Waiting for a youtube video of an idiot who will buy a console and smash it in front of everyone in line."


Lovable1203d ago

They will definitely get a big return from ad pay in youtube, so win win

Eonjay1203d ago

I hope someone makes a video of that guy getting his ass whipped... post that on YouTube.

tigertron1203d ago

Yeah, I think it's pretty retarded that someone would go to all that trouble of smashing up a new console. Is it for some laughs and hits? that one launch console could have gone to a good home with someone who actually wanted it.

BX811202d ago

Why does it matter? He paid for it why can't he punt the damn thing? I personally wouldn't but what are you gonna do?

_QQ_1202d ago

@tigertron, he would make probably twice as much in return...

s8anicslayer1202d ago

That will be geargeenoob smashing his PS4.

N4g_null1203d ago

Ah thats cheap come on! Some blue led and glass would go a long way here.

Riderz13371203d ago


Love that slogan.