DreamGEAR PS4 broadcaster headset and player's pack revealed

The first images and release details have been revealed for the DreamGEAR PS4 broadcaster headset and player's pack.

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Rikuson11891d ago

And here comes the third party accessories..
I usually don't use 3rd part accessories
Recently though I bought the Nyko 85100 Playstation Vita Multi-Power Kit
The cable that comes with that Kit is amazingly better than the one that comes with the Ps Vita. For anyone who isn't a fan of earbuds i would recommend these headphones unless you already have a headset your comfortable with for next gen I will be picking up the Pulse Stereo Headsets..

OrangePowerz1891d ago

I stick with my bluetooth headset and I never had issues with controlling a movie or Netflix with the controller.

GrandpaSnake1891d ago

I usually go crazy and buy all kinds of third party stuff, it usually doesnt end well.